Hobart City- All you need to Know About Hobart, Tasmania

About Hobart City- Among all loveliest and liveable cities, Hobart is crowned as one of the glamorous of all. Based in Australian island state of Tasmania, for its enigmatic blending of cultural heritage and contemporary standard of living, Hobart is today admired by all. After Sydney Hobart is identified as second oldest city based in Tasmania, where world-class attractions and activities are synchronised in remarkable balance. The entire landscape typifies natural beauty at its best, the modern lifestyle and popular trends are also welcomed and admired.

Know more about the Hobart City, Tasmania:

Travellers and explorers love this place as here together with pleasant landscape tempting activities are arranged. Hobart has known around for its legendary historical background, pleasant yet uneven and jagged mountain, captivating waterways, wonderful gourmet experiences and the city has entertainment and recreation for all. Whether an adventurer or nature lover, Hobart is one of the finest destinations all around the world, the river shores and beach lines are prominently pristine, the city holds something for all.

Gourmet enthusiasts here will be undergoing one of the finest dining experiences, Tasmanian food is world famous and Hobart has some of the best chefs, world acknowledged fishmongers sell the best seafood procuring directly from the Southern Ocean. The contemporary architecture prepared using elegant and celebrated sandstone which used to be used in olden days. There are legendary galleries, waterfronts, theatres, restaurants and craft shops. While talking about Australia’s best outdoor market the celebrated Salamanca Market is here. There is Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery undoubtedly notable for its resources and exhibitions. The city is buzzing all through however during festive season the city gets alive in high pitch tuneful mood.

Accommodation and Housing:

While coming down to accommodation options, Hobart gains approval for sure. Properties here are affordable, there are rental studio apartments for students as well as for those seeking future in Hobart. Then there are cute townhouses, designed in contemporary style, weatherboard cottages, traditional grand old homes. There are varying kinds of motels and rental apartments, boutique hotels for travellers and entrepreneurs. There is Bed & Breakfast accommodation available as well. Budget motel rooms to queen motel rooms, according to budget and demand accommodations are available.

There is Student share house is available for  $56 AUD to$88 AUD, among the facilities there would be internet service, TV and other essentials. There are options for full property rental to partly rental. From Loft Apartments to expensive CBD apartments, available for $194 AUD, then there are cosy bungalows, for those seeking cosy homely feel along with complete independence and solitude would find bungalows the best. There are executive apartments meant for business tours and for nature lovers woodland retreats with B&B facilities are waiting.

Food and Grocery Shopping

For meeting the weekly need for grocery and other domestic items, Hobart is having Coles Supermarket, Wursthaus Kitchen, Fresh Central Markets where the famous seafoods are available in fresh condition. The grocery stores are not far and they are having everything that a student needs to meet regular domestic chores or gastronomical requirements. There is Salamanca Fruit Market where fresh fruits are available. For a student, $50 AUD would be sufficient to meet grocery and food needs. There are plenty of supermarket and grocery stores available for students from stationary to confectionary, where items are available for an inexpensive price. The chain of the supermarket is open every day, so students won’t need to hurry in buying items at a time.

Entertainment:  Hobart is loaded with entertainment options and music enthusiasts travel all the way to Hobart only to enjoy the thrilling and exotic musical notes. City’s large pubs, bars and clubs, while dining onsite, there could be rock legends performing close by. To know the exceptionally enthralling history of  Hobart, Battery Point Walking is the best tour for sure, for caving, limestone and dolomite caves are best.

Every summer, Hobart blazes with pulsating arts and animating water sports festival. Each and every community in Hobart joins together to cheer for the team taking part in Yacht race while sipping rich wine. Nature lovers will witness duckbilled platypus while taking a stroll in Junee Cave State Reserve.

For art lovers, there are Peacock Theatre, Theatre Royal, Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard. Students may spend quality time while visiting these theatres and witnessing some of the great shows being enacted. There would be Tasmania food and wine festival, a wonderful option to know more about the Aussie culture.

Travel and Transportation

The wide network of transport will certainly be astounding as well as gainful for new travelers and students. Along with bus, ferry and aircraft, there is consistent city train service so covering long distance is not hectic or worrying. There was a time when buses in Hobart are condemned for low frequency but today buses are available all the time also there is large fleet of cabs,

There is Metro service for easy moving around, ride sharing is also available but it may not be a safe choice. While seeking facts about concessions, similar to local student international students will also be entitled to concessions on public transportation. There are concession cards, obtaining which students would enjoy lower fares while riding bus, trams and trains.

Self-driving option is there but you need to have an international driving permit for safe and trouble-free driving pleasure, however, Indian Driver’s License is permissible in Tasmania. There is a facility for rental cars and bikes, hiring which one can freely move around without waiting for the public transports.

Cost of Living

While living in University of Tasmania student needs not to worry about the cost of living as here the accommodation cost is comparatively lower than other accommodation options. However living in Hobart is not that unfathomably expensive, as for monthly AU$993 furnished studio apartments are available, if luxury and well-furnished expensive accommodations are sought for AU$1,980 per month apartments are available. For public transport monthly AU$64 a student may have to bear. Hobart lifestyle combines both thrilling city life to sober countryside. However student weekly cost is affordable, students living in homestay would be getting food and other utilities. Varying institutions are there offering inexpensive packages so those who like to save money on accommodation may opt for these packages. As according to University of Tasmania roughly $18 500 to $19 000 annually would be a student’s cost of living.

For transportation, green card helps in deducting fares while riding public transports. Salamanca Market offers items for the affordable price, here fresh local grocery products are available for students.

Job Opportunities

While talking about jobs, Hobart offers a plethora of jobs which include administrative to hospitality, chef to casual sales representative, e-learning project officer to Hc truck drive. But it is really challenging to secure suitable profession without an all inclusive assistance and that assistance is rendered by universities and academic institutions, there are career hubs and campuses where reliable resources are available. There are options for full-time permanent, part-time permanent, casual and fixed-term employment opportunities. For local as well as international students, career educators are available who would offer myriad of opportunities where students may earn while studying. While registering details at recruiting firms in Hobart, jobs can be ensured.  Students may gain wide exposure while opting for paid as well as unpaid internship.

Part Time Work

When it comes to part time work, Hobart has myriad opportunities for students who are still studying. By doing part time work students can very well manage their expenses. Part time working will never be affecting their study and academics. International students never have to depend on their parents for financial resources, so here are few ideas following which students may try for some pocket money, Pharmacy Assistant, audio transcription typists work, Administration Assistant, Commercial Estimator & Administration and much more. Part time work is not only needed for money but one may opt to work for knowledge and experience. All these working experiences would be adding to the CV which in a way be supplementing chances to gain brilliant exposure in the commercial world.


All throughout the academic year, you will find a number of activities which would be keeping you busy all throughout. Along with games, there are other activities which students may indulge in order to revive their spirit and eradicate boredom. Among the activities, Water Basketball is one entertaining and thrilling activity. The game is entertaining as well as health improving. There are instructors and trainers who would be guiding the players so that they may enjoy the game completely. There are possibilities for football, hockey, netball where students may enjoy the free time.

Indian Communities

On varying grounds Indians are seen to be residing in Hobart, there are no racism issues so far reported, so Indians are seen to be living here without fear and reservation. Indian are seen to be flocking around for the sake of profession and study. Indian families are leading quite happy life here and till date, no complaint on racism or bigotry is reported. Indian students enjoy same study opportunities as well as the local students.


Hobart pubs are famous and well known for the ambience also the availability of beverages. NEW SYDNEY HOTEL, IRISH MURPHY’S HOPE & ANCHOR TAVERN and more are here, from mulled apple cider to an incredible array of beers, everything is simply irresistibly best. Students may visit these pubs and enjoy some free time.