Melbourne, Australia-An enchanting, vibrant and Culturally Rich City

If you have been looking for a peaceful tourist destination, that could offer scenic landscape with amazing food and activities to make out most of the fun, Melbourne has a lot in its offerings!!Be its ultra-modern architecture, plenty of art galleries or its lip-smacking food eateries and joints, there is a lot to watch out and explore!! Melbourne is also quite active with its nightlife through the house of perky discos, lounges and quirky cafes seeking a lot of people’s reception.

Melbourne, Australia- Know more about the City:

The Melbourne government is working on the model of smart cities to enhance the quality of living here comprising of development practices that could be adaptable and promote sustainability.

The administrative service here is dedicated to change the living aspects of the city to design, develop the best ways where people could enjoy high standards of living. The city is adopting tailor-made measures to channelize its busy traffic that could help in; proper commuting connecting the most populated towns through its transport network. Further, a pedestrian counting check system makes traffic control easier and manageable.

Owing to such robust development practices, Melbourne is progressively moving to be called as a smart city incorporating innovative measures that unfold seamlessly in improving the day to day lives of the individual. The day is not far when it would be recognized as the most progressive city in Australia!

Demography and Population

Melbourne’s population is a mix of religious diversity with different communities living together making it a perfect example of the cosmopolitan hub. Whether its international students, young professionals, or old coupled you will find a balanced mix of ethnicity here.

It’s weekend celebrations and festivities are other attractions that make the city vibrant, colorful with thousands of international visitors, tourist, and foreigners coming here every year.

Government in Melbourne 

Working on the roots of council based Victorian government; Melbourne has a running council called the Melbourne City Council responsible for heading administrative services representing the city in national and international meetings and forums. In addition to the main council, it has several neighboring councils working together in close support to maintain the political decorum of the country namely:

  • Port Phillips
  • Hobsons Bay
  • Moonee Valley
  • Stonington
  • Moreland
  • Yarra

These councils work together to promote and regulate Melbourne’s activities catering to art, culture, dining, shopping and tourist activities as an Australian most indigenous hub.

Geography and Climate

Strategically located at a latitude of 37 degrees 49 m minutes to the south, city of Melbourne spreads 20 Km north, convoluted by Dandenong range which is 30 Km to the east. Also owing to its apex position centered on top of Port Phillips Bay, it has a predominantly temperate climate.

Though English is recognized as the official language there are more than around 100 languages spoken in the core of an Aboriginal diversity and multicultural communities.

History and Heritage

Situated on the traditional land of Kulin, it is one of the fast growing cities in Australia that is a hub of multicultural communities. The ancient Kulin nation is known to be composed of following cities that are today recognized collectively as the city of Melbourne and a promising centre of educational, social and cultural significance.

  • Bonner wrung
  • Taungurong
  • Wathaurung
  • Wurunjeri

Since the times, European settlements have moved to Melbourne, its history has been growing significantly contributing to the Australian culture.

Work and Employment

With its enormous work opportunities, you get to work part time or even from home making it easy for you to manage your other responsibilities or education. Though, there are ample of full-time work opportunities too, yet why not commit part time while you are still pursuing your studies? Such co-working or freelancing is a great attraction that you will find only in Melbourne in Australia.

Healthcare Services

If you’re anywhere planning to move to this city, getting a Medicare card should be the first priority owing to amazing health care benefits it seems to bring to its owners. A Medicaid will insure you from the majority of health ailments covering up for most of treatments, surgeries, and consultations.

Some of the other benefits that could come via medical insurance while you stay in Melbourne are:

  • Immediate and urgent ambulance care
  • Full comprehensive dental coverage
  • Maternity costs coverage
  • All chronic treatment costs get covered

However, do not fall in the illusion that everything would come for free. On the basis of your annual earnings and the medical levy that is incorporated in routine income tax filings, you get to avail these benefits. Hence, on the final note, it could be concluded that health services are free but then only for the undermined and weaker sections of the society in Melbourne


Australia is regarded as one of the excellent centres for primary and secondary education after Asia. While education plays a very significant role in shaping the career of any individual, schools in Australia provide a competitive environment for kids to grow and learn. With a rigid teaching methodology which is theory driven, kids do feel the pressure and burden of homework being poured in, yet interactive debate sessions and co-curricular manage to keep their interest intact. Coming to the cost of schooling, it is affordable where private college fees could range up to $10,000 a minimum annually. While public schooling is quintessentially favored by most people, private schooling is also decent in Melbourne.

The Victoria’ city capital and a promising business hub, Melbourne is a hub of cultural and religious diversity in Australia. With a fairly dense population of 4.5 million and a coverage area of 9990.5 square kilometers, Melbourne is one of the largest cities in the entire Australian continent. It has a large number of inner suburbs, city centres with each having its own character of communities, culture, and dwellings blooming within Australian glory.

Art Destinations and Galleries

The Melbourne culture speaks greatly of art and has some fantastic art centres that conduct quarterly exhibitions to celebrate the intriguing works of painters. Be it the historic paintings or modern city oriented artwork, the love for art is something that comes naturally to people of Melbourne.

  • The City Gallery located at Swanston Street area is a hub for a wide range of disciplines and has ample of events and exhibitions catering to fashion, art, design and architecture.
  • The City Gallery acts as a gateway providing a dialogue between artists, curators and the general public hosting periodic exhibitions from time to time.

The Captivating Photography

One of the most fast paced cities in Australia, Melbourne is not only well known for its exquisite architecture and sky touching skyscrapers but surprisingly also for its wedding photography services that are quite diverse in styles and forms.

Melbourne wedding photographers are great in numbers who offer different kinds of photography ranging from wedding, car as well as destination photography. Apart from being a destination of photographers it also a tourist attraction because of its scenic beauty as it has a high number of beautiful beaches, resorts, and water sports. Using a blend of traditional as well digitized practices, wedding photographers in Melbourne don’t leave any stone unturned in making your wedding covered and captured in the most beautiful manner possible!

Lifestyle in Melbourne

The multi-community culture here speaks of a versatile lifestyle perhaps making it the most favorable places to live in Australia. The maze of interconnected laneways lets you dive into intimate spaces and mystery of the city consisting of many quirky cafes, lounges dining and shopping avenues. On the other hand, it’s never ending skyscrapers, ultra-vintage buildings and heritage streets make it a treat to explore and wander around.

  • With a strong cultural heritage, Melbourne is also a home to well-known and prestigious museums, research centres and universities. With a natural flair for art, you will find abundant of painting and fancy shops around the vibrant streets of this beautiful city.
  • People here believe in the idea of celebrating and enjoyment as much as they do in discipline and working sincerely. The party and festive celebrations go throughout the year and end on the New Year welcomings. With something or the other happening every season, you get to enjoy a lot through its music, art, dance and football matches!
  • Being a city of the amiable and welcoming crowd, Melbournians are well known for their philanthropy and social service activities. There are a lot of help centres, and visitor centres that comprise of approachable staff to help newcomers and foreigners explore the city and decide what to take up as a means of earning.

Melbourne is a live example of sustainability growing within its urban designed houses, development practices and contribution to zero greenhouse emission by 2010.It has a lot more options for the young and the old to enjoy together.

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