How to apply to an international university in Australia in 2019?

How to apply to an international university in Australia in 2019?

Applying to any university to study in, is relatively easy these days, with most of the information provided on the university’s website. It can be done conveniently from the comfort of one’s home and doesn’t require much time as well (except for the waiting period for replies, or the amount of time taken to write essays and statement of purposes).
But let us see:

how to apply to an international university in Australia

The first step is of course, deciding upon which course you want to study, and in which university. Since the process of application will vary course-to-course and university-to-university, it is always good to read through the university websites and/or contact the university through email or phone, before starting the application.
The next step is making sure you are eligible for the course you have chosen. Go through the academic, financial and other requirements and if needed, apply for any language or other exams that you are required to have scores of. This could range from GMAT and GRE scores to TOEFL and ILETS scores. Make sure you apply for such exams well in time, so that you will receive your scores before the deadline given by the university for the same.

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If you indeed are eligible for applying to the course you have chosen, now you need to keep the relevant documents ready. This includes marksheets and degree certificates of X, XII, graduation, post-graduation etc (based on which level you are applying at), translations of these certificates into English (if not already in English), your pay slips and contract details (if you have worked previously), letters of recommendation, and proof that you are well-versed in English. Do note, this list of documents will vary based on which university you are applying to, so it will be a good idea to visit the websites of each university you are interested in, separately.
Of course, you must fill in the application form (before the deadline), which will be made available by the university, when they start the admission process. Usually you would also have to pay an application fee, that’s non-refundable.
If you are interested in applying for scholarships, you will have some additional steps as well. These will depend on the institution that is providing the scholarship and the university that you are applying to. For some you may have to apply along with your admission application, while others may require application only after you have gained admission to the university.
Since you are an international student applying to a university in Australia, next comes one of the most important steps: getting an Australian student visa. With regards to this, do read our post on ‘How to get an Australian student visa?’. Also helpful is the website of the Australian Home Affairs department, which will give you an idea on which visa you require, and the documents needed, to apply for it. One of the documents you would need is the CoE from the university (which is why you must apply to the university and get this first, before you apply for the visa).
Done with everything and received your offer letter and visa? Start planning your trip to Australia. Book flights, accommodation and other facilities that you require.
Congratulations and happy journey mate!

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