Explore Everything About Aberdeen, Scotland Before Visiting

Compact, yet vibrant and lively city with the buoyant local economy, Aberdeen, Scotland is the Granite City of Scotland that is within the reach of stunning beaches, mountains and spectacular scenery. Being the cosmopolitan and prosperous city of Scotland, Aberdeen boasts amazing architecture, alluring museums, a wealth of art and culture, a lively social scene and fascinating history. Altogether it is the ultimate destination to experience the both worlds.

Know more about the City Aberdeen, Scotland:

The powerhouse of northeast Scotland, Aberdeen is fuelled with North Sea Petroleum industry and the oil money generated from the petroleum industry has made this city quite expensive compared to Edinburgh and London. And the lavish restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels within the city centre match the depth of oil-wealthy pockets. Since it is popularly called as Granite City, most of architecture and town was built out of silvery-grey granite which was hewn from now abandoned Rubislaw Quarry, once it is the biggest artificial hole in entire Europe. On Sunny days these granite lends captivating glitter to the city which is truly awe-inspiring for viewers.

Aberdeen City

The city centre of Aberdeen, Scotland features Marshall College, the Collonaded art gallery with its fine collections and preserves and the Aberdeen University which attracts the largest number of international students owing to its highest quality teaching and research led education.

Accommodation and Housing

Students can enjoy comfortable accommodation while studying at Aberdeen, Scotland. The University itself offers self-catered and catered accommodation and housing facilities to students in their Halls of Residence. All the halls offer single bedrooms and some of the halls are on campus, while others are in short distance from campus vicinity. Off-Campus accommodation and housing facilities are also available within a short distance from the university campus. Students St. Peter Studios and Centro Court are the two popular accommodation and housing facilities for students studying in Aberdeen, Scotland. The private accommodation may cost up to 159 pounds per week. However, on-campus accommodation would be an affordable option, but with lesser amenities.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Aberdeen, Scotland has everything that a cosmopolitan city in UK must have. From supermarkets to retail outlets and more, students will never find any dearth of shops and supermarkets in Aberdeen to fulfil their weekly food and grocery shopping needs. Most of the major supermarkets are in close proximity to the university campus and Halls of Residence that make shopping easier for students. Students will also find speciality food shops catering for halal and other dietary foods. Students can also sign-up for University’s weekly veg bag co-operative to purchase weekly fresh, nutritious and organic fruit and vegetables from the local farm without having to leave the campus. Morrison’s, Primark, Matalan, Argos and Dunelm Mill are some of the option from weekly food and grocery shopping can be done.


With the student population over 50,000, Aberdeen, Scotland boasts plentiful of options when it comes to entertainment. From museums to theatres and art galleries to libraries, Aberdeen is considered to be the hidden gem of entertainment and culture, right in the heart of Northeast Scotland. For all performing arts enthusiasts, the city of Aberdeen hosts a wide range productions round the year. The Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre host over 300 performances round the year ranging from opera to ballets and musicals to contemporary dance and comedy shows.

The movie buffs can enjoy cinemas and movies at multiplexes within the city centre. The Aberdeen Music Hall has always been at the heart of entertainment Aberdeen, Scotland since 1822 and the three world’s renowned Scottish Orchestras have residences here like BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Travel and Transportation

The main campuses of the university are well served by the local bus routes and the city of Aberdeen, Scotland is easily accessible by train, bus services, taxi services and train. The city has its own international airport that connects the city to all major foreign destinations through regular flights. The city is also served by regular local and city bus services that students can use to access major attractions within the city.

The students can also use the coach that connects the city to all major cities of UK. National Express, Megabus and Citylink are the popular coach services. Private taxi services and train services are also available within the city. However, universities in Aberdeen, Scotland encourage the students to use bikes and cycles as it is the cheapest and environmentally friendly way to explore the city and get to the university. All the campuses have dedicated parking for bikes and cycles.

Cost of Living

Students studying in Aberdeen, Scotland must approximately budget 30 to 40 pounds per week for their personal expenses like sporting, travel, clothes and social activities and approximately 40 pounds per week for essential items like toiletries and food. For stationary and books and materials, students can expect to spend up to 300 pounds over the academic year. These are just an estimation of living expenses. The cost of living in Aberdeen, Scotland would vary deepening upon the courses and social activities and lifestyle you lead during your academic years.

Job Opportunities

The Granite city, Aberdeen, Scotland is the home to some of the reputed and accredited universities and colleges that hold global repute. Students earning their graduate degree from these colleges and universities have higher portability to grab suitable job opportunities in the domain of their interest. The degrees from universities in Aberdeen, Scotland are globally recognised and students increase their chance of employability by working as a part-time employee during their semester which helps them gain employment skills and knowledge to grab suitable employment post graduation. The universities also conduct campus placement every year to give students a chance to secure suitable employment prior to securing their post graduation degree from the university.

Part Time Work

Students studying at the universities are allowed to work for limited hours during their semester. But, they are only allowed to work for limited hours in a week without hampering their on-going studies. They can work in their leisure time during their semester and earn employment skills and knowledge to increase their employability post graduation. Moreover, part-time work allows them to earn money to support their lifestyle and living expenses during their academic years in Aberdeen, Scotland. There are job portals and career services from where students can find suitable part-time work at Aberdeen, Scotland.


Aberdeen and its surrounding regions boast some of the awe-inspiring attractions including the beaches, Glenshee Ski centre and Union Terrace Gardens that offer marvellous options for some water sports and outdoor activities. From ghost hunting to dolphin spotting to hidden art gems hunting to first class skiing, Aberdeen, Scotland offers an essential activities and attractions beyond your expectations. Students can experience the rolling hills, towering mountains in the west, open farmland, sweeping beaches, panoramic skies in the east and coastal cliffs, Aberdeen really has plenty of options for you to breathe and relax.

Aberdeenshire Coast is the abode to plentiful of swooping seabirds and it is the best place to spot from dolphins when they play in the water of harbour and all along the Banffshire coast. Gliding, mountain biking, hiking, riding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kayaking and kit boarding, there are lots of activities and thrills for you to experience at Aberdeen, Scotland. The city offers plenty of options to escape and roam free along the coastline and sandy beaches.

In summer days, the pleasures are of course endless. But people usually stay active all year round here to. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Cairngorms National Park which comprises deep glens, peaks, waterfalls and other natural wonders to explore. You will find golden eagles, red deer and red squirrels at this national park.

Indian Communities

Aberdeen Hindu Association, Aberdeen Bengali Cultural Association and Indian Association of North East Scotland serve the Indian community in Aberdeen, Scotland and Shire. All these associations and Indian communities in Aberdeen come together during festival time to celebrate the Indian Cultural Festivals throughout the year. Indian students studying in this city can approach these societies and communities to become an active participant and enjoy the Indian festival together with them throughout their academic years. They will find likeminded people in these societies and ample opportunities to make new friends.


Known for having the nightlife second to none, Aberdeen, Scotland is the abode to some of the world-renowned venues ranging from nightclubs to old world, cost pubs and bars full of atmosphere and everything in between. Students who like quite drinking and good conversation must head towards wine bars, jazz clubs and cosy café bars and student hang-outs, while committed clubbers will find lots of vibrant and lively pubs and bars right on the city center. Old Blackfriars, The Grill, Slains Castle etc are some of the popular pubs in the city center for committed clubbers.