MBA Scholarships for women in USA

MBA Scholarships for Girls: Women these days are moving up in their career ladders. More and more females than earlier are opting to work in the business world with a proper business degree but still, there is a lot to achieve. As per the statistics, only 36.5% earned an MBA degree in the year of 2014. So, to bridge this gap, many institutes are encouraging women to go for Masters in Business and Administration by offering them various scholarships and grants.

As attending a B-School is an expensive affair, the MBA scholarships for girls / MBA Scholarships for females, and grants which are specifically, set up for women encourage them to take up a career in business management. This will help them to earn laurels and financial independence for themselves.

MBA Scholarships for Girls

We have listed here a few MBA Scholarships for girls available in the USA.

 AAUW Career Development Grants

With the goal to empower women and obtain leadership positions in the business world, The American Association of University Women provides scholarships to women who want to go for an MBA degree.

Accenture American Indian Scholarships

Accenture American Indian Scholarships are awarded to American Indians or natives of Alaska who are pursuing MBA and need financial assistance.

AG Bell College Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to women who are working towards their MBA full-time and are suffering from hearing disability.

AICP Scholarships

AICP offers scholarships to women who are pursuing an MBA in finance or business management and are residing in either Virginia or Iowa. AICP gives one of the scholarships i.e. either the one who is residing in Iowa will get $500 or the one from Virginia can receive $1000 scholarships.

C200 Scholars Award

Women studying in the first year of MBA can apply for this scholarship. The organization award $25000 to each recipient as a funding towards her education. The finalists are interviewed by the committee members of C200 and then will be awarded scholarship.

Business Achievement Awards

Women who are part of the Golden Key organization and are working towards their Masters in Business Administration can apply for this award. The organization gives three scholarships of the amount ranging from $1000 to $2000.

Ford Business Scholarship

Two women who are pursuing their MBA will be awarded this scholarship of $10000. Golden Key International Honor Society selects the winners and an applicant can receive the scholarship only once.

Forte Foundation Fellowships

The foundation gives scholarships to women who are enrolled at the participating B-Schools and pursuing their MBA. The aspirants have to demonstrate leadership traits, academic excellence, and zeal to work towards the betterment of other women.

Financial Women’s Association Scholarship

The female MBA students who are in the second year of their masters of some participating New York B-Schools can apply for the Financial Women’s Association scholarship. The participating schools are Columbia, Fordham, and New York University.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Female MBA students who aim to make the world a better place to live in can apply for this scholarship. 12 different recipients get $1000 each at the district level and 12 recipients get $5000 at the international level which is used to fund their education.