GMAT Preparation Tips: How to Score 780

For most students raking their brains during GMAT preparation on how to get good score in GMAT, 780 is often the magical number. But it’s a tough chase as well because a score of 780 or above greatly increases your chance to seek admission in some of the top business schools. Though the score is difficult, it’s nonetheless achievable. But you can’t get it via some shortcuts here are there. A solid GMAT preparation, backed by some smart strategies, can help you bag that magic score.

GMAT Preparation Tips:

Before you read further, make sure that you have well prepared all the sections that will come in the test. Studying in an adaptive way is the most important thing if you want to find yourself in the GMAT top scorers names list. Identify the vulnerable areas at the beginning of your GMAT test prep so that you have time to correct your mistakes. It’s also important to know that there are usually more than one ways to solve a question. You need to find the one which is the fastest for you. The trick, on most parts, is to become aware of your strengths and recognize the best approach for your GMAT preparation.

Here are some GMAT tips which we believe will help you to breach the 780 mark.

Problem solving

Once you have read the question, always look at the given solutions closely before you attempt to answer. Hurrying won’t come of any good. Some answers will give you easy hints. Identify these hints. It will help you save valuable time during the exam.

Data sufficiency

The data sufficiency section has all the devils in the details. Carefully read and analyze every statement and you may unearth some hidden and useful information that’s required to solve the question. Waste no time hunting for the right answer. Just check whether there’s enough information for finding the answer.

Reading comprehension

It’s always easy to get closest to the 780 mark if you read the question thoroughly. This should also be a part of your GMAT preparation. Students, unfortunately, are always in a hurry to identify the correct answer. The thumb rule is to read the passage well. It saves precious time while answering the questions.

Critical reasoning

This part deals with argumentative questions. The choice of answers is usually confusing. Though you may have done this section thoroughly during your GMAT preparation, those in charge of framing the questions cleverly put choices that are tempting but doesn’t subscribe to the logic in the argument. Select answers that conform to the logic pattern of the argument. Eliminating answers one by one also works for this section.

Sentence correction

This is one of the easiest sections of the GMAT, but probably the one most feared. The wisest way to tackle this section, as the GMAT preparation tips must have revealed, is to take the sentences logically. Don’t over-depend on the idioms. If you can read well, it will be easy to construct logically meaningful sentences. Remember the grammar lessons of your school and you will be able to sail through the section.