Procedure to apply for Ph.D. in UK | PhD in UK

Planning to apply for Ph.D. in UK? A big number of candidates from all over the world looking for, PhD Admission in UK, PhD Admission Process in UK Universities, PHD Admission Criteria in UK, PHD Admission Eligibility Criteria in UK Universities, etc. If you are one of them, then this article may be helpful for you. Ph.D. is for anyone who likes to research. It is an intellectual challenge which you take up for fulfilling your ambitions. And what is more, enticing than a  PhD in UK? You will get the specialist expertise in your field which will open a plethora of bigger opportunities.

Ph.D. in UK Admission Process:

The following article will give you a complete summary of the Ph.D. admission process in UK universities.

What to include in the application?

Here are some points for Ph.D. admission in UK which you need to include while applying in a university.

  • For any university you will have an online form in which you need to fill up the basic details like your name, age, qualifications, employment history, complete with a copy of your Curriculum Vitae and indicate what your proposed topic of study is, the potential date for starting and how you think of funding the project. This is a major criterion on which your admission is dependent. You need to be patient after sending the mail.
  • Next, mention about the modules that you have studied in your undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. If you were a part of any research project, then you can also refer to it.
  • In the covering letter for  Ph.D. in UK, talk about the particular research field you are interested in and what you expect from it.

What Academic Qualifications Are Needed For Admission PHD Admission in UK?

For fulfilling the Ph.D. admission criteria in UK, certain qualifications are needed. Here’s the checklist.

  • An upper second class honor in a British undergraduate degree is a basic requirement for most universities. However, a lower second is also accepted in some universities.
  • But, if you have a master’s degree from a relevant British university, then undergraduate degrees are not given importance.
  • If you do not have a British degree, then the university will have to satisfy itself that your honors degree is of an equal standard as a British one.
  • Suppose, you don’t have the qualifications mentioned above, you should not be disappointed. Instead, you should search for a potential supervisor who shall strongly back you up. Even having professional experience would be a help.

What is the Time Required for Ph.D.?

The time required for the completion of PHD in UK, is generally three years. Though it depends on the field of research, students are supposed to submit their thesis within 12 months of submission. There are several additional programs which often extend the time span to four years.

The procedure to apply for Ph.D. is not that complicated; you only need to follow the instructions given by the universities and abide by the rules. Ph.D. in UK will bring along thousands of opportunities. UK, like most countries around the world, begins its Ph.D. studentships in September or October. However, under special circumstances, funded PhDs and also self-funded ones can start at any time of the year. But, you should begin applying as soon as you think you are ready for the big leap because the competition for places in Ph.D. gets higher the closer you get to the month of October.