MBA from De Montfort University – Best ROI for Freshers

Finding a suitable MBA program in abroad is always a daunting task. Getting an admit from a good B-School is also tough as factors like work experience, GMAT score and high costs always play critical roles. Hang on……. are you aware of the MBA from De Montfort University (DMU)?

MBA from De Montfort University

I assume you have already gone through the factors to consider before going for MBA in abroad. If you have already taken the decision to go for it, then well done! If you are one of those students who want to have a kick-start in your professional career by doing an MBA that does not require GMAT and work experience, then the MBA from De Montfort University (UK) could be an excellent choice in terms of Return-On-Investment (ROI) index. Now, lets have a look why you should choose the DMU MBA (Global).

MBA from De Montfort University

Unique Course Content:

When it comes to choose to choosing a program, you should always look at the program content first. You should also go through how to choose the right course, university for study abroad and strategizing your B-School List.

As a fresher it is not easy (and not recommended) to go for specialized MBA (MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing or MBA in International Business). So, as a fresher it is always advisable to have gain a holistic overview about the business process. The DMU MBA program has an excellent balance of key and specialized modules within the program. Some of the unique and exciting modules are described below:

International Strategic Management, Markets and Resources

This modules focuses on the strategic thinking, decision making; hence, very important for managers. This will help you for roles in consulting, general management and strategic finance.

International Marketing

You will get to learn the essential concepts of marketing – understanding value, creating value, and delivering value. You will get to develop a very good idea about understanding the requirements of the customer, and also the drivers of the value (of the product). You will be using the marketing tools, developing the product and services that address the need of the customer. Finally, you will also learn how to deliver the value by managing relationships with customers, partners and competitors. 

International Finance:

One of the most popular and sought after MBA specializations. In this module, you will be introduced to international economics, macroeconomics and finance. Those who can grasp the concepts of international finance – theories, monetary strategies including currency exchange that affect the global economy – can have excellent career opportunities. Job roles like Financial Manager, Investment Banker or Financial Analyst are there to explore.

Global Supply Chain Management

One of the key functions within any organization, and you will be informed about the management of the flow of goods and services.

International HR Management

Another popular and key part of any business is the management of the human resources. You will acquire the ability to maximize employee performance, while keeping the employees in sync with the business line (and the vision of the organization).

Corporate Performance

Corporate performance is related to business intelligence and strategy management. This module will help you to monitor and manage the methodologies and processes of the organization. Success and failure – both depend on the corporate (organization) performance.

Business Creation and Innovation

Innovation and business creation are extremely important for any organization. If you want to be technology, product or innovation manager, or you want to start your own venture (entrepreneurship) – then this module is for you. You will have the opportunity to develop managerial abilities and refine your entrepreneurial concepts. Technical University Munich (TUM) is one of the very few universities that offer an Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation.

Exposure To Practical Knowledge:

Internship & In-Company Project – Engage with Real Life Business

Overall, the Global MBA program is focused specifically on enhancing employability skills; courtesy facilities and value-added services like embedded Employability Hub within the Leicester Business School and In-Company project (a 12-week project based in a UK company). Besides, there are also opportunities for 13-weeks paid internship for all PG students at DMU.


DMU is one of the top 25 in the UK for graduate employability as reported by the Complete University Guide and The Telegraph. The employability rate for undergraduate students is 95.8%, whereas for postgraduate students it is 96.7%. The average salary for international undergraduates and postgraduates are £27,100 and £38,760 (Complete University Guide).

MBA from De Montfort University

DMU is also among the top 20 UK universities for the number of student startups, and has been featured on The Economist. The graduate entrepreneurs from DMU have contributed £16.4 million to the UK economy in the last four year (The Telegraph).

MBA from De Montfort UniversityTimes Higher Education (THE) has also placed DMU within “The 150 in the Under 50” category, which means DMU is among the best 150 universities in the world. DMU is also among the Top 800 universities in the World as well (THE).

De Montfort University has been chosen as the only UK University to be a part of the GREAT campaign – British Government’s flagship marketing campaign for creativity and commerce. Other members of the GREAT campaign are HSBC, Jaguar, BBC and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

MBA from De Montfort University

Affordable Study Costs & Scholarships:

MBA is a very useful degree, but it is an expensive one as well. The MBA program at DMU is a very cost-effective program. The 15-months MBA will cost you £14,000 (2016 fees), which is really very nominal. Besides, being located in Leicester city, the living expenses are also very reasonable. The average starting salary of the MBA graduates from DMU has been £44,186 – thus a very healthy Return-On-Investment (ROI).

GMAT is NOT Mandatory:

Even if someone has got few years of work experience, sometimes candidates struggle to get admission into a decent B-School due to lack of GMAT score. Well, for those candidates, DMU is a savior again. If you have got decent grades in your undergraduate program, that will be enough.

Find out what the Students and Faculty have to say about the MBA (Global) program by watching the video below:

In short, the Global MBA from De Montfort University is really worth if you are looking for a jump-start in your career. Moreover, the constraints of high tuition fees, mandatory work experience and mandatory GMAT score are not there. Besides, getting a MBA program from one of the Top universities in the UK will be something to cherish for life as well.

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