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MCAT Eligibility Criteria– Are you preparing for MCAT (Medical Admission Test) to get Admission in United States, Australia and Canada? If yes, you must required MCAT Preparation Tips, MCAT Exam Details and MCAT Eligibility Criteria. These MCAT online preparation tips will help to the candidates to crack the test.

The standardized examination, Medical College Admission Test or MCAT, has been part of the medical school admissions procedure for more than 85 years. It is now a mandatory requirement for applicants to submit their recent MCAT scores in almost all medical schools in the United States and many in Canada. In fact, many graduate programs and health professionals now accept MCAT score in lieu of other standardized tests. It is the effect of its  widespread credence that more than 85000 applicants sit for the exam every year.

MCAT Eligibility Criteria
MCAT Eligibility Criteria

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MCAT Eligibility Criteria:

The exam is developed and administered by the AAMC i.e. Association of American Medical Colleges and its member medical schools, several times each year at test sites throughout Canada and the United states along with the decided locations throughout the world.

The MCAT exam focuses on the skills and wisdom identified as prerequisites for success in the  medical field by erudite medical educators and physicians. The exam is divided into four sections containing questions in the form of MCQs.

The MCAT exam is divided into the following four sections:

  1. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  2. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  3. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

However, there is a strict eligibility criterion to follow for applicants to get admission in desired medical colleges. It is described below:-

  • Registration Eligibility-
  1. Applicants may apply for the MCAT exam if they are preparing to apply for the following type of health professional schools:-
  2. Allopathic
  3. Osteopathic
  • Podiatric
  1. Veterinary Medicine
  2. Applicants may obtain a ‘special permission’ to register for the exam, if they are not applying for the health professional school.
  • Testing Eligibility-

The eligible students can take the exam up to three times. However, they can register only once.

  • International students are welcome to give the MCAT examination, provided they meet above criterion of eligibility.
  • The student can directly register for MCAT if he is pursuing an MBBS degree programme or has completed his/her MBBS.
  • ‘Special permission’ may be granted to a currently enrolled medical student.
  • The admission requirements may vary since, some schools expect students to have completed the following courses other than the MCAT exam:-
  1. One year of Biology
  2. One year of Physics
  3. One year of English
  4. Two years of Chemistry (through organic chemistry)

The students are supposed to visit MSAR online to know the school specific requirements for medical schools in the United States and Canada.

Aspirants should consider volunteering nursing schools and hospitals or clinics, not only to gain professional experience, but to further raise altitude of their profile. They are advised to research wide variety of jobs available in the medical field, discuss the demands and nature of this field with a pre-medical advisor or professional before embarking upon the application process. Just like other exams taken to get admission in foreign Universities, MCAT too focuses on the profile of an individual apart from the exam score. Hence, a strong extra curriculum along with experience and internships, related or un-related to medicine will be profitable.