Study Abroad Options for Science Students after 12th Class

Studying abroad is a dream-come-true for many students. But it demands a lot before the fulfilling of a dream. Admission after clearing higher secondary Science examination is solely based on several standardized tests which include SAT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. It is very much essential to have a good financial support in the form of grants and scholarships to surviving in a foreign country.

Various Types of Tests

After you have successfully cleared higher secondary Science, you may appear for Scholastic Aptitude Test, The scores obtained from this test remain valid for three years. You may easily join IVY League schools in the US on the basis of core, grades in Indian school along with curricular activities.

While you are doing your Bachelor’s in any subject, it is very much important to get a good grade in order to boost your chances for studying abroad. You may appear for GRE, i.e., Graduate Record Examination for getting admitted to US-based and other English speaking countries graduate schools. You may also take your GAT for admission to management programs. Students who have not studied English as their first language need to take TOEFL.

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Eligibility to Pursue Higher Studies Abroad

You may also continue with your masters in India. But in case you are interested in research, then you may apply to universities abroad in order to fetch your Ph.D. degree. Many scholarships are available for students to pursue higher education in countries like the UK, US and other European and Asian countries.

Some eligibility to pursue higher studies abroad includes the following:[sociallocker]

  • Ability to adjust to the environment of a different country
  • Hard working and keeping up academic performance
  • Financial stability
  • Being independent as you need to do everything on your own ranging from laundry to studying and cooking[/sociallocker]

Pros and Cons of studying abroad include the following:

  • The career will get a good boost
  • You will have friends from variable cultures and backgrounds
  • High demand in industry after you return
  • High standard of living after you have finished your studies

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Application Requirements

The main requirements while applying for an undergraduate course after 12th science in India are as follows.

  • Academic records- you need a good academic record throughout your school to get admission to a good undergraduate course in any foreign University, preferably USA and UK.
  • Standardized test– tests like GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS, etc. are some of the tests where you need to perform well in order to get admission in any institute of high repute.
  • Letters of Recommendation– any teacher of your high school need to recommend you for pursuing your higher studies abroad.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)- a strong statement of purpose is required to have a higher chance of getting admission in any foreign university
  • Financial support– you need to have a strong financial support to sustain your higher education abroad. But don’t worry if you don’t have a good financial background. As there are a number of scholarships that will help you to sustain your higher studies.
  • Interviews (If applicable) – some colleges and universities follow the process of an interview for admitting students in their undergraduate school. Of course, you need to perform well in it to get a chance in any institute of your choice.

In case you have no scholarship, then studying abroad will be expensive. You will also get to know the world from close.