Centennial College Canada Campus, Popular Courses, Alumni

Centennial College Canada Campus, Popular Courses, Alumni – Centennial College, also known as the Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public college, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The college was established in 1966 and was the first public college to be opened in Ontario. The college started with 514 students only. The college offers various under-graduation and post-graduation programs with 20,000 full-time and 20,000 part-time students from all over the world.

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Centennial College Canada Campus

Centennial College Canada has total four campuses namely,

1. Ashtonbee Campus,

2. Morning Side Campus,

3. Progress Campus,

4. Story Arts Centre.

Centennial is one of the best colleges in Canada, providing quality education to its national and international students.

Now, let us know about the Centennial College Canada Campuses in detail. Have a look.

  1. Progress Campus

It is Centennial’s largest campus and approximately half of the college students, take classes here. The programs offered here are related to Computer Science and Technology, hospitality, tourism, and business. Students from the college often work as hospitality staff for the College

Students from the college often work as hospitality staff for the College Residence and Conference Centre. They also work in the Student Centre Kitchen that is run by CCSAI. The new library is developed here along with Athletic and Wellness centre. Both started in September. Facilities provided are-

  • Library
  • Athletic and Wellness Centre
  • Academic Facility
  • Student’s Restaurant
  • Student centre Kitchen

2. Ashtonbee Campus

This campus of Centennial is the home to the largest training school for transportation technology in Canada. In the year 1973, the campus was started adjacent to the old VW building. They have enough space to train students in land, air or sea transportation. Centennial College has partnerships with Honda/Acura, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volvo, and Canadian tire. The campus also has a fleet of 10 air crafts for training aids by aircraft technicians. Facilities provided-

  • Functional Aircraft Hangar
  • Fleet of 10 aircraft
  • New Library
  • Student Services Hub
  • Gymnasium
  • Weight Room
  • Exercise studios

3. Story Arts Centre

It is awarded to the winning school of Communications, Media, Arts and Design. They teach advertising and public relations, also professionally oriented programs in arts, like digital animation and game design. They also host 4 programs in performance, Theatre Arts and Performance, Music Industry Arts and Performance, Dance Performance and Performing Arts Fundamentals.

4. Centennial Arts Science and Technology Centre

It is located at Morningside Avenue and is also called as Morningside Campus. It started in 2004 jointly with University of Toronto, Scarborough. It is home to health science, and environmental science. They also teach paramedic, nursing, biotechnology, practical nursing etc.  Computer science and technology courses moved to Progress campus for space issues.

Centennial College Popular Courses: This college offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the students. Some of the popular courses being offered by this College are mentioned below.

  • Motive Power Technician
  • Addiction and mental health worker
  • Advanced Business Management- Alcoholic beverages
  • Advanced Television and Film- Script to Screen
  • Advertising- Account Management
  • Media Management
  • Animation 3D
  • Architectural Technician
  • Art and Design Fundamentals
  • Arts and entertainment fundamentals
  • Auto Body Repair Technician, etc.

The Alumni of the Centennial College – Some of the notable alumni of the Centennial College, Canada are cited below. They are one of the most reputed personalities in the world.

  • John Candy
  • John Cooper
  • Gary Archibald
  • John Child
  • Robert Fisher
  • Jennifer Valentyne
  • Ted Barris
  • John Gray

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