Top 7 Reasons Why Cambridge is better than Oxford

How Cambridge is better than oxford- This old fight among the two universities is still going on, though the intensity has reduced because of many other colleges coming up. But, this topic has heated discussion among students, teachers, alumni and all others. Some people find Oxford is Better than Cambridge but many others don’t.

How Cambridge is Better than Oxford University:

Here we are mentioning the reasons why Cambridge is better than Oxford university.

World Rankings

When it comes to Oxford vs Cambridge it is seen that the ranking of Cambridge worldwide is better than Oxford. There may be minor differences which keeps changing every year but mostly Cambridge University leads the charts in terms of employers, students, and academics.

Better Commuting

It is a topic of argument as to Which University Is Better? Both the institutes have equal facilities and infrastructure and there is no convenience of transport. One is more of a city and the other is more of a town. One is more beautiful than the other. But, then commuting to Cambridge every day locally is more convenient than that to Oxford.


Whether you apply in Oxford or Cambridge you will get plenty of options of subjects to choose from. Both are good in their ways of subject selections and combining them with each other, One prefers by the study to apply in Cambridge because the comprehensive rankings are better. And no student is allowed to apply both to Oxford and Cambridge.

Fees to be paid and the Living Cost

Why Study at Oxford University when it is cheaper with Cambridge. Especially for foreign students Cambridge works out to be less costly and the fees structure is also a little lenient. Oxford being a lively city has its own cost affairs and Cambridge is located in midst of beautiful scenic beauty where the cost of living is reasonable and not hiked much.

Getting assessed

Students of both the university are judged and assessed on their performances throughout the duration of the course. The final results and degree depend upon the examinations passed and improvement shown. But Oxford gives more weightage to the final exam for the degree certificate whereas Cambridge believes in giving importance to all the exams equal weightage and to decide on students’ performance accordingly.

Getting Selected

To be a part of Cambridge University is a tougher thing than that of Oxford University. They are stricter in their formalities, entrance exam scoring, and scholarships. The students of Cambridge have to feel proud because they made it with all the hard work. Oxford is better than Cambridge is thus a wrong statement made by many.


Both the Universities have a varied number of extra-curricular activities for their students to get trained in and compete with each other. It is seen over the years that Cambridge ends up scoring better in most of the competitions in sports. Their training is considered more extensive.

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