Top 50 Universities of USA

Universities are ranked on the basis of certain indicators like, Student Satisfaction, Academic Quality, and economic value of the University along with the ambience that the city provides in which the University is located. Each year the rankings of the University differ based on the performance in each year. So choosing the best University is a very crucial job before applying.

Top 50 Universities of USA:

Here is a list of the Top 50 Universities of USA given from which you can choose any one of your choices.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This University has made to the top for the consecutive four years. Besides providing an excellent platform for the students to carry on their research works, this University also provides grants and scholarships that cover the entire amount of the tuition fees. Being located in a very posh locality near Boston, the cost of living in this city is very high.

Stanford University

This University produces the most tech-savvy alumni every year that makes America one of the most advanced nations of the world. The best courses that these University offers are Mathematics and Computer Science. It also offer courses on Humanities and waive the tuition fees for brilliant students who cannot afford to pay the high tuition fees of the University.

California Institute of technology

California Institute of Technology most commonly known as CALTECH is also one of the top ranked Universities of the US. It was founded in the year 1891 and was then named as the Throop University. Since then it is thriving as one of the best Universities for research and technology. There are 30 courses that are offered in the Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels including Molecular Biology, Astrophysics, Aerospace, Geochemistry and Earthquake Engineering to name a few.

University Of Pennsylvania

The famous scientist and diplomat Benjamin Franklin were the founder of this University. Humanities are the major course program offered in this University. The University takes pride in a number of dignified Alumni who are heading major companies in the US.

Yale University

This University comes under the top 50 Universities inUSAin terms of ranking. This University ranks third in the history of higher studies in the United States. This University was named after Elihu Yale, the governor of the East India Company. This University takes pride of some of the distinguished alumni of the nation like James Franco, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton to name a few.

Among all these top Universities it is really confusing to choose the most convenient one. Consider factors like the courses that you want to pursue the city in which the colleges are located etc.

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