Enroute to the Forever Mesmerizing Townsville, Queensland

About Townsville City- Encompassing five major centres in it, Townsville is a beautiful strategically located thriving centre of Northern Queensland. Considered to be its second capital, the town has enormous opportunities for business and investment. The five dynamic regions that add to its geographical prosperity making, what is called as the Townsville North Queensland are:

  • Burdekin
  • Charters Towers
  • Hinchinbrook
  • Palm Island
  • Townsville

Know More about the City Townsville, Queensland:

The town inception could be dated back in the middle of 19th century, where it was discovered as a port in the northern part of Queensland. Later on, gold findings in nearby Ravenswood followed by Charters Tower, the town gradually went to become one principle centre for growth turning into the capital of Northern Queensland.

Townsville is a beautiful town that offers diverse experiences to its citizens. From the most amazing Great Barrier Reef to dense tropical rainforest tourist attractions are endless. Also showing ethnicity in culture and population, people here are warm and approachable. Tourists visiting this region of Northern Queensland are sure to get spellbound lost in the spectacular aura it offers

Accommodation and Housing

There are enormous options for accommodation and lodging in Townsville which are either operated privately or by broker services. Townsville Rentals is one such agency that deals in providing customers in the budget, favorable and the luxurious apartments within the posh areas of the town and nearby. The property range is quite diverse including three, two and duplex apartments well equipped with all modern amenities.

For bachelors, singles, as well as working individuals, areas such as Palmer Street, Gregory Street and the Strand, are ideal for living as all major companies reside here. In addition, there are many budget guesthouses and property options making your stay at Townsville hassle free and peaceful.

Employment and Job Opportunities

Agriculture, industry, telecommunications, retail, and e-commerce are the major economic prospects flourishing in Townsville. Job opportunities are immense for local citizens as well as the immigrants. Further, the presence of port makes it a center for mineral export and agricultural import providing employment in bulk. The Australian defense Force is another component of the economy that contributes largely to the gross domestic sales.

Also recognized as centre for tropical education and research and sciences, Townsville is home to many prestigious universities which are a perfect amalgamation of world class facilities, state to art campuses, excellent placement record, and international recognized collaborations.

The Central University of Queensland is another milestone that has known to produce some world-known scholars and prodigies. Right from well-furnished classrooms, exquisite research and lab facilities to vibrant educational prospects, and the university is a dream comes true for many aspiring individuals looking forward to achieving higher education.

Cost of Living

Townville is a thriving centre that has enormous potential for growth in northern Queensland. Ample of land availability, opportunities for leisure, education, abundant of water resources and amazing technological communication make it a wonderful place to live in.

The cost of living is moderately high than other parts of Queensland and this is due to the comfortable lifestyle that comes in surrounded with amazing scenic beauty-islands, rainforest, oceans, parks, extensive healthcare, high-quality education, retail and longing making it be a dynamic zone.

Coming to the demographics, Townsville is known to possess a typical Savanna climate dominant throughout the year. Its geographic location is such that it receives moderate rainfall. Winter months are chilly yet bearable influenced by the trade winds from the southeast. Warm nights, cools summers, blue skies, and magnificent beaches are surely a treat for those living in Townsville.


With cultural diversity and city like vibrancy, Townsville offers amazing avenues for entertainment and is very rich in terms of its exciting places of tourist attraction. Magnetic Island that mark the Townsville coast form an indispensable part of this scenic heritage that offers simply the best views out in the serene island.

In addition to offering scenic beauty, there are many options for the natives as well as visitors to try out something new and exciting at the Magnetic Island. Be it the adventure water sports. You could fish, dive or snorkel in your riding. Further, the island inhabitants about 2000 koalas and unique variety of marine and bird life letting tourists explore the beauty of nature away from the city’s hustle-bustle.


With a predominantly tropical climate, beach sports are varied and can be actively practiced throughout the year in Townsville. Swimming, in particular, is popular both among the young as well as the adults. Boating, however, is highly regulated by the government both in terms of operation and availability. The entire beach is restricted to being no boating zone which is quite a disappointment.


There is a wide range of sports activities too that can be practiced at Townsville. From cricket, skateboarding to football, options are never ending. The state council for sports and recreation conducts workshops from time to time to provide training to players, coaches, staff, officials that can help to improve the performance as well as overall quality of sports.

The different types of events that take place under the supervision of the Sports council include Active Expo, 30 days campaigns, cricket series, riding races, movie nights etc., to promote fun, recreation and community-based activities.

Moreover, there is a club blog that runs on the digital platform and regularly updates information on awareness and ideas in assisting clubs. Though the blog is still in the development phase, yet it is a commendable step to channelize sports and recreational activities in Townsville.


Health facilities in the town of Townsville are quite diverse and of high quality. The central hospital forms the hub of healthcare services with a 580-bed capacity. The hospital runs in collaboration with James Cook University with all modern amenities and extends its services to Townsville as well as around region of Papua Guinea and Sarina. This hospital is also a major maternity center.

As per the recent developments, the hospital is expected to go renovation aiming at increasing its bed capacity and improving its emergency services. In addition to this major hospital, there are four other health centres that form the hub of Northern Queensland which are:

  • North Ward Health Campus
  • Kirwan Health Campus
  • Magnetic Island Health Service
  • Townsville Hospital Dentist

Transportation and Travel

Townsville has a well-defined network of public transport system known as the Sun buns. This is a regular service that covers mostly the entire city and also extends during the mega football league. On the other hand, ferry services and vehicular transport are also available operating within Magnetic and Palm islands.

In addition to the cab services, Tilt train network is also well channelized and covers the entire North Queensland. Though it is not an independent suburb network yet encompasses all the major areas of Townsville in its route. Bus Service is available that is hired on the private basis and is run and operated by Sun buns itself. Taxis services in Townsville can be availed online

Food and Grocery Shopping

Townsville is quite rich in terms of its vibrant markets that are bursting with energy and color throughout the year. The fervour is remarkably high during the festivities and with the onset of New Year.

Cotter’s market is one such place where you will find more than 100 stalls displaying an amazing collection of handicrafts, arts, and products. Unlike being a street market, it is held on the weekends at the multiplex. The passes are available beforehand for entry, while site bookings for stall are also done online prior to the actual event.

For shoppers who are looking for some amazing insight into fun, food, and fashion, Strand Night Markets of Atlanta are a perfect destination. There is another weekend market called as Willows market that sells out possibly every item of your need at a cheaper price. This is a perfect place for the affordable buyers who want to ditch the branded showrooms and multiplexes.


Being one cosmopolitan city with amazing prospects, nightlife in Townsville could be quite exciting with its DJ clubs, lounges and party halls operational all-round the year. Moreover, a monthly art and cultural festivals in the town add to the fervour and festivity in surroundings.

Music Chamber Festival is one highly anticipated event that takes place in Townsville that has been on the run since 1991.Every year it has world known musicians coming and performing at the concert. Moreover, Townsville also has its very own Barrier reef Orchestra that conducts programs throughout the year. Sports, theater, trading fairs are routinely held at the mega entertainment centre that can accommodate about 5,000 people in its airy and comfortable halls.

Moreover, there are many events which are conducted to glorify the rich heritage of Queensland and to promote patriotism and fraternity among citizens. Italian concerts and Greek festival are two major events highly popular among the local folks. Stable on the Strand is a festive gathering done on the eve of Christmas that manages to collect tourist as well as locals alike every year.