The Awe-Inspiring And Fun Filled City Of Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a city which is located in the district of the same name in Ontario, Canada. It is a well-populated and thriving city that can be an ideal stay for both students as well as families & individuals.

As the name suggests, this is the ‘city of thunder’, also sometimes referred to as the ‘Canadian lake-head’ or ‘lake-head’ because of its position at the helm of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Canada. It is argued to be one of the largest lakes of the planet. The Europeans began settling in this region in the latter part of the 17th century, with the French development of a fur trading colony. The foundation of the city’s economy depended on the manufacturing and forestry industries, even though a steady decline in both has been recorded in recent years. In the present times, the economy of this city flourishes on education and medical research. The magnanimous Thunder Bay at the end of the Great Lakes navigation gives the city its awe-inspiring name.

Know more about Thunder Bay City:

Spanning an area of almost 330 square kilometres, the amalgamated city of Thunder Bay spawns over the earlier cities of Port Arthur and Fort William, as well as the older towns of McIntyre and Neebing. The arrangement patterns and sprawls of the 19th century are reflected in the city.

Flaunting the most number of regional and provincial departments represented, Thunder Bay is today the regional centre for services for the whole of North-western Ontario. The local professionals and businessmen have lobbied to establish the Lakehead University, which has turned out to become an esteemed asset. Yet another institution established in this region is the Confederation College, for higher level education. The driving forces behind the establishment of such prestigious institutions are the same professionals and businessmen who thrived for the political union of the cities of Port Arthur and Fort William in the year 1970.

The Lake Superior influences the city’s climate, giving it a humid and continental weather. Especially on the north end of the city, specific effects and changes in climate are experienced due to the presence of this vast lake. Thus, the city has cool summer temperatures and comparatively warm winter temperatures that can extend as far as 16 km inland.

Accommodation And Housing

In case you are looking to live here for a while, it will do you good to know that there are a good number of organizations around this location where students are aided in finding accommodation or housing of sorts for themselves if they are not willing to live in college dormitories with a number of other people.

Although a lot of students go in for the option of on-campus accommodation, more and more people are now getting encouraged to take this housings up as the landlords with the most elaborate and well maintained property are signing up with these organisations so that it becomes easier for the students to find them and for the landlords to find the borders without having to pay exuberant amounts of money as commission. In addition to that, these organizations also do not indulge in any kind of rental investigations before fixing up the deal between the landlord and the tenants which makes the process much simpler.

Food And Grocery Shopping

Thunder Bay city has an assortment of supermarkets that are easily accessible for students living in the area. In addition to that, you should also know that these supermarkets make the option of shopping for people from different age groups with special perks for seniors, much simpler by having separate food and grocery categories for tidy demarcation.

These supermarkets make work simpler for you by offering the options of same day delivery, calling and finding out current day delivery pricing, and the details of their delivery charges for different products. In addition these food marts present around the area also give you the option of delivering meals to you at any time of the day if you do not have the time to cook your own meals.


Thunder Bay city is so densely populated for various reasons, one of which is the fact that the place has a heart of its own and will make certain that young person like yourself never has a dull moment and can always think of a place to go to and make merry. Thunder Bay has a good number of hyperactive event organizing companies who are forever hosting music and dance nights, festivals of music and art and also jazz night.

In addition to all of this, Thunder Bay is also much sought after by the student crowd because it has various days in a week devoted to ladies’ nights, jamming days, Irish sessions and various other such entertaining events that make sure that students around the place always have suitable ways for their much needed recreation.

Travel and transportation

Having a prime and accessible location along the chief continental transportation routes, Thunder Bay entertains rail, air and shipping traffic. While the local municipality-owned Thunder Bay Transit offers 17 routes across the urbanised area of the city, coach services like Greyhound Canada and Kasper Mini-Bus provide transportation to and from both regional as well as national destinations. The city also boasts of having the fourth-busiest airport by aircraft movements in all of Ontario, the Thunder Bay International Airport.

A four-lane expressway also serves the city under the designation of Thunder Bay Expressway, and it is the main highway that runs through the city. The city is also a very important and major railway centre, being served by both the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway.Alongside, Thunder Bay city has always been a port, since the time that the North West Company existed, maintaining a schooner on the Lake Superior. The city’s port is the largest outbound port on the St. Lawrence Seaway System, and is also the sixth-largest in Canada. Keefer Terminal, built on a vast expanse on Lake Superior, is also managed by the Thunder Bay Port Authority.

Cost Of Living

Thunder Bay city is one of the most popular cities in Canada with a lot of reasons for people to actually consider living there. Therefore, cost of living in this place can culminate into slightly higher prices but careful planning and management of your funds will help you live inexpensively in this city.

It is most commonly observed in Thunder Bay that cost of living here is about almost at par with Toronto with the former having a lower purchasing power percentage and rent price percentage than Toronto. However, Thunder Bay races ahead in terms of cost of living in whatever concerns the sectors of restaurant services, transportation, clothing, sports and leisure and childcare.

Job opportunities

If you are a student looking to spend a fortune on getting an education from one of the leading institutions in Thunder Bay and hope to get a job that can sustain you immediately afterwards in a city like Thunder Bay, it will do you good to know that the place has no dearth of jobs owing to its huge population and cropping up of new public interests and entertainment sectors all around the city.

Thunder Bay city is well known for its flourishing food marts, pharmaceuticals companies, consultancies and a large number of finance groups constantly striving to provide smart monetary solutions to investors. These are the industries where jobs are available in hundreds owing to the huge requirement of such officials and the growing market need for such kind of pharmaceutical, financial or food-related ventures.

Part Time Work

In case you are the kind of person who never likes to depend on someone else’ money for any of your needs, chances are you will try to look for part time jobs and their availability before moving to Thunder Bay. There are a good number of companies offering data entry and other simple and easy to learn part time jobs to students without any registration fee.

It is advisable that you look up the internet and find out details of such companies and the job description they have spoken about. It is much easier to do so these days because all such companies have fully operational websites with active helpline numbers for any of your queries.


In case you are not really into clubbing and partying, it will do you good to know that Thunder Bay is the kind of city that works as a hinterland for travelling to various interesting places rich with artistic and historical significance. There are places such as the Fort William Historical Park, Hillcrest Park and museums such as the Thunder Bay Military Museum, Terry Fox Monument, Founder’s Museum and Pioneer Village and the famous Thunder Bay Museum.

Indian Communities

If you are particularly afraid of feeling homesick and not being able to make new friends in a new city, far away from your homeland, you need not worry for there is quite a large number of Indian populations living in the city of Thunder Bay and they are always welcoming towards new Indians who relocate there. It is extremely easier for students to find Indian communities in the city by contacting various community support centers that operate around the area and can aid you in getting touch with people from your country.


Since Thunder Bay in the recent times have become a much favorable city for students to come and live in, needless to say that it has needed updating of the quality of night life that such young students crave for when they have overworked themselves with their studies and work throughout the week. Thunder Bay is home to some of the premier pubs that boast of architectural excellence and infectious ambience that can prompt people to dance and drink the night away without any kind of safety worries as each one of these pubs maintains high standards of security too.