Lincoln American University, Guyana

Brief about University–

Lincoln American University is one of the top medical universities in Guyana. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and is known for its British colonial architecture, including tall, painted-timber St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. Lincoln American University was started with the aim to offer premium quality medical education in Guyana.

Lincoln American University is equipped with the modern infrastructure and technology. The faculty and staff of LAU is well educated and highly experienced from reputed universities. We aim to provide the best education to the students from Guyana as well as from other countries. We not only aim to provide the best education, but also provide them with the hands on experience so that they can get better experience and knowledge in their respective fields of medical education.

LAU offers a world class higher education to the students from around the world in the fields of medicine.

Our Mission

Lincoln American University is committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal and professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community and preparing Leaders who are dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate services.

Our Vision

The vision of Lincoln American University is to be a National, Regionally and International Institution that is committed to the Education of its students, to be globally competent, ethical leaders, ready to work and serve in our complex and ever changing world.

Our Values

Lincoln American University aims to maintain and follow certain standards and values. Here are the values that we at LAU constantly work on:

  • To promote the best available education to the students.
  • To provide hands on experience to the students.
  • To expand & grow with constant improvement.
  • To promote a healthy environment.

Location and Address-

Lincoln American University
  • Address: 8A & 8B,
    Water & Barrack Street,

Name of the contact Person –  Priya
Designation –  Advisor To The Dean Global Marketing

Contact Details-  +1 323 315 0336 | 9205890241


Qualification Offered –  MBBS Program

Degree  – Doctor of Medicine


Fees Type Actual Fee

  • Admission Processing Fee 4, 000 US Dollar
  • Miscellaneous Fees 1,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee – Year 1 15,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee – Year 2 12,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee – Year 3 6,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee – Year 4 4,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee – Year 5 2,500 US Dollar
  • Total Fee 44,500 US Dollar

Fees Type Actual Fee

  • Admission Processing Fee 4, 000 US Dollar
  • Miscellaneous Fees 1,000 US Dollar
  • Tuition Fee (Full Course) 30,000 US Dollar
  • Total Fee 35,000 US Dollar

* Admission processing fee includes visa fee, consultancy charges & processing charge.

*Miscellaneous fees includes application fees, visa extension, Library fee, Lab fees, food card, Student ID Card, International student ID Card, Badge, Apron, Wrist Brand, School T-shirt, Uniform SCHEDULE OF TUITION FEES (Package fee structure )




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