5 Tips to Consider Before Applying For Study Abroad

5 Tips to Consider Before Applying For Study Abroad– Be it the stage in a student’s life when he is handled his high school mark sheet, when the initial euphoria of passing out high school with flying colours subsides and is replaced with a tinge of nostalgia for one’s beloved school or be it the phase of life when one has done with his graduation and is looking to add another feather in his lustrous cap by studying abroad. Anyone who has long cherished the dream of study abroad, has an excruciating task of actually taking the admission in the University.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

5 Tips to Consider Before Applying For Study Abroad:

Before sailing down to Oxford or Harvard University, it is better that one does his homework on universities around the globe. Because, sometimes the underdogs turn out to be the best choices, providing better education without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Before zeroing in on any University, it is important to consider a few things:

  • POCKET-FRIENDLY COLLEGES- Students get attracted to the big wig names of renowned universities. Yes, Oxford and Harvard are where the most eminent personalities have gone, but it’d also mean huge long term investments and student loan in cases you’re not financially that well Off. Students can research community and public colleges where Study Abroad costs a lot less too. Research, examine, investigate and pick out the best Universities which offer the course of your choice without, even if it means letting go off fancy looking college name.
  • COURSES OVER COLLEGE- Remember to zero in on the University, which offers the course of your choice. It’d always provide you the upper hand in the long term if you study the course of your preference. It’s the degree that counts.
  • PUMPING YOUR PASSION- Apart from the studies perspective, Pay close attention to the recreational activities that college offers. Does theatre has you jumping with glee or is it the basket ball which sends the adrenaline rush down your veins. What’s better to marry your profession with passion?
  • LANGUAGE MATTERS- If you know Spanish, it is better to choose a University in a Spanish speaking country. Similarly, if English is your tongue, it is always ideal to go for a country which converses in English. Take our tip, it will save you a lot of time translating words and the hassle of carrying dictionaries. 😉
  • SCROLL DOWN THE SCHOLARSHIPS- Most importantly, do check out all the scholarships you’re eligible for. If the University doesn’t provide any scholarships, don’t get disheartened. The Government, local and abroad, international organizations and sources outside the colleges provide plenty of scholarships for study abroad.

Don’t be a lazy bum. Scan the internet and you’d find many scholarship finder websites that’d assist you with the tedious process.

It is always important to go through the minutest detailing before taking admission in the college of your dreams. A stitch in time, saves nine.

Good luck!