A glimpse of Joondalup, Western Australia

About Joondalup City- Located towards the northwest corridor of city Perth, the city of Joondalup is a very fast growing city with a booming population of almost 164,000 on a land area of 97 square kilometers. By population, the city is rated as the largest populated city which also has one of the largest localized forms of government in Western Australia.

Know More About the Joondalup City:

Being a heartthrob of its residents, the glorious living atmosphere coated with top notch facilities earned it the World`s Happiest and Liveable city in the year 2011. This award was bestowed to the city by the International award for liveable communities organized or endorsed by UN.

The city has a very soothing and relaxed climate which is also one of the reasons why it has been preferred by the people.  The atmosphere of the city is casual which is a rightly balanced amalgamation of culture, art, communities and along with all the residential properties which are built rightly on the edge of Joondalup lake.  The free wifi within the city centre, the presence of magnificent restaurants, serene beauty of parks and wide beaches to explore, excellent cafes and a cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city is what fascinates and lures people from all over the world. All this has led to the city attracting and luring international immigrants which make up the 50% population of the city.

Living and accommodation

As far as living and accommodation are concerned, if you are in as a tourist you can check in some of the best hotels in the city like the Hilary Harbor Labor Restaurant, Joondalup resorts, Joondalup city hotels etc. If you are a student, you can settle in the hostel rooms allocated by the university you take admission in. Perhaps you also have the option of going for a rented room or living as a paying guest. Moreover, you also do not have to worry regarding the cost of living since the commodities and the total cost of living per day won`t exceed 86.98 dollars per day which include food, fuel, room payment, drinks, etc. For a backpacker, it`s just the half of what a normal guest or tourist would pay. A backpacker if consciously spends won`t have to shed more than 38.11 dollars which is a very affordable amount for anyone spending a day in Joondalup.

Food and grocery

Coming to the food and grocery OK market is one of the supermarkets that is being hailed as the best and most frequented one by the residents as well as the visitors.  Ever since its inception, OK Market has grown tremendously and now has two sections.

The main section of the grocery store is the Hodge- podge of instant noodles snacks, drinks, some Asian vegetables, and spices. Moreover dried cuttlefish, cocktail prawn rolls, and egg crackers are some of the popular Asian delights you would find in the front section of the store.

While on other side are the freezers which are stocked with frozen fish.  Some of the interesting, delightful fish food items from South Asia are available here. Since it`s an Asian store its sells all varieties of rice ranging from Basmati, brown and the long- grained rice. So if you are in look out for some Asian food items, you can verily go for OK supermarket. Besides, there are other popular supermarkets too like the Coles Supermarket, Foodland stores, IGA Supermarkets etc. Depending on your preference you can opt for any food item.


The city promises a lot in when it comes to entertainment for its fellow residents, tourists, guests, and students. Ranging from some popular cinema halls to full party pubs, you will avail every nature of entertainment you want. For instance, if you are a cinema addict, you can secure your ticket at the Joondalup Pines theater.  Similarly, if you are fond of art and culture, you shouldn’t miss the Riots, which is a magnificent place for arts and culture loving people.

If are well versed in the art of playing Billiards and you think you can handle the stick better than anyone else, Cue power is one place which you should definitely go. It`s a perfect place for billiards players and has enormous fun. Similarly, you can also spend a day at the beautiful Perth zoo which is also one of the famous tourist destinations.  You can visit the Hilary boat Harbor and experience some amazing beauty of the place.

Travel and transportation

Public transport is one of the strong points of the city and it is perhaps the best one. It is organized, cheap and moreover saves a lot of cost of travel of individual.  There`s the Joondalup CAT ( Central Area Transit) whose service is free and it runs and it runs in two directions in order to cover some of the major destination of the city like Joondalup train station, health campus, city centre, the west coast, police academy etc.  Especially if you are a student, you can use the free services of the Joondalup CAT service to explore the city.

Moreover, it also has the scheme Taxi user Subsidy which grants reduces and subsidized rates of taxi for individuals who are suffering from some kind of physical ailments which prevents them from availing other public transportation services. The city also has the AIP or Access and Inclusion Plan to make sure that people who have disabilities aren’t experiencing any sort of issues while traveling throughout the city.

Cost of living

The cost of living is low, affordable and one of the most reasonable rates in the entire Australia. If you are a tourist your individual living cost per day shouldn’t go beyond 86.98 dollars which include per day charge of the hotel, fooding, fuel and other essential expenses.  But if you are a student, this excludes your tuition fees.

Job opportunities

There are enormous job opportunities both in the government as well as the private sector. Moreover, there are online websites like the Careerone, Jora etc where you can easily register in your CVs and get calls from recruiters within no time. The government jobs offer high salaries, excellent working conditions, along with diversity in the work which keeps the interest levels of the employees high.  The jobs are productive enough to deliver a perfect personality development of employees.

If you are a student at any university and college, then your chances of recruitment enhance further since companies directly recruit students from campuses by having on-campus recruitments. You can even subscribe to the Joondalup Job Notice Online page, to get regular updates relating to job vacancies in both government and the private sector.

Part time work

Well, if you are a student, then nothing gets better than this if you end up getting a part time work with some top firm. In Joondalup, Western Australia there are many part time job opportunities which you can grab to get that “looked for” corporate and working experience by the recruiting firms.  The reason being most of the companies look for candidates who hold some work experience and this is the reason many students opt for an early breakthrough in their careers. This gives an edge to them while constructing their CV`s.

You can specifically check in for some job opportunities at Adzuna, Seek and indeed web portals to get a direct call from employers. Similarly, if you are a student( since most students opt for the part-time job), you can also enroll yourself in the internship programs which would give you perfect platform to nourish your skills, polish your talent and attain that much-required personality for better job prospects. This experience which they gain from a very early age reaps them the benefits later in their lives.


There are various activities available for tourists which make up the best time passes. Being at Joondalup you can visit some of the ancient museums, art& galleries sections, mountain climbing, statues, museums, inland towns, bush walking amazing tours, sightseeing, and other eco-tourism adventure tours.  Additionally, you can even go for various cultural activities to enjoy your venture in Joondalup.  On the internet, you can check at the World Holiday Destination website, to list some of the popular and amazing activities to do.

Indian Communities

Not only in Western Australia but although out the country live Indians who are well settled and established with fine jobs and businesses. Others are Indians who visits tourists and stay here for 1-2 weeks. Especially students from the India flock to Australia for higher studies and here they make up the Indian communities. Others come for better job opportunities, work exposure and for settlements also.


Joondalup promises one of the best nightlife because it has some top rated pubs and bars which invite people from all over to get a glimpse of a sensational night. Some of the popular pubs in Joondalup are The Sovereign Arms, Beldon Tavern, Paddy Malone, The BLVD Tavern, Jason Food and Wine, Old Bailey Tavern, The Kingsley Tavern etc. Besides famous pubs, the city also has some famous night clubs, restaurants which render perfect stay night out.

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