How to Get Abroad Universities Admission without GRE Score

Are you frustrated with failure attempts of GRE? You can also get Admission in Abroad Universities without GRE Score. Check here the name of Abroad Universities Offering Admission without GRE Score and how to Get Admitted in those universities. Also, Check Why GRE Required for Admission in Abroad, University Admission Process without GRE, Abroad Admission Without GRE Scores.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one of the standardized tests that are required for admission to most of the graduate schools in the United States. If you ask why GRE is required; the general answer would be for measuring the verbal reasoning, the quantitative reasoning, writing analytically, and thinking critically. Basically, these are skills that have been acquired over a long span of duration and which are not related to any specific field of study.

The computer based examination does not guarantee instant success. And due to the high fees many prefer to take up admission without GRE Score.

This article draws a conclusion on the university admission process without GRE Score.

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Undergraduate Courses Admission Without GRE Score:

There are different rules for different universities abroad, but these are some rules that are generally followed for admission without GRE Score.

  • If you need a post-graduation admission, then the marks of the under graduation degree from a reputed college or university are needed, that may be done with or without the GRE test. If you are applying for an undergraduate degree, then the marks of your plus 2 will be considered only if it equals the American standard.
  • If you have any work experience with any company with a good name, you will be eligible for the work you have been doing.
  • A good resume is of utmost importance if you are thinking of taking admission without GRE in one of the colleges abroad. Resumes are a form of marketing tools that help you in presenting yourself in front of the prospective university that you are thinking of taking admission in. A clean, clear and attractive template will be the most appealing for your resume. It will showcase the important sections of the resume that you have built with hard work and dedication, in a proper way that catches the attention of the readers. It should be dressed in a way that the authorities will read all that you have in it, rather than reading just a few lines from it.
  • A professional letter explaining why you cannot compete for the GRE and the intent, with which you want to join the course abroad, is also needed. The letter is used to measure the real capabilities of the student rather than focusing on just the academic portion.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business or Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Business – Marketing, Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and Master of Business Administration or Project Management are some the courses that you can pursue abroad without GRE.

The Parting Conclusion for Getting Admission Without GRE Score:

Though, in the United States of America, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is used to measure the academic abilities of students looking for an application to graduate programs, the GRE is being avoided by many. The popular piece of the American (or foreign) process for admission to the graduate courses, the GRE, is being avoided to be a necessity while applying for graduate programs. More and more university admission without GRE score is taking place in the USA allowing students to get admitted.