MS in Biotechnology in USA

MS in Biotechnology in USA- The United States of America is the renowned destination to pursue higher education. Students from across the world travel to the USA in sake of seeking admission in one of the top institutions to pursue their higher studies. The universities and colleges in America offer quality and globally acclaimed learning environment that make studies a fun filled activity for the students. The world class education system, highly experienced faculty and best in class recognition make USA a sought-after destination to pursue MS in Biotechnology from reputed institutes. The universities and colleges in USA offer the excellent exploration of applied science, basic science and lab science, with the industry focus, thereby offering the students with robust grounding in genomics, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and proteomics.

Key Features of MS in Biotechnology in USA

  • The Masters in Biotechnology from USA offers the students with solid grounding in up-to-date Biotechnology in amalgam with training in commercialization and enterprise
  • The universities are equipped with leading research staff and mentors in Biotechnology spin-outs
  • The universities offer unique specialization in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and breeding, environmental biotechnology and genomics and genetics.

Course Description

The universities in USA use world-leading faculty and research mentors to provide the students with fundamental business and academic skills that are required to make a significant contribution towards field of biotechnology. In your Masters in Biotechnology USA program you will be educated about the theory of genetics and molecular biology and you will receive exceptional skills training with the help of modern practical methods like genomics, metabolomics and proteomics and recombinant DNA techniques. The fundamental skills of the students will be enhanced and complemented by both advanced bioinformatics and basic practices. Students are allowed to choose their area of specialization in their application. The Masters in Biotechnology has specialization in Genetics & Genomics, Genetics and Breeding, Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and more.

Course Structure

MS Biotechnology in USA is offered either by coursework or coursework & dissertation. The standard duration of the MS course in Biotechnology is two years full time and if the student has completed his/her undergraduate degree in the related subject area then they is allowed to complete the course within 1.5 years.

Application Procedure

  • Students are required to apply online from the website of the intended university
  • Upload the required documents like resume, written statement of purpose
  • Students are required to pay the online application fee which varies depending upon the university you choose to pursue you MS in Biotechnology.
  • You need to provide your TOFEL Exam score along with your application

Fee Structure for MS in Biotechnology in USA

The total cost for pursuing MS in Biotechnology in USA varies from university to university. However, the average cost for MS in Biotechnology in USA range from $4000 to $5000 per course. There are scholarships and financial assistance available to pursue Biotechnology courses in USA.