5 Reasons Why it is Better to Study in USA than India for your Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree from USA- USA is known to be the hub for higher education. Many students prefer to do their Master’s from top universities in the US. Still, other students prefer to go the US to obtain a bachelor’s degree. However, what is so special about studying in USA? In other words, what do universities in USA offer in comparison to what is offered by Indian universities?

Why Bachelor’s Degree from USA:

Let us look at 5 main reasons why USA is better than India for a bachelor’s degree.

1. A wide variety of esteemed international universities:

The main reason for Indian students to choose to study in USA is that USA has a variety of higher education institutions and a wider variety of higher education programs to choose from. The world’s top 50 universities are found in USA. What sets these universities apart from other universities is the ideal teacher-student ratio, highly qualified faculty and state of the art equipment and facilities. Furthermore, there is more variety and flexibility in the courses offered by universities in USA. Students can explore many options and have a lot of freedom to complete their coursework.

  1. Practical courses:

Education in India is still largely theory-based barring a few courses. On the other hand, most of the courses in USA are based on practical knowledge, group discussions and class assignments. You will be surprised to know that you could get credits for active participation in classroom discussions; something that you cannot expect in Indian universities. Furthermore, you are not allowed to copy assignments and in fact will be penalized for plagiarising content. Hence, you will gradually develop skills like paraphrasing which is an important part of research. Unlike the grading system in India where you are expected to get excellent grades at the final and semester examinations, in the United States, the tests and assignments are spread out throughout the year. Hence, even if you miss a test or assignment, because of a major illness, you will not lose a year. Furthermore, these courses also prepare you for the rigorous coursework that you will have to complete at the master’s level.

  1. Ample research opportunities and facilities:

A lot of US universities and graduate colleges give a lot of importance to research. You can start exploring your research interests and even participate in an undergraduate research project. Most of the professors in USA hold a doctorate degree and have a strong background in research. Hence, you could start preparing for your master’s program by approaching a specific professor whose research interests align with your research interests. The best part is that you can even get a stipend for your efforts.

  1. Advance in your career:

Studying abroad definitely, has its own advantages and starting early in your career will ensure a bright future. In today’s global world, a lot of importance is given to candidates with international exposure and analyze problems from different perspectives. Getting a bachelor’s degree in USA gives you a competitive edge. You also interact with professionals and individuals with varying backgrounds and cultures. Towards the end of the course, you will get a multi-cultural perspective on various matters and will be able to analyze issues from different angles.

  1. Become an independent and confident individual:

All said and done, you are on your own in USA. You now have to manage everything right from your laundry to your food, not to mention, the class assignments and tests that you need to prepare for. You will no longer be pampered by your parents and siblings and will have to do your work on your own. Although initially you will find it difficult to manage everything by yourself and may even think that you made the wrong choice, by the end of the year, you would have become an expert at time management. This is an important characteristic that employees are looking out for as a lot of work is deadline-based.

An international degree definitely makes you stand out from the crowd because of these reasons. Do you still need a reason to apply abroad for your studies? Are you worried about the financial aspect? Don’t worry. A lot of colleges and universities offer scholarships and fellowships although you would have to apply for these in advance.

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