Study In UK Admission Cycle for Academic Year 2017-2018

Study in UK Admission Cycle 2016-2017: Studying in UK for either the undergraduate or the postgraduate degree gets easier if one follows a structured approach to the process of admissions there. One must take into account the fact that given the broad set of formalities one needs to complete the admissions procedure, keeping a long time frame in hand will help out to plug in any confusion that might arise in the way. Get here Study in UK Admission Cycle for January 2017, September 2017, January 2018, September 2018 Intakes.

Study in UK Admission Cycle

Admission cycle for study in the UK usually must commence at least a year before your actual course study starts. The majority of admissions in UK universities take place through universities and college admission services or the UCAS for which one is required to register on their site and fill out an application form for undergraduate studies. To this regard, a look at the two best and leading Universities in the UK can give a clear picture.

Study in UK Admission Cycle for the academic years 2017-1018:

Name of college Type Deadline of Application
The University of Warwick Under Graduate/ Post Graduate 15 January 2017 (Sept 2017 admission)/
31 July 2017
Imperial College London
Under Gradaute 15 January 2017 ( for all courses)
15 October 2016 for Medicine (October 2017 admission)
Post Graduate 15 January 2017 ( All courses)
15 October 2016 for only Medicine (October 2017 admission)
University of Cambridge
Under Graduate/ Post Graduate 15 October 2016
Post Graduate 7 December 2016(For students with funding priorities)
(Subject to change with respect to programme)
King’s College London Under Graduate/ Post Graduate January 2017 (Subject to change)/
University College London
Under Gradaute 15 Jan 2017 & 30 June 2017 (Sept 2017 admission)
Post Graduate NA
University of Edinburgh Under Graduate/ Post Graduate 6 September 2016/
One month prior to entry month.
University of Bristol Under Graduate/ Post Graduate September 2016
19 September 2016
Oxford University
Under Gradaute October 15 of every year
Post Graduate 18 November 2016 & 20 Jan 2017 (Sept 2017 admission)
The University of Manchester Under Graduate/ Post Graduate 15 October 2016 (2017 admission)/
Always open
London School of Economics
Under Gradaute 15 January 2017
(Sept 2017 admission)
Post Graduate Continuous admission- starts in October every year
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In general, for education in the UK, Admission cycle starts from September of the previous year to which a candidate is applying. This for the undergraduate courses. For Masters education in UK admission process begins between October to December (depending upon the University) the year before the actual course starts.

The Bottom Line: UK admission timeline and UK admission process are often interlinked given that the timeline is quite broad and spread out on a long term vision that makes communicating with authorities in Colleges and Universities easier and flexible in case of any confusion from the student’s side. The admission process in the UK requires opting of Standardised tests (IELTS), submission of personal statements, submitting writing samples and educational records or transcript.

Selection is based upon candidates profile and plenty of choices available for obtaining financial aid is available which is open during the process of UK admission cycle alongside the application procedure. It comes in various forms, either tuition assistance or on-campus work or prestigious Awards or country-specific scholarships.

Study abroad admission cycle can always be tricky and that is where UK offers a wide frame to apply and let potential candidates be adequately informed on what exactly to expect once they reach the UK to study.

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