Tips for students moving to US college

Most of the students prefer studying abroad as it provides you with a rush of opportunities and challenges. The US is a culturally varied country with top-notch higher education opportunities. If you have really made up your mind to study abroad then there are several things you need to keep in mind.
Shifting to a new nation can be a culture shock, it often becomes difficult to adjust to their culture and customs. Well, now Darwinism comes in the act, you need to learn to adapt which is the easiest way to survive. No matter how hospitable they are, you should harbor the skill of adaptability.

Taking part in the curriculum activities.
Interaction is the best form to grow your social circle. Extracurricular activities are a huge part of American school culture, especially in universities. Since American universities typically work to serve a wide variety of needs, you’re likely to find a club for just about any activity you can imagine. Getting involved in such activities will help gain genuine immersion in American culture.

Be regular
Being an active participant helps build a positive profile in universities. Keep up with assignments, and your study material because hard work is what’s going to lead you to the doors of success.
No matter which nation you are, hard work is being appreciated everywhere.
So get ready to burn some midnight oil and your hard work can provide you a leverage

Isn’t it the hardest part, adapting to their food culture. Well, all the aspirants should gear up for this. America is known for its processed fat diet. Well, we know for sure that they are the progenitors of fast food as they don’t have much time in their hectic schedules to prepare a healthy diet. So they prefer munching on burgers than wasting their time in cooking. Pizza, hamburgers, and Buffalo wings are only a few of the delicious dishes every international student should experience.
It would be hard for your system to get accustomed to that in that case you could seek out groceries that provide whole grain food.

Well, it may not be a custom in our country but in the US not giving tip is considered rude.
15% is considered the minimum, but tipping 20% is customary for quality service.

Well, the US universities like ivy leagues are considered the most expensive universities. If you want to study there without actually burning a hole in your pocket then you should really work hard to fish a scholarship as it will help with your financial management.
Some scholarships are merit-based, which typically means that they are annual, competitive scholarships based on high achievement and extracurricular involvement.

Other scholarships are need-based and applied when an applicant meets certain financial criteria. The university or organization granting a need-based scholarship will likely ask for a summary of your financial status and award money based on your ability to pay for your education.

Work as part-time
Working as part-time may help with your personal expenses throughout the year. campus jobs available to international students include positions in the school cafeteria, bookstore, library, or gymnasium. Though it is unlikely that you will be able to earn enough money to pay for the bulk of your expenses, you should be able to generate money to cover books, clothing, and personal expenses
Choose your subjects wisely
It’s really important as it will help build your carrier. So you need to be specific about what you are choosing or aim to study.
As plagiarism is not the welcomed aspect there so you need to choose something in which you can definitely achieve something