Studying Masters in UK vs USA

Masters in UK or USA: There are thousands of Universities offering Masters Programs across The World. However, getting enrolled in a Master’s program in a reputed university has its own advantages. Though the United Kingdom and the United States are the hottest destinations for students who wants to get enrolled in master’s programs, a comparison must been done before deciding on studying masters in UK and Masters in USA.

Studying Masters in UK vs USA:

For overseas students, there are options available whether one talk about Study Masters abroad in USA or UK. There are different masters programs that are popular in different universities in both the countries. For example, Masters of Arts (MA), Masters of Science (MS), Masters of Business Administration and so on. The selection of a college or university in the UK or the USA must be taken based on an informed decision that must include factors like master’s programs, the ease of admission, costs, duration of the course, and quality of education, cost of living along with other factors.

The reputation of a college or university is the first thing that comes to our mind while selecting a college or university for Study Masters abroad in UK or USA. The United States is the most preferred destination for getting a master’s degree followed by the United Kingdom. The Universities in the United States and the United Kingdom dominate the list of top Universities across globe. In the top ten universities list, 7 are in the United States while the rest 3 are in the United Kingdom.

The Universities in the UK is known for their heritage while universities in the US are known for the inventions in the modern world. For overseas students from different parts of the world, the admission processes has been laid out very clearly. For some, it might be easier to get enrolled in University in the USA and while for others it may be the case in the UK. However, all the overseas aspirants whose first language is not English need to clear English proficiency test. Majority of the Universities in the UK accepts IELTS score while in the USA the Universities accepts TOEFL.

Also, based on the Universities and programs being opted aspirants may have to take GATE or GRE exam to apply for admission in a master’s program. Post the successful application, the universities in the UK and in the USA conducts screening of the applications, and thereafter the selection process starts. The overseas students also have to ensure there have necessary legal and travel documents with them like passport and VISA.

The cost of living and education in the USA and the UK needs to be compared and analyzed before reaching a decision. There are financial and banking institution that can extend loans based on the reputation of the universities and program. Scholarships are also available to the students and those with financial constraints can apply for scholarships as well.

However, it is advisable to study the future prospects of the master’s program one is planning to opt invariably with his/her career goals and opportunities available on the completion of the master’s degree.

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