Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia- MBA Universities to Study Abroad

Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia- Ranking has been of great importance whenever someone looks for studying anywhere else. Australian Universities has become the most popular destination for MBA Education. Australia is ahead of Singapore, India and China in Asia Pacific region. And it ranks fourth in the world for its Business Education. So here is the list of Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia. Check the list to have an idea about which college you want to join for your higher educations in Australia.

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Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia:-

The list of Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia has been prepared on the basis of votes the university got from the Deans. These Business Schools have their own pros and cons. Some universities have Strong global influences, some have strong regional influences. Let’s start with the list of Top Ranking Business Schools in Australia

1. The University of Melbourne- Melbourne Business School:

The University has retained its Number One Position in Business Schools. Melbourne University is the first university to award MBA degree in 1965. This year as well it has been ranked first and bagged the top score in its academic segment.

2. The University of Sydney- Sydney Business School

Sydney Business School offers its MBA as well as several specialized master’s degrees. The SBS is one of the top 10 universities to be a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Which is an initiative of the UN Global Compact that lays out six guiding principles for responsible management education.

3. Monash Business School: Monash University

Monash Business School has bagged 3rd position in the top 10 list of best business school in Australia. Only two business schools in Australia currently hold AMBA accreditation out of which one is Monash Business School.

The Monash Business program has that education structure in which there is an option for the students to combine study with working. The course gets completed in the period of 2 years.

4. Australia Business School- University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales

Australia Business School has been awarded 4th position as per the Dean recommendation’s 2015. University despite dropping one place to ninth, the school remains Australia’s fourth and final member of Asia-Pacific’s top 10 in this year’s Dean recommendation ranking.

5. Queensland University of Technology- QUT Business School

QUT Business School

The Queensland University of Technology holds 5th Rank in our list. It has been ahead of many business schools in Australia. Being a University of Technology it’steps Business school has been successfully provided the best education to the National, International students.

6. Macquarie University – Macquarie Graduate School of Management

MGSM Business School

MGSM has fallen from 3rd position to 6th position in the ranking list. It has been ranked 28th in the world which has been prepared by the economists. MGSM has become one of the top business school with significant international influences. Recently MGSM has launched scholarship worth US$7 Million, aimed at female enrollment and reducing the Australia’s gender imbalance.

7. Australian National University- ANU Business School

ANU Business School

The ANU school has a strong tilt towards research. It has four research schools offering insights into six distinct fields of specialization, from actuarial studies to statistics. Recently they added the Business School into the University and since then it has been rising high. This year it grabbed 7th Position, moving up from 11th rank last year.

8. The University of Western Australia – UWA Business School

University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia Business School is also the sixth representative to be based at a member of the country’s highly regarded university coalition known as the Group of Eight (Go8). The University is situated in the capital city of Perth. It has emerged from the university’s School of Economics and Commerce and its Graduate School of Management in 2007.

9. Curtin University – Curtin Business School

Curtin University

Curtin University has many courses that will give you a boost in your career. If you are looking for a career in Business or a course in Business school. Curtin Business School can be one of your choices. It hold 9th Rank in top 10 list of our ranking.

10. The University of Melbourne- Graduate School of Business and Economics

Graduate School of Business and Economics

The last University on our list is the University of Melbourne again. It holds the first and last position. The First position is for its Business School which offers wide courses. But it holds the 10th position for its Graduate School of Buisness and Economics. Which means if you enter this university, anyways you are in the Top University

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