How To Take Your Career to the Next Level in the USA

International students who move to the United States for higher studies prefer to grow and enrich their careers in the same country for better prospects. To nurture your career in the United States, you must learn about the U.S. job market. It is also essential to know about your visa requirements. Your visa requirements may affect your employment. Hence, it is best to learn about the restrictions in advance.

Setbacks for international students

Acquiring a job in the U.S may be a daunting task, if the student is not a U.S citizen. There are many factors due to which many companies or universities do not hire international students:

  • Fear of students working for a temporary period of six months or just a year.
  • Fearing students may be connected to terror groups, especially students from Asia and middle- east countries.
  • Fear that students may have poor english speaking skills.
  • Visa complication is another factor.

Career after study in USA

International students who are looking to expand their careers in the United States after they complete their studies can follow the steps below.

  • They must understand the visa rules and regulation. Knowing about your visa status will help in the process of job hunting.
  • Make sure that you have good english speaking and communication skills. Most companies may check if you have passed English tests like the TOEFL or the IELTS.
  • Take support from your own college where you have completed your studies. They would definitely have services or career coaches to help students find jobs.
  • Networking is essential. Start establishing connections even while you are pursuing your studies with the right people who can guide you like friends, career coaches, and recruiters.
  • Students can attend job fairs to get a better understanding about the job market and the kind of jobs that would serve as a match to their skill set and education. Career coaches and recruiters can also help in giving you the right career guidance and tips.
  • Create a strong curriculum vitae highlighting your educational and other credentials. Upload it on all popular job portals. Make use of social networking sites and groups to receive job alerts. There are also sites like International Student Job Center and International Student Resume Writing Center that help international students who are job hunting.

Making a major decision to work in the United States can be gruelling, especially for international students. Cultural and ethnic differences can prove to be challenging, adjusting to a new work culture and environment can be tough. Keeping these factors in mind, students should decide if they would like to escalate their career to the next level in the United States. Once the decision is made, set goals and make use of the numerous opportunities that are available. Remember there is plenty of scope to grow there.