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De Montfort University Campus- The De Montfort University campus is one of the best campuses in UK and offers students state of the art facilities and modern equipment, making it the ideal choice for students across the world. The university has spent nearly £136 million and has successfully set up new buildings such as the Vijay Patel Building for the art and design courses, the Hugh Aston building for business and law courses and the spectacular Hawthorn building for health and life sciences. The university has also spent a considerable amount of money in restoring the Leicester Castle which is situated right next to the university building and which is currently home to the Leicester Castle Business School. Besides, the university offers excellent workspaces, eateries and a leisure center which house a 25-meter swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, fitness center and climbing walls. The main campus is also located in close proximity to the city center, high-end stores, boutiques, theatres, eateries, etc., thereby offering students plenty of options to explore in their free time.

De Montfort University Campus

De Montfort University Popular Courses:

Although the university offers nearly 300 courses at the graduate as well as the postgraduate levels, it is widely known for its art and design courses. Some of the other courses that are popular among Indian students are:

  • Business and Management
  • Engineering
  • Health and Medicine
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Social Studies and Media

Undergraduate Courses

Having looked at some of the popular courses in De Montfort University, let us look at some of the courses offered at the undergraduate level. All the courses offered by DMU are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required for taking up employment in specific industries. The university offers full-time as well as part-time courses at the undergraduate level. Here are some of them:

  • Accounting and Business Management BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Accounting and Finance BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Animation (VFX) BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Architectural Technology BSc (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Arts and Design (Foundation Studies) BTEC Diploma – full-time & part-time
  • Business and Globalization BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Business Management and Law BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Clinical Midwifery BSc (Honors) – full-time
  • Computer Science BSc (Honors) – full-time
  • Computing BSc (Honors) – full-time
  • Contour Fashion BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Creative Writing BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Design Crafts BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • District Nursing Specialist BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Economics BA (Honors) – full-time
  • Education Studies BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • English BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • English with Languages BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Fashion Design BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time
  • Fine Art BA (Honors) – full-time & part-time

Postgraduate Courses

The university also offers several courses at the postgraduate level that are widely recognized. These courses help students to gain significant knowledge and expertise in their respective fields and prepare them for their careers. Some of the courses offered at the postgraduate level are:

  • Architectural Design MA – full-time & part-time
  • Arts MA – full-time & part-time
  • Business Economics and Marketing MSc – full-time
  • Business Economics and Risk Management MSc – full-time
  • Cyber Technology MSc – full-time & part-time
  • Design MA – full-time & part-time
  • Digital Arts MA – full-time & part-time
  • Diplomacy and World Order MA – full time
  • English MA – full-time & part-time
  • Fine Art MA – full-time & part-time
  • Global Finance and Investment MSc – full-time
  • History MA – full-time & part-time
  • Housing Studies PG Cert – full-time & part-time
  • Intermediate Dysphagia MSc – part-time
  • International Relations MA – full-time
  • Legal Practice Course – part-time
  • LLM Food Law – distance learning
  • Marketing Management MSc – full-time & part-time

Alumni of De Montfort

The university has produced a number of fine professionals in different fields such as Design, Arts, Sport and Fashion. Let us look at famous alumni in each of these fields:


  • The famous architect, Ken Shuttleworth
  • The famous Cell Broadband Engine Architect, Graham Cartledge
  • The reputed web designer, Nicola Pellow
  • The widely regarded designer, Janet Reger


  • The BBC radio presenter, Martin Ballard
  • The famous photographer and film-maker, Zarina Bhimji
  • Founder of PSI Records and lead vocalist for Pitchshifter, JS Clayden
  • The reputed Sky News presenter, Marverine Cole
  • The widely known artist, Dorothy Cross
  • The famous dancer, Akram Khan
  • The world famous director, Simon Wells


  • Our very own Mahendra Singh Dhoni was awarded the Hon. Doctor of Letters
  • Former England rugby captain, Lewis Moody
  • The famous ski-jumper Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards


  • The famous model, Laura Coleman
  • The well-known footwear designer, Liam Fahy

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