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Are you looking for Admission in California Institute of Technology? Before going to apply for Admission process of Caltech, you must have knowledge about Caltech specializations offered, Requirements for admission ( for both Undergrad, Graduation), Exams to Get Admission in Caltech, Undergraduate Programs.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech):

California Institute Of Technology
California Institute Of Technology

So if you are a outstanding student, having knowledge, brains and motivation, Caltech can be an important and wise decision to make.

With its mission to investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology, it has been taking the education to the next level since year 1891. Today the university has got the honour to manage the “Jet Propulsion Laboratory” for NASA, making it obvious to be an  institution with a strong emphasis on Science & Engineering.

Caltech is frequently cited as world’s best Universities. So if your dream is to reach the top, you are reading the right post!

Specializations Offered:

California Institute Of Technology

The Institute is organized into six primary academic divisions: Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science, Geological and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy. The Institute is on Quarter System majorly having Winter, Summer, Fall intakes.

Requirements of Admission:

California Institute Of Technology

For Undergrad

  • Scholastic Aptitude (Assessment) Test (SAT)
  • American College Testing (ACT)

For Graduation

  • GRE (Master Courses, PHD and Doctorate)
  • GMAT (Management)

Important: IELTS being an obvious must.

Undergraduate Programs:


> Undergrad tuition fee for the 2014 school year was $39,990.  

> Importantly the average financial aid package of all students eligible for aid was $38,756.

Important: So you stand a high chance of getting Financial aid from the University provided you are a scholar.

Top Courses Offered:

  • Biology & Biological Engineering
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering & Applied sciences
  • The Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy
California Institute Of Technology

In the full time four year Undergraduate degree, Caltech offers 24 majors (called “options”) and six minors across all six academic divisions. For details you can refer to the below link,

Important: For the 2017 session a Caltech student is required to take a curriculum of 30 sessions (prior to entering class) : 5 terms of physics, 1 term of biology, 5 terms of mathematics, 2 terms of chemistry and a menu course i.e. 2 terms of lab introductory course, two terms of science writing, and twelve terms of humanities.

For more details on Caltech Undergraduate programs offered and eligibility you can refer to the below link:

Graduate Programs:

Caltech’s Graduate programs emphasizes on doctoral studies.Science, technology, engineering, mathematics being the dominant specializations.


> Approximately 99% of doctoral students have full financial support.

> Financial support for graduate students comes in the form of fellowshipsresearch assistantships, teaching assistantships or a combination of fellowship and assistantship support.

Degrees Offered:

Graduate degrees offered are in MS, Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy and MD/ Ph.D and Humanities, (as discussed above) most popular options being Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Electrical engineering and Chemical engineering.

Financial Aid & Eligibility:   

For details on financial aid and eligibility you can refer to the below link


“For being a CalTechian all you need is an unbridled sense of curiosity & extraordinary aptitude towards Science, Engineering & Technology”

All The Best!