Living In A Convenient Location Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener City- Kitchener is a beautiful city which is located in the Southern part of Ontario in Canada. It is located at a distance of one hundred kilometres West approximately of the big town of Toronto. The town is a seat of the Waterloo’s Regional Municipality. From 1854 till the year 1912 it was known as the Town of Berlin. But afterwards, from 1912 to 1916 it was called the City of Berlin. Both of these were located in the Waterloo County in the city of Ontario.

Know more about the Kitchener City:

The city is creative and innovative culturally. It offers some diverse opportunities for residents as well as investors and businesses. It is considered to be the largest city in the region of Waterloo. The city is well connected with the small cities around Waterloo towards the north as well as the city of Cambridge towards the Southern part. In fact, Kitchener City along with Waterloo is commonly known as the “twin cities”.

The city has some different shopping complexes, pubs, eating joints, parks and places to explore for the visitor. It also has many amenities for people who are considering settling in the region.

Housing and Accommodation:

Numerous short term accommodation opportunities are available for students studying at the University of Waterloo. These options are safe, reliable, convenient and affordable. Most of the off-campus housing options are very close to the university. However, the region also has some options for people who are looking to settle in here permanently.

A variety of apartments, as well as condos, can be rented in the area through different local websites for real estate. Some of the usual conveniences include laundry services, kitchen, all day electricity including air conditioning and heating, car parking and so on. A little planning ahead of schedule can even help a person to find a great place to settle in at a cheap rate which is equivalent to a good bargain.

Food and Grocery Shopping

According to most people, especially students who live away from home, the one thing which is most difficult is cooking food. With a hectic life, nobody has too much time to devote to grocery shopping or making food. Hence, a good place to live in should have convenient options for food and grocery too. There are some places to shop for grocery all over the city including the New City Supermarket, Golden Indian Grocery and the Central Fresh Market. To make things even more convenient, there are also some websites through which grocery can be ordered online. Such websites also have delivery options.

Moreover, the city has some shopping centres, retail stores, and restaurants. Hence, there are plenty of options when one does not feel like eating a home cooked meal.


Some options are available for entertainment in this region. The city has many theatres which have screenings of the latest films on a regular basis. Apollo Cinema and Landmark Cinemas 10 Waterloo are some of the best examples. Apart from the cinema, there are parks where one can enjoy a peaceful walk or simply sit and ruminate. The CF fair view park is quite popular for its great atmosphere. The Center in the Square can be visited to admire its architecture as well as enjoy the various concerts and shows which are held regularly in this public place.

On a hot and humid day, the Grand River recreation complex can be visited to enjoy a dip in a public pool and freshen oneself up. The YMCA Ontario Early Years Center is also close by. This was established as a recreation centre for all age groups and provides different activities and services and has something to entertain everyone.

Travel and Transportation

The city of Kitchener has a very proactive as well as a visionary system of transportation. The network was established in the year 1960. During this year the province began the construction of the great Conestoga Parkway in the Western boundary of the region. There are some other highways around the border of the city with eight main lanes running through the middle. Thus, the city is very well connected by road with buses running on the highways on a regular basis. The buses and the highways connect the city to some of the main cities nearby such as Toronto, Cambridge and so on. The streets in the city also follow a very strict system of British grid pattern.

Apart from the buses, there is a system of very light and rapid transit in the form of electrically powered rail cars. The construction of this system began very recently in 2014, and today it is running quite well, making transportation through the region much easier for the people living here. The closest airport to this region is at the International airport in Waterloo.

Cost of Living

It is necessary to calculate all expenses such as rent, transport, food, electricity and so on while calculating the cost of living in this region. The rent for an average place to live is around one thousand Canadian dollars. Along with regular transport expenses, food and so on, the expense comes to around two thousand Canadian dollars. Five hundred Canadian dollars for food and five hundred more for transport and other expenses can be calculated approximately to get the total amount.  This would be the minimum expense for living in the region without calculating any luxury or extracurricular requirement. However, the jobs available in the region are sufficient to meet this requirement.  At times, students can earn even more than this amount from part time work and can also save up as a result. Thus, living here can be very easy and convenient.

Job Opportunities

There are some full-time job opportunities in this region. The Canadian Marketing Association has a branch in this city and hires employees on a regular basis. Hence, some jobs in the banking sector are quite easily available. Some websites, as well as newspapers, have sections where regular advertisements for job postings are provided.

Other regular full-time work includes work in the technical sector. There are some posts which are regularly available for technical specialists. Moreover, for people with no degree or previous experience or training, regular jobs as a fruit packer are also available.

Part Time Work

For students, a full-time job can be very difficult to adjust to their regular hectic schedule. Hence, part time jobs are the best way to earn money to pay for any additional expenses. Part-time jobs are available in plenty in the region. Students may work as a server at an eating joint or even help at the local library. The hourly rate is enough for paying for a living. Moreover, some paid internships focusing on particular skills are also available. These are a few great ways to earn some extra money while improving the resume as well as gaining experience in the professional field for most students.


There are plenty of other things for students to enjoy during their stay. The Youth Employment Center not only offers jobs for graduates but also offers some courses and programs which help in developing skills and talents. As a result, this place is frequented by students to a great extent. Students can also be found at the Waterloo Region Museum soaking in the culture of the region. The museum arranges some different activities that are quite fun to participate in.

Apart from such places to learn new things, there is a games and entertainment centre where one can have some fun. Students can spend leisure time at this centre playing arcade games and having fun.

Indian Community

Students from various cultural backgrounds can be found studying at the University of Waterloo. However, even in a city far away from home, there is no need to be homesick. This is because the city has a thriving Indian community. The Victoria Community Center has regular meetings of the Indian community where people from a wide variety of religions and castes meet and enjoy social and recreational events. This could be in the form of music, poetry sessions, bazaars, flea markets and so on. New students are warmly welcomed at such events. The community can also help students adjust to life in the new city.


The city of Kitchener is also a great place to enjoy the nightlife. It has a variety of different pubs where live music, karaoke and other forms of music are performed on a regular basis. It is also a great way of meeting new people and forming a social life. Mc Kabel’s Irish pub and grill is quite famous for the alcohol as well as the food among residents. Other popular options include the Bent elbow as well as Whale and Ale British Pub. Most of the pubs in the region are in the style of British pubs and have a very lively atmosphere.

Well, the city of Kitchener is a very warm and welcoming city. With numerous amenities available, it takes very less time to adjust to the life here. The climate is also very relaxing. Hence, the region is ideal for a fun vacation as well as for living permanently.