Scholarships for High School Students in India To Study Abroad

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Scholarships for High School Students- School scholarships are an excellent form of monetary help and social recognition for young students. These scholarships boost students’ confidence levels and help them build a brilliant CV when they apply for colleges or jobs. Various such scholarships for high school students are easily available in India. These scholarships are well reputed. Some of them are globally recognized and can help open doors for opportunities to study abroad.

Scholarships for High School Students

Scholarships for High School Students in India To Study Abroad:

Scholarships for high school students are funded by various organizations, government and private. These also include various schools, universities, banks and some mutually interested organizations. The scholarship amount for high school students in different scholarship programmes, vary from one another. However, the scholarship money for high school students is usually not as high as the scholarship amount offered to college students. But this is not the case for scholarships for high school students to study abroad.

Scholarships for High School Students

Here we will share with you a list of prominent scholarships for 10th class students in India.

  1. National Talent Search Examination – Of the many scholarship exams for high school students, the National Talent Search Examination is an important one. The purpose of the exam is to identify and nurture talent among young students. The examination is conducted twice a year i.e. at the State level and at the National level.
  2. Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS) – This program encourages students to make a science project and demonstrate it. The scholarship amount offered via this program is Rs. 5000. SEATS is conducted by the Department of Science and Technology every year.
  3. The Velammal Science Talent Search Exam – The objective of this scholarship exam is to identify students with potential to study and support them with cash rewards. This scholarship exam is conducted by The Velamma Educational Trust of Tamil Nadu.
  4. TATA Building India School English Essay Competition – This exam is one of India’s largest essay competitions. It is open to students from classes 6th to 12th. This initiative is an attempt to motivate young Indian students to participate in nation building.
  5. National Sports Scholarships – The purpose of these scholarships is sports development in the nation. It is extended to all talented and proved achievers in sports in school, college and university levels.
  6. MaRRS International Spelling Bee Contest – This is one of the largest and a highly reputed spelling contest for school students in Asia. The contest starts with a preliminary round at the inter-school level. Students who qualify this round move ahead till they finally compete at the international spelling contest held annually.
  7. Chacha Nehru Scholarship for Artistic and innovative Excellence – This scholarship is offered to students pursuing secondary and senior secondary studies. The idea behind this scheme is to instigate an interest among students in the art and theatre. And to introduce them to the rich and varied art traditions that exist in the country.

Scholarships for High School Students

These are just a few of the scholarship programs and scholarship exams for class 10th students, that can help them avail monetary support to explore their area of interest, and also to explore new opportunities. It is unfortunate that most of the scholarship schemes and scholarship exams for high school students are missed out due to lack of awareness.

We hope that this list will motivate you to set a strong and challenging journey ahead of yourself, as you avail wonderful opportunities of learning!