Studying abroad and getting a degree has always been fascinating for students. While Australia is a cult favorite destination for Indians to pursue a degree, it is now offering another complimentary work benefit for the international students studying in Australia.

Yes, this benefit has evolved as the new visa allows international students to post-study work rights up to 4 years in regional Australia. Isn’t that amazing?

Living your dream is now going to be easy with this extension of the work right period and the latest update on the new law: Subclass 485 Post-study work stream visa. Let’s know more about this!

Subclass 485 post-study work right modified by the Australian Government on 16th November 2019 is a golden opportunity to work for 4 years in Australia after completion of the respective Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. This certainly provides you with sufficient time to plan your career and utilize the benefit of an extended work period.

Now that you know about 485 post-study work right, there are a few more things you should know regarding this new change.

1)    You need not worry about skill assessment as it is not necessary for applying for the visa.

2)    A degree from a CRICOS-registered course is required.

3)    A post-study right visa does not have an occupation list thus your field of specialization would not be a considering factor.

4)    English language proficiency is requisite to be fulfilled.

 Post Study Visa Eligibility in Australia:

1)    You need to apply for the visa within 6 months of completion of your course.

2)    According to Australian Study Requirements, a minimum of 16 months of stay and study in Australia and completion of 92 weeks of study of a course registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is necessary.

3)    Students between the age of 18 to 50 are eligible for applying for the visa.

 While the 485 post-study right is another reason for you to study in Australia, here are some more benefits of this visa:

1)    This visa is a doorway to numerous opportunities and fascinating career options in Australia which eventually means more employability.

2)    Several opportunities for career progression.

3)    A period of 4 years is certainly pretty good to obtain work experience in a different country.

Following are the popular cities in Australia to study and work:

1)    Melbourne

2)    Brisbane

3)    Sydney

4)    Adelaide

5)    Perth

6)    Canberra

7)    Gold Coast

These cities undeniably provide an excellent lifestyle with the finest education institutions being the cherry on the cake. And now with the declaration of the changes in the visa, Australia is absolutely a perfect place to kick start your career.

Many countries abroad change their work visa statuses from time to time. Keeping a tap on this helps you accelerate your career. 

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