MS Computer Science in USA | Masters in Computer Science from US

Graduated in Computer Science? Looking for abroad studies in USA? Find all the answer to your queries below. We are here to help in all the possible ways. Get all the details on MS Computer Science in USA. Also, find the list of colleges and universities that offers Masters Programs in computer science.

MS Computer Science in USA

In this rat race competition, technology is growing in a very high speed. Every year there is an increase in technology. The whole world is running and growing with technology. So, a large number of students choose their career in computer science. There are end numbers of fields in computer science. There are also many colleges that provide masters programs in Computer Science. The colleges are top ranked, have flexible schedules, highly experienced faculty members, and the colleges are in premier and friendly locations. If you are looking for MS Computer Science in USA, find the names of the colleges below.

  1. Stanford University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Princeton University
  4. Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. University of California, Berkeley
  7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  8. Cornell University
  9. University of Washington
  10. University of Pennsylvania
  11. University of Texas at Austin
  12. California Institute of Technology
  13. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  14. University of Michigan
  15. University of California, Los Angeles
  16. Columbia University
  17. University of Southern California
  18. University of Maryland, College Park
  19. University of California, San Diego
  20. Harvard University

Eligibility for the admission in US colleges in Computer Science

  • 16 years of Previous Education
  • Transcripts
  • Standardized Test Scores, i.e. GRE, English Proficiency Test like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • Researched projects if any
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Professional work experience

Some of the part-time Master’s program in Computer Science

  • MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence (Columbia University)
  • MicroMasters Program in Professional Android Development (Galileo University)
  • MicroMasters Program in User Experience (UX) Research and Design (The University of Michigan)
  • Master of Science in Computer Science (Digipen Institute of Technology)
  • Master of Engineering in Reliability Engineering (University Of Maryland, A. James Clark School Of Engineering)
  • Master of Natural and Applied Sciences (Missouri State University)
  • Master in Computer Science (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Thus, above mentioned details on MS Computer Science USA colleges and universities will help you a lot. Choose the college of your choice and get all the details related to your specialization.  You can also enrol your names online by filling the online application form which is easily available on the website.

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