Moscow City- Explore the beauty, culture of Moscow, Idaho

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Despite the cold weather, there is a lot more to experience in Idaho. Events, fun, and amenities are what you will admire when traveling to Idaho for the first time. The city is very famous because of the world popular American dog derby sports.

Know More about Moscow City, Idaho, USA:

Moreover, there are several activities related to adventure sports which travelers can experience in Moscow, Idaho. Shoshone Falls is the natural attraction that is also known as twin falls. This place is offering recreational services such as trails, picnic regions, playgrounds, scenic landscapes and swimming areas.

Lower Salmon River is an amazing and popular rafting region located in white bird county of Idaho. This is a Roadless area connected with 48 states. You can explore the wildlife and wonderland scenic beauty as well as river rafter under the experts’ supervision.

The population in Idaho is not so crowded and that is why 100% urban development is figured out till 2015 statistics. The colleges, markets and educational background of the people are so strong in Idaho that you will find no difficulty in traveling or finding a space in the native’s heart. The lifestyle of Idaho is not so busy and no so relaxing. People work hard from Monday to Friday while enjoying with family and friends on weekends up to the fullest.

Accommodation and Housing

Accommodation in hotels and hostels is found in Idaho at a vast quantity.  The trend of living in apartments is new in Idaho but getting very popular too. The culture and beauty around the apartments are perfectly higher in standards of living because of which more and more citizens are turning from villa houses to apartment life.  If you are studying at the University of Idaho and need a marvelous place to live in, then university apartments will be the best choice. However, on an average, you will be delighted to see versatile features in and out of the apartments such as- huge playground area, ample parking space, scenic view from windows, ventilated rooms and a lot more.

Those who are single parents, students or couples that are above 25 years old can avail the apartments on monthly rental services. The town style apartments have access to all nearby amenities due to which they are very much in demand. Hence, services you can find in best quality apartments are- water supply for 24×7, internet services integrated with high-speed data, sewer as well as garbage system. In the kitchen of a rental apartment, you will get a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, garbage disposal, and stove.

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Food and Grocery Shopping

There are various places in Idaho for food purchase and grocery shopping. But some of the most visited as well as popular ones are listed here-

Winco foods– This is the place located in Idaho Falls region and best for family food satisfactions. It is open for 24 hours and provides all type of food utility items as well as grocery items at large.

Natural grocers– this is the place which is open 24 hours and provides organic products as well as healthy beverages.  Fresh juices, bottled water, and natural food supplements are available at a vast range.

Albertsons- this is a small local business oriented grocery and drugstore departmental store which consists of all necessary food products, ready to eat items and drugs or medications.

There are various family restaurants where you can enjoy mouthwatering food recipes. The special regional dishes are served in versatile restaurants located in the main city. However, you can enjoy your meals with drinks during the whole day and get fabulous services in terms of hospitality and fast food services.


Food, beverages, and entertainment in Idaho go hand in hand. People are very friendly, joyful and have a sense of humor on the go. Thus, entertainment places that you can easily stop for in Idaho are- Idaho museum, Idaho brewing company, ARTitorium on broadway, colonial theatre, sandy downs racing. The choice of clubs is also available at a large quantity on every street, s here are some of the names which you will find crowded most of the time because of their amazing music, drinks, and services- fatty’s bar,  the balcony club, the sapphire room etc.

You can find out numerous clubs and theater open for midnight entertainment while some are restricted to 12 A.M. timings. You can Google the name and timings for booking in advance because most of the clubs are packed with party passionate.

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Travel and Transportation

Idaho has a well-maintained road network that connects to major states via national highways. You can boo rental cars or hire a taxi which is a very useful means of transportation found Idaho. Taxies reach to main cities like Idaho Falls, Moscow, Boise, and Pocatello.  Therefore, Moscow metro is the most feasible option if you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic jam. During peak hours, traffic and public transport in Moscow administer the whole population on road. Moreover, you can also rely on the popular online taxi application. You can download and see the taxi services whichever is close by and hire instead of taking a car on rental.

Cost of Living the cost of living in Moscow according to the updated index of 2017 survey is around 50.82%. The rent index has exceeded to 32.09 % since last year survey. People are not investing much in grocery shopping as per the percentage of 39.14, rather put money into restaurant meals up to 56.21%.  Therefore, the local purchasing power you will find in Moscow currently is approx. 55%.

Job Opportunities

In the current scenario, you can find job opportunities in Moscow, Idaho in versatile sectors, but the chief area of work you will find is business, diplomatic staff and language teachers. The service sector in Moscow is becoming a driving force of its economy. A majority of people are employed in financial center organizations. Largest banks of Russia have branches in Idaho, Moscow. The average number of population heads towards the manufacturing industry. However, the most popular industries found in Moscow are- food processing, electronics, and refining.

Part Time Work

Part time work in Moscow, Idaho is very easily accessible for the students, house wives or the below average income group people. You can work in a departmental store which sells at a vast level. If you are educated enough and want to earn extra perks by using your education, then language teacher, subject teaching or regional language institute can become a part time job.

Besides, educational fields, part-time jobs are also available in expensive to inexpensive restaurants in Moscow. The adventure sports, sightseeing guide and there are various other short-term wage scale jobs regulated in Idaho at a vast platform. Tourists come for adventure sports, relaxation and for corporate reasons because of which need for travel guide, as well as entrepreneurs, are augmenting. Part time jobs are open nowadays at the online portals in Moscow which have become a lucrative deal.

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In the present time, Moscow speculates several activities which are meant for especially adults and on an average for kids. Every person has some reason to entertain themselves while they stay in Moscow. The majority of community found in Moscow is of the university. The chief fest organized each year is the Lionel Hampton jazz and its popularity is continuously growing.  Art towns and museums are another major attractions found in Moscow. Scenic beauty, river rafting, biking, mountain hiking, garnet hunting, golf, fishing and recreational activities are found in every popular street of Idaho. Moreover, you can enjoy cross-country skiing at a vast level during the winter season.

 Indian Communities

Boise and Pullman Indian communities both are found at large scale in Moscow. Tamil and Telegu are two major languages spoken by the Indian communities. There are separate mini Moscow designed according to the Indian needs. Even a university is situated in Idaho that contains a maximum number of Indian students. For Indians, regional food recipes, clothes, religious books, Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara and other facilities are available in the certain corner of the city. However, natives of Moscow are very friendly in nature and thus help the Indian communities in every possible way. The culture of Moscow and Indian background offers a great fusion to a new generation in the respective state.


The number of pubs found in Moscow seems like endless in counting, but some of them have made a special significance. Corner club is the one which you will be excited to experience during your visit. It has sports illustrations which make it very unique and attractive amongst the travelers.

Plantation tavern is another major entertainment arena where you can select amongst a vast menu of beverages, beer, and food.  Moscow alehouse is one more choice on the hit list of nightlife survivors in Moscow. This place is best for those who love to enjoy beer varieties.