Atlanta City- Everything You Must Know About Atlanta, Georgia

About the Atlanta City- Modern amenities and economic development have made it the most advanced city in the state of Georgia which currently home to a high population of about 5.7 million making it be the ninth largest metropolitan city in U.S. Being a country seat of Fulton, it stretches on to reach the DeKalb when traversed eastwards.

Know more about the Atlanta City, Georgia:

The inception of the city can be dated back to the early nineteenth century when the American Civil war was in its full swing paving a way for this future centre of commerce. Later on, in the midst of Civil Rights Movement, the city gradually developed attracting people from the nearby suburbs because of its ample of job opportunities. Further, development of train, rail, road network within the city made it achieve international recognition which escalated with coming up of world’s busiest airport called the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport in 1988.

Accommodation and Housing

Atlanta is quite flexible when it comes to short as well as long-term accommodation being easily available here. Right from guest houses, lounges, private clubs to fully faceted multi-utility apartments, the options are immense.

Even the academic universities offer temporary accommodation to migrants and visitors in their exotic campuses that can be availed by permission or references. Moreover, the thick forest cover of the city makes it quite peaceful to reside away from the hustle and bustle of any conventional metropolitan. With high tree coverage of 36 percent, Atlanta has been titled as the “Place for lifetime” as per the National Geographic standards.

Cost of Living

If you have been planning a move to this south-eastern suburb of U.S, you will be relieved to know that it offers quite a decent cost of living. Going in by the U.S average, the cost for food, longing, gas, fuel is comparatively lower than other nearby prominent cities of the state Georgia. Moreover, cheaper residential accommodation is another plus point that contributes to its affordable cost of living. Abundant of labor and subsidized government land makes it a good option to reside for middle-class families or people with lower-end incomes.

However, being the busiest transportation hub of Georgia, gas prices are higher and one should be prepared for the overhead cost while residing in this vibrant town. Further, an endless plethora of entertainment activities offered can make your salary vanish in a few days; hence budget planning is essential in that front.

Coming to the actual figures, cost of living index for Atlanta is computed to be lower than 100. This indicates favourability in all parameters right from housing, living, food, groceries, lodging, healthcare, education and transportation cost.

Job Opportunities and Economy

Atlanta has known to be one thriving centre of commerce with its flourishing industrial base since the 19th century. Titled as the “alpha world city” by the prestigious world rankings from Loughborough University, Atlanta is indeed rich in terms of its economic centres. It is a hub for many prominent international as well national companies that stretch around its neighboring areas including:

  • Home Depot
  • Coca-Cola
  • AT & T Mobility
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Newell Rubbermaid

While production and transportation are rapidly flourishing as core industries, its economic base relies more on finance and e-commerce. In addition, media, art, crafts, life sciences and telecommunications are also a part of this cosmopolitan south-eastern Georgian metro.

With its extensive and complex transport network, it is linked to the global market and is already a centre of international prominence for in housing the busiest airport, all major Fortune 100 giants have set up their stores in this exquisite world class airport. The job opportunities are expected to be on the rise in the coming years favoring migration and career development for the ones planning their move.


The entertainment options and recreational activities in Atlanta offer a dose of freshness and variety in the form of some of the best-known amphitheaters, movie halls, multiplex malls, shopping centres and vintage museums. Some of the must visit places which should be a part of every tourist’s itinerary include:

  • The Georgia Aquarium
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • Piedmont Park
  • Fox Theatre
  • The Botanical garden

Another point of fascination in Atlanta is the innate American history that you will get a brush in the Georgian museum, uncovering the journey and life of Martin Luther King, the central leader, and activists of the Civil Rights Movement still known for his captivating I have a dream speech.

Atlanta has also been promoting high-learning education in the form of its prestigious universities known for their state to art campuses, international faculties, and engaging collaborations.

The town is also known for in housing the most popular football teams and its plush stadium like the Bobby Dodd Stadium, NCAA Football 1 etc. Football fever here is in full swing and fervor at the annual tournaments when the battle is between the four football franchise giants that are:

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • WNBA Atlanta Dream


When it comes to food, there are an endless plethora of cuisines you will find in this metropolitan suburb of Georgia. Traditional Atlanta cuisine is highly influenced by the Korean culture making it be a little bland but filling. Moreover, its exotic variety of restaurants right from the breakfast joints to 3 stars la carte, there is no looking back once you are here on a trip or holiday.

One very popular Georgian restaurant that is indispensable to the food culture of Atlanta is Varsity. Opened in 1928, it is successfully running in full swing till date and is known to be the pride of Atlanta. Further, peaceful ambiance; lip-smacking flavors and warm hospitality make it one of the best places to be on your wish list if you ever plan to land on this Georgian city.


Atlanta is highly diverse in terms of its transportation facilities compromising all the elements i.e. rail, road, and air network. It has three major highways which are known to be carrying 3, 40,000 vehicles every day making it the most congested highways in the United States. Automobile being the primary means of transportation has further added to the traffic, congestion and pollution rates getting worst every year.

Being the centre for the international commute, Atlanta offers air services to more than 150 native destinations and about 75 foreign destinations stretching across 50 countries through its Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Surprisingly, cycling has also emerged as a mode of transportation in Atlanta with its commute increasing rapidly in the last decade. An interesting law in Atlanta is that no ban is allowed to carry another man on their back whatsoever be the circumstances.


Though the city is strategically located in the south-eastern state of U.S, its culture is not dominantly south. Being densely populated, it has a large account of migrants hailing from different parts of U.S making it encompass a hybrid culture. Hence, the traditional south culture is present in the roots with a backdrop of ethnicity and diversity in this metropolitan city of Georgia.

Art, Music and Theatre

Atlanta culture boasts highly of music and arts in the form of multi-disciplinary arts ranging from orchestra, opera to Broadway theatre. Fox Theatre is a prominent location for the best Broadway acts that take place every year and are known for enormous reception and craze in the entire U.S.

Renowned as a centre for art and learning, it is a home to many museums, amphitheatres that speak of its historic brilliance and martyrs. The only first ever designed museum of U.S called the Museum of Design Atlanta is a major tourist attraction that is widely visited every year.

Atlanta also holds a prestigious festival that garners huge attention both from the locales well as foreign crowd known as the Atlanta Film Festival. Cinefest film festival is another event where film lovers can drool over old movies that are screen to revive their glory. This is held by the Georgian university and screens carefully selected 35 films from around different sources in appreciation of art and theatre.


Atlanta has an end number of opportunities when it comes to socialising and enjoying the nightlife. If you are not ardent party freak, go in for a low-key music concert with your friends or alternatively one can explore the city life amidst the dazzling party hubs that are functional throughout the year. During the peak winter months when Christmas is approaching, Atlanta streets can be seen decorated with fervor and festivities.

Dancing enthusiasts too have options to get all glammed up and enjoy the cocktail brunch at most famous party hubs like the East Andrews, Opera, Tongue and Groove and much more. Tavern at Phipps is another place where you can have an exciting start to your party with pre-gaming fun sessions.