George Brown College Canada Rankings and Overview – Why study in George Brown College?

George Brown College Canada is recognized as a top research college in the country. Chartered in 1966 by the government, George Brown College Canada is a fully accredited college of applied arts and technology. This college provides a large number of courses from certified programs to diplomas and full-time degree. Additionally, from academic excellence, the college promotes sports excellence by pushing students towards sports and other personality development process. The school sports team is named as “Huskies” and is involved in different sports activities.  They have strong connections with local industry and businesses, helping students go beyond their boundaries and connect with the business world.

George Brown College Canada courseware:

Students here have wide options of courses to select from. This includes:

  • Arts, Design & Information Technology- Students have options of Computer Technology, Game Programming, Information System Business Analysis, Concept of Art for Entertainment, Game Development, Graphic Design, Fashion Studies, etc.
  • Business: Accounting & Finance, HR, Management, Marketing
  • Community Services & Early Childhood:’American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Intervenor for Deafblind Persons, Early Childhood Education & Assistant,
  • Construction & Engineering Technologies: Building Renovation Technician, Electrical Techniques, Plumbing Technique

There are few more, including Hospitality and Health Science.

Why Study in George Brown College Canada?

There are six reasons why GBC should be your choice for higher education:

  1. Real World Work Environment

George Brown College Canada provides its students with the facility of getting some real world work experience along with the professionals. This includes the facilities like The Chefs’ House and WAVE Clinics.

  1. Applied Research

Get your hands to gain experience along with the professionals so that you can test and research about new products.

  1. Professional Skills

It is made sure that the skills you learn are the ones that are needed in your profession. This is ensured when you work with the leaders of the industry.

  1. Best Location- Downtown Toronto:

The location is perfect as it provides access to some of the top employers so that you have field education opportunities.

  1. Real World Knowledge

Many of the faculties in this University have industry experience. Their real work knowledge will help you grow.

  1. Real World Experience

Field education is provided by 95 percent of the qualifying programs. The college is now planning to make it 100 percent by 2020.

George Brown College Canada Rankings:

When planning to get admission in any college, the ranking matters the most. A college with ranking in terms of academic and infrastructure stands out. George Brown College Canada rankings will help you to see where the institute stands.

George Brown College Rankings Times Higher Education:

George Brown College Canada has 81 percent graduate employment rating and falls among the top institutes. George Brown College Canada Rankings by Times Higher Education stands among the top universities.

George Brown College Canada Rankings by QS:

The George Brown College Canada Rankings by QS is 32 in the world. This is because of its pioneering achievements over the years. In fact, it is the first university which reached more than $1 billion in endowment.

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