Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad | Best Career Options After Class 12 and Graduation

Are you confused about what to do after Engineering, or what to study after Class 12? You are not alone. Lot of students face confusion about choosing subjects and/or career options after Class 12 and Bachelor studies. Even more confusions arise when it comes to choosing the right course for study abroad. This article will give you a snapshot about the Most Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad.

When it comes to choosing the best career path, you should think about your interests, and then the career opportunities and job prospects. It would be silly and unfair to go after Engineering or Medicine just because your classmate or cousin is doing the same thing. It is also dangerous to pursue a subject or career path just because it is in trend, or pay high salaries. You should prioritize your interests first, and then think about the employment opportunities and salary. If you do not enjoy Physics and Mathematics, then there is no point about pursuing Electrical-Electronics Engineering. That will lead to more pain – personally and professionally. You can always find a course that can match your interests and skills, along with bright career prospects.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad

Data Science & Analytics (Big Data)

Big Data (data science and analytics) job has been declared as the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. Glassdoor ranked big data job as the Best Job of 2016. Recently Times of India reported that Data Scientists earn more than CAs and Engineers. Udacity also listed Data Scientist Job among the Top 3 Hottest Jobs in 2016. As you can see there has been tremendous buzz around Big Data and Big Data Analytics jobs worldwide.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics

As a Data Scientist (or Data Analyst), you will be dealing with data acquisition, business intelligence, data analytics and data visualization. You are supposed to work on mathematics, statistics, programming, database (warehouse) management, data mining and data management. You need to have strong quantitative and analytical skills. You must be proficient in handling software for optimizing operations. You should also possess excellent managerial skills, creative flair and sound business acumen. Your role will be very critical for the business decisions and overall growth hacking.

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Earth Sciences & Renewable Energy

Energy is essential for economic growth, and has got huge role to play on environment. The energy industry is considered as highly capital intensive along with huge impact on employment.

Jobs in renewable energy have been trending as well. Renewable energy technologies are clean and sustainable sources of energy, and have much lower impact on the environment in comparison to conventional energy technologies (e.g. fossil fuels). Typical examples of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity (water power). These sources are sustainable as they will not get exhausted like fossil fuels (e.g. oil, gas, petroleum, coal etc.).

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
MSc in Renewable Energy

Use of renewable (green) energy helps to reduce the carbon footprint (level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere). As a result, it is beneficial for global climate and helps against issues like global warming. Uses of renewable energy also help to reduce our dependency on gas and oil reserves, which are getting more and more expensive. At present, the global spending on fossil fuels is around USD $500 billion per year, and almost $6 trillion per year on dirty energy infrastructure (International Energy Agency). So, there is a serious need for cost cutting on energy, in fact clean energy.

In 2015, more than 8.1 million people got employed in the renewable energy worldwide. As per Business Standard, India ranks 5th in the world for job creation in the field of renewable energy. This is field of continuous innovation, and very exciting. Recently there has been news of turning the food waste into renewable energy. The whole world is fighting against the climate change; hence there will be an increasing demand for renewable energy professionals. India could take the lead as well, as reported by the Huffington Post. Between 2009 and 2010, the global investment on renewable energy increased by 30%, reaching USD $243 billion. In 2015, global investment reached USD $268, with solar energy and wind energy accounting for 56% and 38% of the total respectively (International Renewable Energy Agency aka IRENA). According to forecasts, the global investment will reach USD $1.3 trillion per year in 2030. So, you can imagine about the job prospects and the salary levels. Hence, Renewable Energy Jobs will definitely be one of the hottest in coming days.

Students from Earth Sciences background and related fields (Oil & Petroleum Engineering, MiningGeology, Geo-informatics) are also in good demand because of the same reasons. In the US, the job growth for Petroleum Engineers, Mining and Geological Engineers has been 30% and 12% respectively between 2010 and 2014 (Forbes). Owing to the demand of energy sources, graduates in Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering are also in huge demand; and definitely one of the hottest career paths. It is also possible to move in to renewable energy field from Earth Sciences field.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Earth Sciences

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Popular Courses: Earth Sciences, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies, Renewable Energy & Clean Technology, Carbon Accounting, Renewable Energy & Carbon Management, Carbon and Energy Management, Oil & Gas Technology, Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Engineering Geology, Geoscience, Petroleum Geology, Geoinformatics, Environmental Geology, Atmospheric Physics.


MBA has been a hot field for quite some time; and there are valid reasons for that. MBA programs are designed to make business leaders, entrepreneurs and top executives. At B-School, you will connect with people from diverse backgrounds (education, career, nationality, age) and go through practical aspects of business management.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad

An MBA degree gives you opportunities for higher salary, better career opportunities, diversified business network, new skills and knowledge, and a holistic overview on the business world. Almost 40% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies possess an MBA degree. MBA degree has been one of the most sought after degree for around last five decades. According to Poets & Quants, MBA is still an awesome investment. But, as I mentioned earlier, do look before you leap. There is no point in doing an MBA just for the sake of doing it. Do consider the factors before doing an MBA in abroad.

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Here comes the favorite subject of most of the Indian students (and parents). There has been some discontent among Engineering students and graduates of late. But, it is due to the fact that sometimes (or most of the times) students choose engineering just because of the trend and societal and peer pressure.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Computer Science and Engineering

Graduates with Computer Science Engineering degree and excellent skills on software development, cloud computing, programming and coding are valued everywhere. The trend of automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data security and e-commerce has made the discipline even hotter than before. India has been witnessing a startup boom in the past years. Several e-commerce websites and platforms are getting launched. Investment has been flowing and the support from the professional bodies (e.g. Nasscom) and Indian Government is also there. These factors are creating more demand of good computer science engineering and IT professionals.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Core Engineering (Civil / Mechanical / Industrial)

The core engineering disciplines have been in more demand, may be more than IT and Computer Science. In the US, there are approximately 1.6 million engineering jobs in 2014 (Forbes). Some of the most trending and top courses to study abroad within the core engineering field are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics), Industrial Engineering, and Electrical-Electronics Engineering. Graduates in those five disciplines represent two-third of the total engineering workforce in the US. Other popular engineering disciplines in terms of number of jobs are Petroleum Engineering, Mining & Geological Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. I would specially mention about Electrical Engineering and Environmental Engineering (branch of Civil Engineering).

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In comparison to other fields, Electrical Engineering jobs are very hard to fill in. It is one of the most complex and toughest fields. There is a scarcity of skilled Electrical Engineers all around the world, including India (especially in the Govt. sector). If you enjoy Mathematics and Physics, then this is your field.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Electrical Engineering

Another field that has been trending is Environmental Engineering (Civil/Structural Engineering). With rapid urbanization and rising population, the availability of spaces is becoming critical. Environmental engineers play a vital role by overseeing new construction and renovation. They also ensure the preservation of natural resources and the safety of residential and commercial spaces. Just like Interior Designers, the prospects of Structural and Environmental (or broadly Civil) Engineers are also on the rise.

Caution again – don’t do Engineering just because it’s trending. If you enjoy science and technology, and can apply yourself, then do go for it. More importantly, it is very important to do something passionately, and pick up skills. In India there is a huge skill gap due to several factors. The current scenario is alarming – engineering graduates are not employable enough, and less than 8% of Indian engineers are fit for core engineering roles. One of the reason has been too much of theoretical studies and lack of practical aspects in most of the Indian colleges. In abroad, universities emphasis a lot on practical aspects and provide Bachelor and Masters programs with placements and internships. Read here about the Master Programs at Queen’s University Belfast with 1-Year Industrial Internships.

Media & Communications

With so many events happening every minute and everywhere, media has got a huge impact. It is often considered as the fourth pillar of the state, and also comes with a responsibility.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Media Studies

In the modern era, media is no more a field of mere humanities and creativity. You also need to have an acute understanding of the technology. You need to have an informed and critical understanding of media and mass communication. You need to be aware of new technology and social media. You need to have holistic understanding about advertising strategies, journalism, mass communication, and digital and social media marketing to excel in the field. You should also have strong research skills, attention to details, communication skills, creativity and analytical skills.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Media & Communications

Popular Courses: Journalism & Mass Communication, Media Science, Interactive Media, Digital Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations, Animation & VFX, Graphic Design, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Audio Engineering.

Arts & Design

Okay, you want to do something different? Great !

If you do not want to take part in the traditional courses, and pursue something more creative and with independence, then you should go for courses like Fashion Design and Interior Design.

Fashion Design

The way you dress and look is very important. In today’s society style and fashion are really important. However, in India the importance of fashion is underrated and overlooked to some extent. Through fashion and elegance you can make the other person if you are serious or not. The current generation is getting much more conscious about fashion. People are also getting more open about expressing themselves through trendy fashion and styles. India has just come out of age, and still in the fledging stage. Opportunities are opening up, and so are the investments. Read here about the Fashion Industry in India. So, in terms of career prospects fashion is a great subject.

Those who are artistic in nature, and want to express themselves in a creative way, a degree in fashion studies can pay high dividends for them. This is a field for talented individuals who can exude style in everything they do. People with an ability to be original and with a flair for art and creativity can have a great career in the field of fashion.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Fashion Designing

An advantage in the fashion line is that you don’t always need to pursue a formal degree. You can do a diploma and/or do internship under a senior industry expert. Secondly, you can also set up your own venture (fashion house). With a degree in fashion studies you can pursue careers in fashion designing, fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, fashion management, fashion journalism, advertising and PR, and of course entrepreneurship.

Popular Subjects: Degree (UG & PG) and Diploma courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Technology, Fashion and Textile, Fashion Management with Marketing, Fashion Journalism, MBA Luxury & Brand Management, MBA in Fashion Media.

Interior Design

Like fashion, this is also a field for the people who are passionate about design and creativity. As an interior designer, you will need to visualize and conceptualize the design. You need to have understanding of materials, furniture, lights in order to create attractive interiors.

To excel in this field, you need to have creative thinking, excellent communication skills, originality and analytical skills. You also need to have good understanding of fashion, culture and current trends.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Interior Designing

India has seen a tremendous growth in urbanization in the past decade or so. With decrease in residential and commercial spaces, there is an alarming need for interior designers who can make homes and commercial spaces that are functional, beautiful and comfortable. Demand for interior designers in India is on a rising trend, and it will continue to grow. Employment opportunities are expected to grow up to 20% by 2018. Similar to Fashion Designing, and unlike most of the other professions, interior designing does not have regular work and/or fixed clientele. Like fashion designing, you don’t always need to have a traditional degree; diplomas are also very effective. Know more about career in interior designing.

Business & Finance


Finance professionals are absolute hot cakes in the job market globally. Finance plays a vital role in the overall economy. With a degree in Finance, you will have an excellent understanding about the functions and applications of financial markets. You will also know about acquisition and allocation of funds (public and private sectors) in national and international organizations.

You can get into any industry; and salaries are very high. While studying Finance (or related subjects), you can learn about research methods, statistical analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and business.

Popular job profiles are Financial Analyst, Financial Consultant, or Investment Banker. You can also go into commercial banking, corporate finance and real estate.

Popular Courses:

  • Bachelor: Finance, Business & Finance, International Business & Finance, Economics & Finance, Accounting Finance
  • Post-Graduate: MS Finance, Banking & Finance, Financial Modeling, Risk & Finance, or Economics & Finance and MBA Finance
Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Finance and Economics


Economics is another subject with great career scopes. You will learn about forecasting economy (GDP) and contribute towards the monetary policies. You will work with trends between producers and consumers, and more. You will get to understand how everyday transactions contribute to broader economic trends.

You will develop excellent analytical skills, and also acquire attributes on observing pattern, understanding relationships, supply and demand and making meaningful conclusions.

With an Economics degree you can work as Market Research Analyst, Public Policy Adviser etc, in both Government and Private sectors.

Popular Courses: Economics, Financial Economics, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

The beauty about degrees in Finance and Economics are that you will develop quite a lot of transferable skills besides skills in core domain. Therefore, your employment opportunities will be boundless.

Applied Sciences

Within natural sciences, there are two disciplines – pure science (also called basic science) and applied science. Applied Science is the branch of science that applies the existing scientific knowledge and principles towards more practical applications in terms of technology and innovation. So, lets have a look at the most trending and top courses to study abroad within the field of applied sciences.

Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science is branch of life sciences, and contains major applications of Biology and Chemistry. It is really exciting and ever-evolving. You can have excellent career prospects while making a significant contribution to the society. It is a very good option right after Class 12. Have a look at What Can You Do with a Degree in Applied Biology.

As a biomedical scientist you will ideally work in a laboratory with biological samples and chemicals. You will work towards investigating of diseases, finding novel and innovative ways to identify diseased patients, and also discovery and development of treatments (medicines and/or vaccines). So if you have got a knack about Biology and Chemistry, and want to get in to the research field – this is the most ideal stream. Know more about careers and jobs in Biomedical Science. You can also go into further specialized and applied field like Translational Medicine with a background in biomedical science.

Biomedical science is exciting, and at the same time it demands a lot of tenacity and perseverance. Since you will be dealing with the most complex machine in the universe (human body), you need to be highly qualified and skilled. More often than not you need to have a PhD in order to establish yourself in the core field. Read about admission tips for fully-funded PhD in Biomedical and Life Sciences. However, during the course of your study you will also get unique opportunities to switch if you think that you are not enjoying.

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Biomedical Science

Popular Courses: Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Cancer Biology, Bioinformatics, Translational Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Microbiology, Immunology.

Food Science & Technology

Food Science is the branch of applied sciences that involves studies of the physical, chemical and biological nature of food items. Food Science combines the basics of Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Human Biology), Chemistry (Inorganic and Organic) and Engineering (Chemical and Process Engineering). The objective of food science is to understand the principles of food processing and to improve the overall food quality and safety. As a Food Scientist you will be responsible for making healthy and safe food with effective packaging. You aim will also be to minimize the waste of food resources.

Food Science is still a very new discipline, and it is growing due to rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes. Due to our hectic schedule and fast-paced life, there is an increasing demand for easy to prepare (e.g. Maggi, frozen pizza) and easy to consume food items (e.g. ready-to-eat meals). Besides quality, food scientists need to take care of the nutrition value of the food item as well. Hence, there is a market demand for more advancements and sophistication in the field of food science and technology.

Popular Courses: Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Technology, Food Microbiology, Food Biotechnology

Trending and Top Courses To Study Abroad
Food Science and Agricultural Biotechnology

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Agricultural Science

India is currently facing serious challenges in the agricultural industry. The widening gap in supply-demand in food production is a serious issue right now. Food production in India has failed to keep up the pace with rising population. As a result, we are facing higher inflation, increasing food imports, rising national debt and inadequate food security.

Advancements in agricultural biotechnology and engineering can help India to solve these problems. Biotechnology can help to develop cost-effective and high-yielding crops, which can counter adverse climate. That will also help the Indian farmers to some extent; farmer suicide is a very unfortunate scenario in our country. Agricultural biotechnology can also help in other key areas like high-yielding seeds (and at low costs), bio-fortification, nutrition, pest management, crop diseases, soil erosion, diminishing soil fertility and water utilization.

Agriculture contributes to 13.7% of India’s GDP. According to Central Statistics Office, GDP of Agriculture and allied sectors in India for 2013-14 was Rs. 7,99,996 crores. There is demand of qualified and skilled agricultural engineers and related professionals in India. Apart from India, booming consumerism in other developing and developed countries, the demand of Agricultural and Food Engineers. So, it is very likely these subjects will be hot trends in the coming days.

Popular Courses: Horticulture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Microbiology, Agricultural Engineering and Food Science.

Don’t follow blindly. There are many open doors; choose wisely.

Don’t worry too much about the society and peer pressure. It’s your career and life, so take charge. Being confused is normal. Speak to us and take informed decisions regarding trending and top courses to study abroad, along with career prospects, top countries and universities for respective subject fields.

Apart from courses, how about knowing the study abroad destinations? Interested? Watch the video below !