List of American Universities Without Application Fee

Searching for American Universities without application fee? In order to encourage education and making American Universities accessible to International Students, the government is taking major steps. These steps include setting up Universities without application fee for International Students. Listed under some of the well-known Free Application Fee Universities in America have a look at these.

List of American Universities Without Application Fee:

Here is the list of American Universities without application fee:

University Of Vermont: 

This is a very popular college in American Universities without application fee where you can apply for free. It also has a provision to avail for a partial scholarship of 20% for its undergraduate program. The tuition fee for its 3 year Global Gateway Program is approx. $43,650.

Alcorn State University:

Situated in the Alcorn State in Claiborne country, this University was founded in 1871 and offers courses in Accounting, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Health Education etc. in its undergraduate courses and Plant and Soil Science, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Electrical Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Agriculture etc. in its Post Graduate Courses.

Alaska Pacific University:

This is one of the Application Fee Free Colleges in USA that was founded in 1960 and has been offering the best Two Year, Four-year and Doctorate level programs since then. The University offers undergraduate courses in Marine Biology, Earth Science, Liberal studies, Outdoor studies, Sustainable Studies, etc. to name a few.

Jackson State University:

It is a coeducational college in list of American Universities without admission fee, established in 1877 and offers courses both undergraduate and post graduate courses. In its undergraduate program, it has courses like Accounting, Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, etc. to name a few. In its post-graduate programs, it has History, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Hazardous Waste management, etc.

Loyola University:

This is a very popular name among American Universities without the application fee. Situated in Chicago, this University offers courses like Law, Nursing, Dance, Physiology, Criminal Justice, Medical Practitioner, etc. to name a few. The most popular major courses among these are Psychology, Nursing, and Biology. It is a private Jesuit Institution which was established in 1870.

Ohio Valley University:

It is a private college in American Universities without application fee, established in 1960 situated in Vienna. It has a 270 acres campus with students from all over the world. The courses offered here are Accounting, Biblical Studies, Criminal Justice, Sports management, Wellness, Sociology, Organizational Management, Information technology, Health Care Management, English, etc. to name a few.

Do a research work for these American Universities With No Admission fee and sit for the relevant exams to get admission in these well-known Universities.