Sarnia, Ontario, an Amazing Place for Students

Sarnia City- Located in Canada, one of the largest cities in Lambton Country, Sarnia is beautifully situated on the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway System which is indeed the busiest part of the country. Sarnia, Ontario has been exactly established at the meeting point of Lake Huron and St. Clair River. The Rapids is the community which was formerly formed in the 1830s by the primary settlers who arrived at Sarnia. It was then developed into Port Sarnia, and then over the years of steady development, the place achieved its ultimate name and is now called the City of Sarnia. The early growth and development of Sarnia were mainly established by the wealth that was generated because of the timber and by the detection of oil in the nearby locations.

Know more about Sarnia City, Ontario:

More importantly, the two major railways The Great Western Railway and The Grand Trunk Railway connected the place with other parts of the country and thereby made it an economically and commercially important city. People from all over the world used to visit the place for trade and commerce and job purposes. The rail lines mentioned above was later connected to the United States directly with the help of a rail tunnel which was developed under the St. Clair Rive situated in Sarnia city.

This part of the city was also prominent for having the deepwater port during the period of the 1920s. It was then that many facilities related to shipping that is still now functional were constructed at that time. The place is also rich in culture and tradition, and hence every year many people come here to earn their living. Apart from this, the place also attracts a large number of tourists just because it is a place with varied interests.

Accommodation and housing

Housing and accommodation benefits are also there in Sarnia city. You can either search the internet or contact the real estate agencies to find the suitable accommodation or housing facilities. The place of your work should be close to you home, and on the other hand, students coming from different parts of the country can also avail accommodation facilities near their university. You can place an application for the housing facilities in Sarnia to the Housing Services Department of Lambton. They facilitate people with various housing choices at an affordable rate and also provide proper management of property that belongs to the Corporation.

The facilities are farfetched regarding stability and assistance. Such housing facilities come under the assistance of non-profit, cooperative heads of Lambton. Apart from these, you can find other types of homes for people with disabilities and for those who need special help. Retiring homes are excellently maintained. Some staffs are being appointed to maintain the services that are required for the aged people. If you are a tourist, you will find some accommodations within the place. Both luxurious hotels, as well as budget accommodations, are available for the tourists.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Food and grocery shopping is the vital part of any city. Sarnia is no less in providing the best departmental stores and big grocery markets that can satisfy the requirement of every buyer. There are excellent grocery stores that keep both exported and local food items. You will find some Metro supermarkets in Sarnia City. These markets are rich in providing the best and fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Other staple foods are also there besides raw preserved uncooked food items like meat and fish.

Moreover, other products like pasta, cheese, tea, and coffees are readily available in these stores. A unique part of the stores is that they have their own bakeries where you can find absolutely fresh bread. Real Canadian Superstore Sarnia is one of the wells know grocery stores. This place deals with general grocery products besides frozen foods and medical equipment. Food and Drug Sarnia is also best in providing food items besides all sorts of pharmacy goods. In Sarnia City, you will find a good grocery store almost available in every part of the city.


You can widely find entertainment options, and hence people of all ages can enjoy in Sarnia. There are movie multiplexes, parks, bar, pubs, restaurants and other local festivals and concerts. You just need to see the event and festival calendar during the time of your visit. If you love to groove to loud music, you can opt for the best night clubs. The nightlife of this place is awesome. For a comfortable and relaxing environment, one can choose from the pubs. For a more tranquil and relaxing vacation, the spas within the cities are simply outstanding. There are lot more options for the kids as well.

The lakefront parks and the river sides are the best places to stroll. You can even experience the world class events related to sports, in case you are a sports lover. Both indoor and outdoor forms of theaters can be found in this city. Exhibitions based on themes and the carnivals during Christmas can make your vacation even more valuable. There are various food and music fests in which you can participate as well. There are also places for exhibiting creative arts.

Travel and Transportation

Travel and transportation in this city are affordable to people with various vacation budgets. You can take a rented vehicle for your family or group and can even board the public transport modes available in Sarnia City for traveling from one place to another. Local transportation facilities are comfortable and affordable too. Transportation in between the countries of Canada can be done with the help of bus, rail, flight and marine services. Accessing the airports from this place is easy. Transport facilities with people with disabilities are also there for some charges.

Cost of living

The study has revealed that Sarnia is cheaper than Toronto by 9%. As there are different types of accommodation and living facilities to choose from, you can always opt for the one that is affordable and mostly within your budget. Costs in restaurants are standard, and the general shop and food market have goods that are cheaper than the big stores. Whether you want to buy a new car for yourself or you just want to avail the public transportation services will always put an effect on your cost of living. Hence the cost of living largely depends on your lifestyle.

Job Opportunities

There are some job opportunities in Sarnia, Ontario. Full-time jobs as well as work from home jobs, both are available in this city. The job portals can provide you with hundreds of opportunities according to your qualification. While you search the internet, you can find jobs in the field of sales, management, and hospitality in Sarnia city. Administrative jobs, as well as the jobs in medical departments, are also available. Receptionists and housekeeping jobs are there besides jobs in administrating and managing amusement parks and recreational areas.

Part time work

Part-time work can be done while you stay or study in Sarnia, Ontario. Many students opt for part-time jobs during their vacations. This in a way generates more employments and also trains the young hearts to live independently.


There are several activities conducted throughout the year in Sarnia, Ontario. You need to get the activity guide as soon as you land in Sarnia. There are activities both for kids and adults. Some recreational and educational programs are there for the kids to participate. Besides camping at various places, the tourists can enjoy skating and swimming. Some activities are free while for some you need to register. You can also involve in outdoor pools, different types of sports and can avail the tennis courts during the visit to this city. Visiting parks and gardens which have abundant natural beauty can be the best activity for those who want peace and tranquillity.

There are lots of festivals throughout the year. In kids’ Funfest, the kids can come and participate without paying anything. There are various games and activities in which kids are made to develop some basic skills of life. The kids need to participate in educational activities that make them learn how to live a healthy life. Other than these, summer entertainment activities and special events are organized throughout the calendar.

Indian Communities

There are also a few Indian communities in Sarnia, Ontario. You can find Muslim Association as well as Sikh societies in Sarnia. For more information, you can search the website and can find the addresses of such communities.


Last but not the least, are the pubs of Sarnia, Ontario which are best places to rejuvenate. You can find great beers and cheap drinks as well as awesome cocktails within these pubs. Some have light music, and excellent interiors and others focus more on local cuisines. The food and drinks in the pubs of Sarnia can make your evening more delightful. Hence people who have visited Sarnia will definitely want to come back for another vacation.