All you need to know about the City Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon City- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a beautiful city located with the river of Saskatchewan passing through it, and this makes it one of the finest places for the tourists. The citizens of the place enjoy the amazing view of the river and pleasant weather for most of the year. There is a total of seven bridges which are used for linking the city from its east zone to its west zone. It is a city filled with fun and amusement and all the lively people living here even encourage the tourists to enjoy themselves within the Meewasin Valley throughout the seasons. The city’s vivacity and youthfulness always attract people from all over the world.

Saskatoon City- Know more about the City Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

The most important aspect of the city is the University of Saskatchewan which is one of the best universities that uses the latest technologies and thus pull a large number of brilliant minds towards it. The city organizes and helps in making the festivals even more gracious and vibrant. Their rich heritage and profound cultural aspects can be seen during the festivals. Some different events take place throughout the year in this city full of energy. From this, the tourists can taste their culturally sophisticated community related to arts.

Performances and shows make it a unique place that not only concentrates on studies but also makes it a place to showcase the artistic facets of the citizens. The tourists even can join these festivals and thus become a part of their culture during the vacations. A lot more recreational facilities like the golf courses and boutique shopping can make the vacation worthy. One should never forget to taste the local cuisines that make the city even more appealing.

Accommodation and housing

There are some hotels and resorts for the tourists visiting Saskatoon city. Both expensive and cheap hotels are available, and the tourists can easily choose their stay according to the budget. A few luxury hotels have the facilities of their own restaurants and spas. Apart from these, the budget hotels in this place may offer you a good stay but may not serve food. For this, you can opt for numerous restaurants available throughout the city. Saskatoon airport hotels are best as it will always be easy for the tourists to travel with no trouble.

Quality Inns and Comfort Suites are available, and you can book one as per your requirement. Both senior housing and students housing are available within the city. The retirement homes for the senior people have a large number of facilities. There are different types of care that a senior person can avail absolutely based on his need and medical conditions. Housing facilities for students are also there for rent. Both luxury and budget housing are there for the students who do not want to live on the university campus. College quarters, graduate houses and more are available for the students.

Food and Grocery Shopping

There are several options for food and grocery shopping in Saskatoon city. Online groceries are also there for the people who do not get much time for shopping. Other than these, foods and vegetables locally made can be bought directly from the producers. Real Canadian Superstore in Saskatoon city is best in providing grocery products to different locations. They deliver fresh, canned tomatoes, bread, cheese, cans of freshly baked beans and even the frozen pizzas. There are other super stores that not only provide groceries but also have pharmaceutical products. Sobeys Saskatoon provides staple foods like pasta and rice besides fresh fruits and vegetables. Other sorts of spices, beverages, and juices are also available easily. You can find anything and everything in these supermarkets.


Entertainment options both for the tourists as well as for the citizens of Saskatoon are largely available. There are live theatre and nightclubs as well as movie complexes available largely. Different festivals and events throughout the year can never make you feel bored. There are some interesting annual and seasonal events to participate. There is much to indulge in during the weekends. Basketball tournaments, other sports, and music form the vital part of their event. You can visit the artwork galleries as well as the exhibitions throughout the year. You just need to keep an eye on their event calendar. Wrestling games are also organized during different times of the year. Various concerts and conferences besides the comedy shows and food fairs are there for the people to enjoy.

Travel and Transportation

Different travel and transportation modes are available at an affordable price. You can take the benefits of the public vehicles, but if you want to enjoy your own ride, you can hire rented cars and bikes. You can travel around the place through highways, flights or ferry services. Buses and railways transportation is also available here. The primary and secondary airports are well connected to this place. They follow strict rules of driving and have certain safety rules. There are 12 ferries that are operated by the government of Saskatchewan. Highways and bypass are also connected in a way so that you can easily get from one place to another. Maps related to travel and transportation facilities are available, and it can help you to select the right direction and to choose the best mode of travel.

Cost of living

Cost of living is not extremely high in this place. People can get educational and medical facilities within affordable range. There are both cheap and luxurious accommodation facilities available here, and hence the cost of living will mostly depend on where you are living and what sort of transport mode you are availing on a daily basis.

Job Opportunities

There are different job opportunities available in Saskatoon city. As this place is one of the popular tourist destinations, hence it generates various job opportunities in the field of hospitality management. Various government sector jobs and private jobs are also available in this place. Jobs in restaurants and pubs are in demand. Jobs regarding customer service representative are also there besides various types of financial and housing advisor jobs. Teaching jobs in the schools and universities of Saskatoon city can be found from different websites. Jobs in shops and grocery stores or departmental stores are available for suitable candidates. There are some employers hiring solution companies that can place suitable candidates in best positions.

Part time work

Part time work for women and students are also available. Right from nursing and taking care of older adults at the retirement homes to assisting the professors in various educational activities are best part time jobs available. Part time jobs in pubs and restaurants are also there for the students who want to work while studying. In various websites, you can find the suitable part time jobs like sales associate, part time cooks, and customer service representatives as well as early morning stocker.


Activities like kids camping and other sports for the adults are there within the activity list. Western Development Museum visit tops the priority list. You can enjoy visiting the zoo of Saskatoon city and the forestry farm park. Walks along the trails of Meewasin Valley should not be missed. You can also visit the University of Saskatchewan which is one of the popular universities in the country. Get to know more about the Wanuskewin Heritage Park within the available tours. It is a must to explore the Ukrainian Museum of Canada within the stipulated vacation.

There is also this place called the Mendel Art Gallery and Civic Conservatory which you can experience within your holidays. Other parks and golf courses are there, and you can enjoy them throughout the stay. Sightseeing tours are best to discover this whole place, and if you want to buy some kind of souvenir gifts for your dear ones, the gift and specialty shops can be of much help to you.

Indian Communities

Just like any other places in the world, Saskatoon also possesses some Indian communities. There is India – Canada Cultural Association which helps in promoting Indian culture within Saskatoon. This community helps to promote heritages and values of India within all the residents of Saskatoon. The membership to this community is free for everyone, and hence anyone can join the community who wants to know more about India and its cultural facets. This community organizes some cultural programs and different Indian festivals. You can find more about their upcoming events and festivals from their own website.


There are some of the finest pubs available in Saskatoon. The Rook & Raven Pub offers great ambience and awesome food. There are several beverages and beers to choose. Their burgers and other snacks are extremely delicious. The lunch menu is also top rated but within is available with a reasonable price. Then there is Burning Bread where you can find friendly staffs who will serve you to your heart’s content. The bacon appetiser of this place is excellent. The Yard & Flagon Pub is also something very interesting with its great value for food and nice interior atmosphere.