Cost of MS in USA | Tuition Fee of Masters in USA

Cost of MS in USA- Studying abroad in top universities and colleges is really very expensive for international students. However, the universities and colleges in USA offer quality higher education and Masters Degree programs that are globally acclaimed and recognized. The Master Tuition Fee USA is very expensive and hence every student look for some the colleges and universities that offer affordable courses. Most of the students usually seek scholarships to cover the Cost of MS in USA. They are also allowed to work on weekends for limited hours to earn so that they can cover their tuition fees and living cost till certain extent.

Cost of MS in USA:

The MS Cost in USA usually varies depending upon the type of university or college you choose to pursue your Master Degree and its location. The tuition fees and cost of living great vary from university to university and its location. Moreover, the private institutions in USA charge more tuition fees compared to State universities.

Fee Structure of State Universities and Private Universities for MS and MBA

There are two different types of universities in USA, state and private universities and the Fees for MS in USA varies depending upon the type of university. The private universities in USA charge higher tuition fees compare to the state universities. There is a huge different in MS Fees in USA between state and private universities in USA.

The state universities are funded by state and receive grants yearly; thereby the tuition fees for Masters Degree in state universities are lower compared to private universities. They also receive research budget every year. So, chances of getting funds for pursuing Masters Degree in State Universities is very bright. You can enroll at state universities as the Cost of Doing MS in USA is low in state universities.

MS vs. MBA Tuition Fee for International Students

The MS Fees in USA is relatively low compared to the MBA programs. Based on the credits of students, the fee of MS courses in USA can range from $7000 to $21,000 or more depending upon the private or public universities and program you choose. The MBA fee is higher for international students, especially in private institutions. In public universities, the MBA Fee can range from $30,000 to $60,000 per year for full time courses. However, the MBA Fees in USA in private universities is as higher as $65,000 per year.

Living Expenses

There are cheaper options available for international students. The Cost of MS in USA for Indian Students may also vary depending upon the type of accommodation they have opted for. To keep the living expenses low students may live in apartments outside the campus as the University Apartments are a bit costly but safer option for foreign students. Indian students usually live in a double bedroom apartment on sharing basis during their course time which helps them to keep their Education Cost in USA lower. The cost for living in apartments outside university campus may range from $350 to $600 per person. This is the cost while sharing the apartment with fellow students.