Universities for GRE Score 301-320 Range

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test taken by students who are applying to postgraduate courses in the United States or in any other parts of the world. So, based on the GRE score, students get the admission.

List of Universities for GRE Score 301-320 Range:

If you are thinking of pursuing your master’s program in abroad land with the GRE Score 301-320, find the names of the colleges that gives admission to the students with GRE Score Range 301- 320.[sociallocker]

  • Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)Tuition Fees : Around 22,000$

    Scholarship opportunities : Easy

    Part time Jobs : Available

    Living Expense : Very High

    Application fees : 60 $

    University of Texas – Arlington (Arlington, Texas)

    Tuition fees : – 15000 $

    Scholarship : available

    Part time jobs : available

    Job Opportunities: not much good

    Living expense : affordable

  • University of Central Florida – Central Florida (Orlando, Florida)Tuition Fees- 18,000$

    Scholarship opportunities- Few

    Part time Jobs- Available

    Jobs- Excellent

    Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas)

    Tuition Fees- 10,000$

    Scholarship opportunities- Available

    Part time Jobs- Available

    Jobs- Good Opportunity

    Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri)

    Tuition Fee -$14,000

    Living expenses – affordable

    Job Opportunities – Good

    Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan)

    Tuition Fee : around 22,000 $

    Scholarships : Easy

    Part time job : Available

    Jobs : moderate

    Living expense : affordable

    Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts)

    Tuition fees: 23, 670 $

    Scholarships: difficult

    Part time jobs: available

    Jobs: good

    Living expense: high

    SUNY institute of technology (Utica, New York)

    Tuition fees: around 28,000$

    Scholarships: Easy

    Part time job: available

    Jobs: good

    Living expense: high

    Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas)

    Tuition Fees: around 14,000$

    Scholarship Opportunities: Easy

    Part-time Jobs: Abundant

    Jobs: Good

    Living Expenses: High

  • Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

    Tuition Fee: around 13,000$

    Scholarship Opportunities: Easy

    Part-time Jobs: Available

    Jobs: Not Good

    Living Expenses: Affordable

  • Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, New Jersey): Tuition fee is around 30,200 $. Scholarships facility is bit difficult to get. Living expenses is high here.


    New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, New Jersey)

    Tuition Fee: $30,200

    Scholarship Opportunities: Easy

    Part-time Jobs: Available

    Jobs: Good

    Living Expenses: Very High

  • University of Tampa (Tampa, Florida)

    Tuition Fee:  Around 11,000 $

    Scholarship Opportunities: Need Based

    Part-time Jobs: Available

    Jobs: Good

    Living Expenses: High

[/sociallocker]Above is the list of Universities for GRE Score 301-320. The universities will offer admission on based of the complete profile of the students. If you want any other information on the admission process, visit the official website of the colleges. You will get all the scholarship facilities in the colleges. GRE Score 301-320 will give you a pretty good number of colleges for your higher studies.

For more details on the GRE Score, stay tuned to our website. We will update al the important details.

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