Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to USA

Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to USA- USA is the most desired destination for people to study in, work in, find permanent residence in or to simply tour around. Not only is USA the fastest growing economy in the world, it is the land of dreams, opportunities and adventures. However there are many things which need to be kept in mind when moving to USA.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to USA

It’s not just when you move to USA but to any foreign country. The idea of moving to a new place can be overwhelming. There are many things that need to be planned and taken care of in the home country and in the destined country. So if one starts panicking, it will spoil the fun and excitement of moving to a new place. Therefore, it is important to stay calm and relaxed. For that to happen, it is advisable to keep a things-to-do list. A little research, about the destination, goes a long way. Going to a new country is a great experience, especially if you are planning to go for higher education. A little knowledge regarding various cultural aspects, the common language, regular food and transportation, about the place that you are planning to move to, makes the shift smoother.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to USA:

There are various reasons for one to move to a foreign land varying from higher studies to work and health. So according to one’s reason to move abroad, one should prepare a check list of things that one needs to be sure of before moving out. When one plans to move to USA, there are certain things that they should keep in mind. The following are some of the most important things that should be checked when moving to USA:

  1. Immigration – Know that the immigration rules for USA have become more difficult than before. One should research thoroughly regarding the documents required for immigration. It is beneficial to use a US immigration lawyer.
  2. Housing – The larger the cities, the more expensive they are. If you are going via scholarship or sponsorship then there is nothing to worry about. If you are going as a student, then you can apply for on-campus residence in your university. However, if you are going on your own, then it would be better if you checked the rents and living expenses of the city that you wish to go to.
  3. Financial support – Whatever purpose you are going for, make sure you have enough financial support to start your living. It is wise to open a bank account as soon as you are at your destination so that transfer of funds from your home country account to your US account can stay uninterrupted.
  4. Social Service Number (SSN) – Almost all the official work in USA will get done only through your SSN. Your SSN will be your lifeline in USA. Make sure you apply for it and start the process as soon as possible.
  5. Climate – Prepare yourself for a very different experience with the weather and climate in USA. Different parts of the States are affected by different weather conditions. Deep South experiences hot temperatures with little rain, while north sees four distinct seasons.
  6. Health insurance – In general USA is an expensive country. Medical facilities are quite expensive. So it is best to get a medical insurance as soon as you have settled down. Although the health insurances too are not very easily affordable, but they make it better than paying directly from the pockets.
  7. Own a car The cities in USA are wide and broad. Most people have their own means to transportation. Although the public transport is well organized and easily available, it is better to have a car of your own, unless you are on a short trip.
  8. Know your neighbourhood – If you know where you are headed, it is better to know facts about your residential area and the people that live around you. This will help you make friends more easily. Know about the grocery shops, ATMs, local police, information centers, gyms, hospitals etc that are located in and on your neighbourhood.
Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to USA

If one takes care of these few things before moving to USA, the trip and stay will become safer. You will feel more comfortable and secure about moving to a completely new country.