Top 10 Beautiful and Must Visit Universities in the World

Beautiful and Must Visit Universities in the World- While going through that important phase of choosing a college, we all have that little voice in our heads saying, “I wish my college looks beautiful. It should be green and elegant.” Let’s not underestimate the power of beauty. Let’s actually consider it while selecting a college because we might not realize it but it does somewhere affect our personalities. Besides, there are several universities which satisfy all the criteria, including the academic credentials.

Top 10 Beautiful and Must Visit Universities in the World:-

Here’s a list of top 10 most beautiful and must visit universities of the world which one must consider before selecting a college.

  1. University of Colorado-Boulder

Apart from being the best college campus in abroad, this University is known to have one of the most astounding campus buildings in the entire country. Located in a valley, surrounded by hills, the chilling winds in the campus give you goosebumps. The college follows a Neo- Gothic theme and is adorned with red tiles.

  1. Moscow Sate Building, Russia

The Empire State- like building stands distinguished in Moscow State. The remarkable features of this beautiful white estate-like building reflect smartly in a pool right there in front of it. Though not very old, this university is a treat to the eyes and adds more beauty to Moscow. It is indubitably amongst the best college campuses in abroad.

  1. University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Situated in between the much scenic Rocky Mountains, filled with trees, the University of Denver is rated one of the most picturesque campuses all around the world. The campus looks beautiful in almost all seasons, fall being the best. The redness of the trees and vibrant at fall, makes this college look like a stunning ball of fire.

  1. Yale University- New Haven, Connecticut

The campus of Yale University is known to have one of the largest areas in the college campuses abroad. With a whopping 837-acre campus, Yale University has secured its place in the “Big Three” American schools in the US. Undoubtedly, this huge college is amongst the prestigious colleges all around the world. Apart from academics, the crowd of the college is commendable and the overall environment of the college only tends to improve your personality.

  1. SSN College of Engineering, Chennai

Even though the campus is not situated near a beach or in a hilly region, the premises are filled with breathtaking lush greenery that has given the institute popular recognition as an “oasis in a desert”. It is known to have the world’s best college campus and add to the beauty of India.

  1. University of Otago, New Zealand

This university’s beauty is a perfect example of camouflage, with the whole architecture not only perfectly matching but also complementing its picturesque natural environment. The structure is an amazing blend of the old and new ages, adorned with greenery and the Leith River running through the middle of the campus.

  1. University of Alabama, US
    One of the top college campuses abroad is that of the University of Alabama. It covers an unbelievably huge area of 1800 acres. Yes, you read that right! The extremely well furnished Greek revival buildings give it an attractive look and make it a successful tourist spot. Owing to the large area, the campus has several cultural centers, museums and auditoriums. This college is a good show off!
  1. The University of Sydney, Australia

The earliest established university in Australia is the University of Sydney. It is the best university in abroad and covers the area of two suburbs. Being one of the top colleges in abroad, this university is a combination of modern, Neogothic and old era architecture. The beauty of this college in inexplicable.

  1. Princeton University, US

No introduction required. This university has, undoubtedly, the world’sbest college campus and is as old as it can be. The famous Princeton University Chapel is rated the most visited chapel in the entire world. Beautifully adorned with gray stone, this campus is a treat to the eyes and, in a way, relaxes you, relieving your brain of stresses.

  1. University of Virginia- Charlottesville, Virginia

With an unprecedented look of the building, this University is amongst the top college campuses in abroad. In words, its look can be described as that of a presidential house. It covers an incredible area of 1682 acres and has a stunning Roman design. The American Institutes of Architects named it “the proudest achievement of American architecture”, which it indeed is.

We hope that tour was helpful to you and that this would guide you to select an appropriate college for further studies in abroad.