MBA in Canada- Top MBA Programs in Canada and Universities

MBA in Canada- Canada is a beautiful country known for its scenic landscapes – lush green fields, white snow-capped mountains and the kindest people on earth. The standard of living in Canada is higher than most other countries. The people here are tolerant of other cultures and religions and don’t take long to make you feel right at home! Studying MBA in Canada for international students is thus, a novel experience!

MBA in Canada: Choose Best Programs and Best Universities:

MBA is one of the top class degrees that helps propel your career forward. MBA in Canada is both fun and profitable. For two years you get to stay in and experience this wonderful country and thereafter you get to enjoy the perks of earning a fat salary at the job you land after your MBA. Canada has several top notch Universities and that can often cause issues for students. Once they’ve decided they want to study in Canada, they must then decide where in Canada they want to study. Following is a list of the best Universities here to help you make an informed choice.

Rotman School of Management

Under the aegis of the University of Toronto, Rotman is one of the top management schools in Canada. It offers different kinds of MBA programs from a full-time two-year course to a thirteen month Executive MBA course. It also offers joint and part-time MBA courses.

Ivey Business School

Famous for its cases that are used in several other B-schools, Ivey falls under the aegis of Western University. In addition to the prestige of its name, it offers the students a challenging curriculum and a life-time experience. Full-time, part-time as well as executive MBA programs are conducted here.

Schulich School of Business

This management school falls under the jurisdiction of the York University. With an amazing campus in Toronto, this school has a lot to offer to its students. It also features full-time and part-time MBA courses. It also has what is called a dual degree where you can do your MBA in addition to a degree in some other field like law, arts and so on. The Kellog-Schulich Executive MBA course allows students to study in both the campus of Schulich as well as Kellog. Schulich also has an MBA option in foreign countries including India.

Sauder School of Business

Belonging to McGill University, this school is located in Montreal. Its full-time MBA program is for a duration of only 16 months, while its part-time MBA program stretches on for 28 months. In addition, it also offers MBA in the healthcare sector.

HEC Montreal

Located in Montreal again it offers all forms of MBA. Its full-time MBA lasts for only 13 months and can prove to be very lucrative as in addition to the MBA it offers to allow students to do a language study. There is a two-year part-time MBA here as well. However, one can only learn French in that program.

There are several other renowned Universities in Canada offering MBA programs that will add a lot of value to your career path. These are only a few names from the top of the list.

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