Fall 2017 Deadlines and GRE Scores for MS in USA | Top Universities in US for Engineering

Every year several Indian students aspire to apply for MS programs in the USA. For few folks it’s a dream to Study Engineering in USA. To get started, you need to know about the application deadlines and GRE scores for MS in USA at Top Universities for Engineering. Getting admit at a top US school is competitive. As per the Fall 2014 acceptance rate data by US News, Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Columbia accepted only 5.1%, 6%, 6.3% and 7% respectively from the total number of applicants. You will need a very good strategy in order to get accepted at the top universities in the US. So, lets have a look at deadlines and GRE scores for MS in USA at top universities for the Fall 2017 intake.

Fall 2017 Application Deadlines and GRE Scores for MS in USA at Top Universities

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Sources: University Websites, msinus.com, magoosh.com, usnews.com, graduateshotline.com, newgre.org

Note: The GRE score range is given for all engineering branches for that particular university. The universities have been listed in alphabetical order after referring to the rankings on QS (Top Universities), ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) and US News Rankings.

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Early Action Deadlines vs Regular Deadlines

Application Deadlines for MS in US

As you can see from the above table, quite a few schools have got two rounds of deadline – normal (or regular) and early action. Generally, the early action deadlines have smaller pool of applicants, and the competition could be a little bit low. However, that does not mean that you should rush through to submit a sub-optimal application. Indian engineering students are quite good in putting up a good show during the semester exams by studying at the last moment (sometimes only on the previous night). But, a similar strategy is very unlikely to work when applying to top universities in the USA. Rushing through the last days before deadline and presenting a sub-optimal application just to meet the early action deadlines will not give you any advantage. In fact, last minute applications are often below par applications with poorly written SOP (personal statement), and they get rejected upfront. Here is one of my previous post on How To Write a Perfect SOP for Graduate School.

GRE Preparation

Start working on your targeted schools (universities) according to your interests, profile and budget (you need to keep in mind about the deadlines for financial aid consideration as well). Keep a target score (range) as per as your targeted schools and application deadlines.

Deadlines and GRE Cut-Off for MS at Top Universities in US

Start preparing for GRE early. Go through the GRE prep materials. Create a preparation schedule, and take mock tests regularly. Mock tests are very useful as they will help you to understand your strengths, weaknesses and test-readiness. Mock tests will help you to assess how close or far you are from your target score; and the areas you need to work on in order to achieve your target score. Besides, practice makes you perfect (or at least close to perfect).

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  • Rohan

    Hiii all. Please recommend courses in abroad esp. US for Management Studies. I am in 2nd year of MBA in marketing. Would like to pursue to further studies abroad after completing my MBA

  • Shaunak Kulkarni

    Hi tanmoy can you suggest me some universities for masters in mining engineering from australia!
    Yu have previously worked with australian universities?
    How are they?
    N level of education?
    How is employability rate after the masters for an International student

    • Tanmoy Ray

      Hi Shaunak,

      For Mining Engineering, you can consider University of Queensland, UNSW, Curtin, UWA, Melbourne, Sydney, Monash, Adelaide, QUT and Wollongong in Australia.
      Regarding quality of education and employability, please refer to the following article:

      • Shaunak Kulkarni

        @TANMOY ROY… THANKS FOR THE INFO! if possible can you tell me about the master in subsea engineering at curtin university? how is the course and how good is the employment for an international student after doing this!… thanks

        • Tanmoy Ray

          Shaunak, you have made an excellent decision. Subsea Engineering is a great study option. There are not many skilled and qualified professionals in this domain. Working on design, implementation and maintainance of the structures, tools and equipments in the underwater component of offshore gas and oil production is really challenging, and hence salaries are really lucrative.

          Curtin will be a great place to do Masters in Seubsea Engineering. Another great option would be University of Western Australia. Both are competitive to get in, and equally good in course contents. They also have very strong industry links.

          In case you need assistance for application and admission, please get in touch with me at advice@meetuniversity.com / connect@meetuniversity.com

          • Shaunak Kulkarni

            thanks for the quick response sir!
            how about mining and subsea engineering ?
            comparison between these two…..?
            as the oil n gas industry currently is at low …
            how good the mining sector is for fresher?…
            these are the questions that i am facing…and yes one more thing uwa doesnt have specialisation in subsea…though curtin does.

          • Tanmoy Ray

            Both Mining and Subsea Engineering are good options; and definitely in Australia. Yes, the mining sector is tricky (volatile job market), but it has got more opportunties. Subsea engineering will make you specialized – which has both pros and cons. However, you can also get into the mining sector with Masters in Subsea Engineering.
            UWA has got Masters is Professional Engineering with optional modules/specialization in Subsea/Mining.
            I hope you have watched my video on YouTube (Study Abroad Down Under). You will get better idea about job market for freshers in Australia.
            Feel free to ask if you further doubts.

          • Shaunak Kulkarni

            well i watched the video.. thanks!
            keep up the good work

  • Hitaishi P Naidu

    Hi, can u please tell me whether I can apply for universities before writing TOEFL

    • Hi Hitaishi,
      TOEFL score is very important when you shortlist/apply (to) universities. The better you score in TOEFL, the better universities you get. Though there are universities which accept your application without a TOEFL score based on your High School English score but it is always advised to for a TOEFL score before applying/shortlisting universities.

      • Hitaishi P Naidu

        Ok thanks for ur reply, but this month I have my exams so I can write it in Jan 2nd week, should I apply after my TOEFL exam?

        • Hi Hitaishi,
          There are a multiple things which needs to be looked into when applying to universities. A couple of things can be done in parallel. For example: Working on SOP, shortlisting universities, getting a LOR. So, before application a number of tasks needs to be done. You may give us a call on 011 4107 8540 or write to us at connect@meetuniversity.com for proper guidance.
          Team MU

  • Ajit

    HI Tanmoy,
    I recently gave GRE and scored 323. My bachelor’s in computer science got me a mere 50 %. I prepared for civil services after that for 2 years. Now, i’m considering applying for MS in cs or engineering management in US. Will my poor performance in engineering be reason enough to not get selected? Or will a strong SoP give me some hope?

    • Hi Ajit,
      Please accept our apologies for a late reply.
      Your marks in bachelors can be a reason of concern but I would also need to know the university from where you completed your bachelors and after completing the course did you gain any professional experience? We would need the information before we can suggest/guide you further.
      You may also get in touch with one of our expert on 011 4107 8540 or write to us at connect@meetuniversity.com.

      • Ajit

        I’ve done engineering computers from sinhgad college, pune. I have no work experience. Just did a one month internship and tech mahindra back in my 3rd year.
        I have decided on doing an ms in mis. University of texaas, dallas, uni of oklahoma (spears school of business) and rutgers – new brunswick have caught my attention. I am also going to apply for an internship at a start up here in mumbai.

  • santosh

    hi everyne,
    i recently got a GRE score of 306 and would take toefl shortly expectinga score of 80+.my ug percentage is 72% from jntuk university in cse.Can you suggest me some univs for best for cs with data analytics as a priority.

  • Anjul Tyagi

    Hi Team,

    I got a GRE of 314 (V: 148, Q: 166 and AWA: 3.5). I’ve a GPA of 8.81/10 in Computer science till 6th Sem at IIIT Vadodara. My TOEFL score is 107. I’m applying to UCSD, UCR, SUNY SB, SUNY Buffalo, UF, UMass Amherst, Colorado Univ. Boulder and Univ. of Toronto in the field of MS in CS. I’ve completed my Internship at IIT Madras and I also have an LOR from the Prof. Can you evaluate my chances ??

    • Hi Anjul,
      The universities you have mentioned has a GRE score requirement of 314 – 333, with most of them asking for a 320+ score. You can increase your chances by relying on a strong SOP, LOR and apply at the earliest.
      Please let us know a little more about yourself. Your professional experience, GPA etc.
      You can also reach us at 011 4107 8540 or can connect with us at connect@meetuniversity.com.
      Team MU

      • Anjul Tyagi

        Thanks, I am a fresher but I’ve research experience at IIT in Bioinformatics. Can you suggest two safe colleges for my profile ?

  • Arindam

    Hi Team,

    I got a GRE score of 304(Q:160, V:144) and TOEFL:104. I’ve a GPA of 7.75/10 in CS also I have 2.7 years of relevant work ex from a CMM level 5 company. I’m planning to pursue MS in Data Science or MS in Business Analytics. I have completed 3 internship projects during my B-Tech one of them being from a fortune 1000 and worked on 2 live projects for a Fortune 500 Company. SOP and LORs are strong enough. I also have good co-currics. I am planning to apply to UTD, ASU, UT Arlington, UT Knoxville, Purdue. Can you please evaluate my chances, also suggest some Univs. to which I should apply.

  • Shubham Jain

    Hello Team,
    Please consider the following profile:
    GRE- 305(149V, 156Q, 3.0 AWA)
    TOEFL-96(R-26, L-26, S-22, W-22)
    WorkEx – 18 Months as a JAVA developer in CMMI 5 MNC
    CGPA- 7.7/10 in CS from RGPV, MP.
    Extra- 1. Developed 20 Android applications and 12 windows phone applications during college days,
    2. I was Microsoft Student Partner during college days.
    3. Currently, I am part of an NGO, where we teach basic operations on computer to poor people.
    4. Worked on 2 development projects from scratch in 18 months.
    5. Received 100% scholarship for the entire BE course from the College.

    AIM: To do MS in Computer science, Software Development
    Constraint: Need Financial Aid(Must!)

    Please suggest me universities where I can apply and get financial help. Eagerly waiting for your response.

  • Lovleen Kaur

    I am unable to see university deadlines for Fall 2017. Is there any other link?

    • Hi @lovleenkaur:disqus , the information is locked. You can unlock the University deadlines by clicking on the buttons (Tweet, Google+, Facebook Like).

      • asapu pedda babu

        Hiiii can u suggest me if I can apply for September 2017 intake if I give the GRE in the month of may 2017.

        • Hi asapu peddu,
          You will not be able to apply for Sep 2017 intake as the deadlines are almost passed. Get ready to get admitted in next intake.

  • Bhargava Eegala

    hiiii I got a gre score of 297 and toTOEFL 83 and my G.P.A is 2.7 can I get illinous institute of technology for my ms in ECE

  • Hasti

    Hi Team,
    I got a GRE of 292 (V: 141, Q: 151 and AWA: 3.5). I’ve a GPA of 15.18/20 in Computer Engineering. My TOEFL score is 81. I’m applying to University of Arkansas, Utah state university, university of Denver, Syraus University, Oregon state university, University of ohio, university of New Hamspshire and University of south florida in the field of MS in CS. I was TA for one semester . Can you evaluate my chances??

  • Pamulapati Teja

    hi team
    i am teja, and i have my gre-291 and i have written ielts-6(expecting)
    can you suggest me some universities for fall 2017 and my cgpa is 6.80

  • madhu

    Hi team,
    I am Madhu my gre score- 309 (153-Q 156-V 3.0-AWA)
    Toefl 101(28-R 28-L 25-W 20-S)
    UG- 7.2/10 Toppers(8.0)
    I have applied to
    Could you please tell me my chances in each university and suggest me one more university like i was thinking about NYU.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ranjith reddy

    Hi team
    I have scored 293 in GRE with 150 in Quants and 143 in verbal
    Scored 6.5 in IELTS test
    Have a GPA of 6.34 over 10 with 12 backlogs celeared by the final semester
    once academic major project
    internship of 3 months,which is almost irrelevant
    6 months of relevant internship
    what are my admit chances and which universities can i apply to for fall 2017

  • Ashna

    Hi team
    I have scored 312 in GRE with 168 quant and 144 in verbal AWM 3
    Have a GPA of 3.7
    2 major projects
    1 internship
    1.1 core workex
    national level winner in baja
    branch interested-mech
    toefl 81 and can reappear
    extra activities-dance and sports
    events-state level competition-2

  • Ashna

    Hi team
    I have scored 312 in GRE with 168 quant and 144 in verbal AWM 3
    Have a GPA of 3.7
    2 major projects
    1 internship
    1.1 core workex
    national level winner in baja
    branch interested-mech
    toefl 81 and can reappear
    extra activities-dance and sports
    events-state level competition-2

    Suggest me colleges 50 ranking around or which is good. I have applied in mtu, dearborn and wayne state

  • vaishali

    Hii team,
    would like to persue ms in cs
    plzzz suggest some decent university for fall 2017 intake ….
    and deadlines of each as i have to give my gre …
    till when i can apply for universities

    • HI Vaishali,

      There are some options for fall intake but first try to meet the eligibility criteria, like- GRE, Ielts/toefl.

  • rao

    hi my frnd got gre 294 ielts 6 gpa 7.6 with exp 1.4year and 5 internships…cn she get an good university fr ms in us

    • Hi Rao,

      Your friend`s GRE score is ok but ielts score is quite less to get good universities, ask her if she can give ielts again.

  • krishnaveni varma

    This is krishna veni varma
    i am an employee at CTS.
    i wrote ielts and m planning to write GRE in the month of march 2017.
    can apply for august intake 2017?
    please someone suggest and let me know if i m eligible for august intake.
    am in great dilemma :(


    • Dhavalshah512

      yh sure u can many university has deadlines in march and april

    • Hi Krishna,

      There are few universities with August intake, but to have more options try for September intake also in case you didn`t get for August.

      • Naman Ladha

        Are both August and September intake part of the Spring intake.

  • Dhavalshah512

    sir how is csu la for electrical engineering?

  • Nilesh khode

    Hiiii, I got 293 in GRE and 103 in TOEFL also have 10 months of experience and published 2 papers and written 6 blogs. So, can I apply now(28 feb) for fall 17 admissions in USA and Canada? If yes, then can you suggest me some good universities considering my profile??

  • Prachi Saini

    hii my name is prachi
    i had completed my graduation with b.Sc.(non medical with computer application ) aggregate marks are 75%
    gre scores 290
    toefl scores 67 (again giving the test )
    i want to know that in which universities i can apply . and tell me the pathway that how i can apply for the us .

    • Hi Prachi,

      Your toefl score is quite less, you need 80 approx to apply in US for masters. So, try to meet the requirement.
      You can apply in Colorado.

      • Prachi Saini

        okkk thanku for ur response .. one more thing i want to know is that can i apply from now before giving my test again…. or i have apply after giving my exam again
        my exam will be on 11 march … and within 10 days i got my scores….
        so i just want to confirm that… will i have enough time for applying us for fall 2017.. or i will late..

        • Yes, you can apply and for fall we have to check because in few universities deadlines are gone.


    Hi I am kartik :)
    Got 320 in GRE with 167 Quants and 153 Verbal. Studying Chemical Engineering in VIT University, Vellore. Current CGPA is 9.44 with 1st rank in department. Haven’t published any papers yet but will be doing a research internship in summer 2017. I want to apply for fall 2018 in UCB, University of Wisconsin Maddison, NUS. What are my chances?

    • Hi Kartik, definitely we will help you in this. Let me connect you to the experts. Register Yourself here so that we can schedule a telephonic conversation.

    • Richard

      Hey Kartik, I am impressed with your GRE score. Can you kindly share with me on richieohms@gmail.com how you prepared and what you prepared with. Thanks

  • Bhargava Eegala

    Hiii my name is Ravi Teja
    Southern illinous university Carbondale
    Newyork institute of technology old westbury
    Which university is best for my ms in electical engineering

  • Rajat Narula

    Hi Team,
    My gre score is 285 (147-Q 138-V AWA-3.0) and Toefl score is 78 66.7% agg. in my under grads.
    I want to pursue Ms in Data fields. Can i get any universites for fall 17 if i’ll not consider to retake any of the papers again. Please help out.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Rajat,
      The deadline for most of the USA universities has passed.
      Please send us a ping at connect@meetuniversity.com to get an expert speak to you. You can also call us at +91 8368229929.
      Team MU

  • Darkulime

    GRE can go to hell , I regretted paying for GRE tests and frustrated coz it wasted my time after I did too much effort for nothing.

  • Hardik Gohil

    i m hardik.
    my gre score is 295, ielts score is 6.5 and over all gtu cgpa is 6.5 but having too many backlogs in computer sci and engg. .
    i want to do ms in information analyst.
    can u help me in suggesting university of us where i can apply?

  • Anchorite

    Hello guys,

    My name is Shhiv and my GRE score is 313 and my TOEFL score is 89 and my UG GPA is 3.3/5, And am having 2 years of work experience as a Java developer.

    And to stipulate I had a lot of arrears during my UG and it took me 2 years extra to complete my backlogs, but in a pursuit of overlooking the backlogs I pursued a diploma in JAVA from NIIT.

    Now am planing to do MS Software Engineering in US(Spring of 2018) , can I anticipate a seat in an A or A- university???

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Please send us a ping at connect@meetuniversity:disqus .com to get an expert speak to you. You can also call us at +91 8368229929..

  • Bharat Yandapalli

    Hi Team
    I am a third year student with a gpa of 3/4. I am yet to take my gre and toefl tests but am aspiring to pursue MS in data analytics. I am already doing an internship in a data analytics firm right now.Could you please guide me in the process of selecting universities their requirements like gre score etc along with deadlines for applications. Thanks.

    • Hi Bharat,
      Sure, We will guide you. Let’s get on call for further discussion.
      Fill the form, one of our experts will get back to you in a while.

  • adil

    any possibility of getting into top universities if applied for fall 2017 in august 2017

  • Bhavin Makwana

    Hi Team,

    I am currently preparing for GRE and my mock score range is between 310-315, however, I am working on improving it over time.
    I have explored Universities for courses in Information Security (CMU), Masters in Management of Secure Systems and Technology Management (GMU). Also, to give you a brief background, I have a dedicated experience in Information Security field for over 3 years. I need your inputs on which Universities would be ideal for the course that I am seeking and also the number of experience years I have, does it hold value in my admits. Also, cumulative GPA of B.Tech is 3.03/4.

    Awaiting your inputs.