SAT Preparation Tips | SAT Study Guide and Reference Books

SAT Preparation Tips- The SAT is a globally renowned college admission test which analysis individual’s command over reading, writing and mathematics. The SAT score along with high school grade predicts the best college in the United States where you can pursue your dreams and enhance your skills.

The SAT along with other College Board tests is offered several times a year. The best way to get ready for the SAT is to study hard, read and write in and outside of the classroom and take challenging courses.

The first step towards grounding for SAT-2016 is getting acquainted with the new pattern and changes introduced. In fact, the redesigned SAT is more similar to the ACT, another  standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States.

SAT New Exam Pattern:

The new exam will be conducted for the first time in spring 2016. The major changes are instigated:

  • Emphasis on the use of evidence and reasoning to corroborate answers
  • A more focused math section
  • Return of the 1600-point score scale
  • An optional essay
  • No negative marking
  • Separated essay score from the writing score.
  • End of obscure vocabulary in questions

For all those aiming to fissure SAT, should be well known that to combat the perceived advantage of costly test preparation courses, the College Board has proclaimed a new partnership with Khan Academy to offer free online practice problems and instructional videos. Hence, the applicants may take up courses and study material from the same and pull up their socks for upcoming new SAT Test.

SAT Preparation Tips:-

Apart from that, here are a few SAT Preparation tips for exam jotted down to crack the examination:

  1. In addition to studying vocabulary words, practice doing advanced reading and test your ability to define tough words based on their context.
  2. Focus on the passage-based questions
  3. Practice ACT Science questions for the new SAT data reasoning questions
  4. To gain dominion over data reasoning questions, practice LSAT logical reasoning questions
  5. Read as much as you can- novels, newspapers like The New Yorker,The Economist, The New York Times, Wired, etc.
  6. The more confronting articles you read, the better you’ll become at defining new words in context, which will make you well prepared for the science and social science passages in particular.
  7. Adhere strictly to English Grammar rules and practice writing a lot. The more you write and read, the better you will get at spotting writing organization and style naturally.
  8. Studying for the AP test will help you prepare for the new SAT essay.
  9. Use past free response questions for practice
  10. Drill your weak spots in Math with targeted practice problems until they’re no longer liabilities.
  11. Practice with old SAT math questions. Using ACT math practice questions if trigonometry is your weaker fragment will eradicate your confusions with the subject.
  12. Use calculator during practice only for calculator approved section. Don’t rely on it for tasks you don’t actually need it for.
  13. Try taking free practice tests to keep a track on your preparation.

SAT Reference Books for Preparation:-

The stressful preparation of SAT can be made easier by referring to the following books which surely will increase your chance of getting admission in your dream college. The books also enclose DVDs and CDs which consist of mock test papers and tutorials, which help students, get over exam anxiety and practice well. The books illuminated below are easily available online as well as your nearest bookstore.

The illustrious and eminent books for preparation of SAT Test are:

  1. Official SAT Study Guide 2016 Edition.
  2. Kaplan SAT 2016-17 Premier with 8 Practice tests & DVD
  3. Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide-2016
  4. Boot Camp for Your Brain: A No-Nonsense Guide to the SAT
  5. Barron’s SAT
  6. Cracking the SAT Premium with 8 Practice Tests, 2016 Edition
  7. Tutor Ted’s Guide to the SAT
  8. McGraw-Hill’s SAT with DVD, 2016 edition
  9. Barron’s SAT 2400
  10. SAT for Dummies

Apart from the books and mock tests, the aspirants are free to join the online classes from Khan Academy. The SAT Subject Tests, used by many colleges, offer you an additional opportunity to boost your specializations and, thereby, increase the possibility of affirming your seat. Students can also give exams other than SAT like ACT and add another star to their profiles.

At last, incessant practice is the key to success. The aspirants should stay focused and study smartly keeping in mind the new pattern of the exam and the small key points enlisted above, which will play a big role in their success.