Know more about the City Windsor

Windsor, the southernmost city in east-central Canada in Ontario, is celebrating its 125th Birthday in 2017 with much glory and reverence. This vibrant city is not only known for its casino complex or for the first Underground Railroad in Canada but also famous for the gigantic fireworks display at the International Freedom Festival each summer.  In the year of 1935, out of some social as well as economic reasons, Sandwich, East Windsor, Walkersville and Windsor were merged to form the City of Windsor across the Detroit River. The 5km stretch of water-front Park and riverside area of Windsor is featured with spectacular views of the Detroit skyline. This is the plush area of the City of Windsor settled down gradually.

About Windsor City:

For comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in several faculties of learning which encompasses Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences the University of Windsor is a renowned student-centred university. It has become an excellent hub of education for its dedicated interest to open the horizon of research before the students of excellence in automotive, environmental, and social justice faculties. It is best known for its academic excellence and quality research guidance including a well-organised career service cell with broad-based network worldwide. It is comprised of several professional schools like Law, Business, and Engineering. Recently it has started to focus on health, natural science and entrepreneurship research in addition to the existing faculties of Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work etc. Comprising more than 16500 enrolled students it is filled with many international students mostly admitted from India, China and Nigeria.

Accommodation and Housing:

Besides on campus accommodation facilities, there are many off-campus long-term and short-term accommodation available in the City of Windsor. Students are offered with many serviced apartments, B&B, hotels, hostels for short term accommodation while studying in Windsor, Ontario. Students coming from abroad for studies are most welcomed and highly appreciated by the private owners of flats, apartments, and co-operatives etc. The amount of rent for these accommodations depends upon the location, amenities, and type of the accommodation that suits short term living. Sharing of accommodation also available if it is preferred by the students. However, for the long-term accommodation, a 2 Bed Room flat is available on an average at $400 to $500 per month inclusive of all utilities. Sometimes students may be provided with unlimited high-speed internet facilities inclusively.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Windsor is well known to the world community of tourists and students for its low-cost living. Viewing the bustling urban sector of Windsor, the trend of the restaurants in Windsor is changing constantly getting wider. You might have your foods from this restaurant with a minimum cost that your pocket supports time. But, in order to keep your health fit and maintain you earning, you should try to shop from the locally available groceries or shopping from some of the reputed chains of supermarkets like Multifood Supermarket in the City Centre of Windsor. There are more than  175 shops in the spectacular Devonshire Mall, if you prefer and found it suitable to your taste and location, you can buy items without giving the second thought. In Windsor, you can easily shop varieties of Asian, Chinese or Thai foods as well as other European or African variety of foods, cereals, vegetables and fruits. The demography of the city has actually made these available for you.


It is not only about the thrilling experience of games at the world famous Casino Caesars Windsor or exciting yourself in diving into the Water Parks of Windsor but with the mood stimulating nightlife of this city you can define some great forms of entertainment in the diversity of many festivals throughout the year. Maifest in The Bavarian Club of Windsor or The Stars On Ice Tour and Annual Herb Gray Harmony & Champion Awards Gala at the Ciociaro Club will be the lifetime experience for you. Apart from those, theatre productions of Windsor are one of the internationally acclaimed events among the community of Art & Culture.  You might also enjoy classic rock opera with many groups at The Chrysler Theatre or elsewhere in the city around. There is some more interesting place of hanging out like B.v.’s House of Pong where you can play table tennis and enjoy to drink a chilled beer with an exchange of a very few US Dollar.

Travel and Transportation

Public transportation system in Windsor is much affordable for students and all. It has a network with many intersections of rail crossings with north–south thoroughfares. Additionally, Windsor has developed facilities for road travels under the rail lines intersecting the lines through East–West Streets. Walker Road and Howard Avenue are the two main arterial road in Windsor. Including the Riverfront Bike Trail and Ganatchio Bike Trail, there is Little River Extension which built a bike trail network in Windsor. It is a combination of parkland and transportation. Commuter use this bike trails to go to work across downtown on their bicycles. Windsor connected with Detroit through Windsor-Detroit cross-border Tunnel enables bus service seven days a week.

Cost of Living

As it is mentioned earlier, Windsor is a low-cost city in Canada and in comparison to other alike cities in the US also.  For instance, consumer price index shows 1.45% lower than that of the Toronto. It is surprising that in Windsor the rent is 50.92% lower than that of the Toronto. The restaurant charges 11.42% higher in Toronto for the same kind of servings in available in Windsor. You can have the same standard of living with an expense of 4,371.71C$ in Windsor that you can have in exchange of 5,400.00C$ in Toronto in terms of Cost of Living plus Rent Index to compare the cost of living. Therefore, Windsor is a much affordable city with all of the basic amenities for the student on every aspect like tuition fees, local transportation, rented accommodation, food and grocery shopping, with other basic necessity.

Job Opportunities

There are a lot of lucrative openings for the Students studying in Windsor to get a secure and suitable job. The City of Windsor is the ideal one for the Students those are planning to pursue their studies abroad. There are many world class academic institutions like The University of Windsor, programme St. Clair College etc. with the program for International school students opened by The Greater Essex County District School Board and The Conseil scolaire Providences. These institutions are meant to assist the student to get onwards admission for the higher studies in Canada. Windsor prepares students for jobs like Office Administration, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative and much more. There is no discrimination exercised between the local residential people and those coming from different other states and territories.

Part Time Work

Students here are allowed to do some part time works, in that way they can supplement sustainability in a better more confident way. There are agencies and organizations offering plethora of part time or summer training internships such as service clerk, market research which comes with work from home facility. Together with online working, there is varying other part time work opportunities where individual may work as according to their personality trait and skill. Part-Time Merchandiser, barista employee, Part-Time Retail Keyholder and more, the best thing about doing these jobs, experience which in future helps in getting better jobs, understanding potential also developing skill in specific fields. Paid internship helps students with money with which they could become financially independent at some point.


Swimming, walking, running, biking, Windsor allows all. There is no way students will find it monotonous while staying in Windsor. There are water parks, located in historic Walkerville there is one Best Indoor rock climbing facility. Students on weekends may visit and test their stamina and zeal. To climb rocks one needs strong limbs as well as strength of mind, so this activity is certainly great for students. Those who are in love with water and water sports would find Paddle Boarding, wake boarding, Swimming, Boating. Kayaking, Power boating, water skiing is awaiting. For boat tours and water sports Windsor has number of options. When you are having Equestrian Traits there is Tally Ho Stables.

Indian Communities

In Windsor Indians are living with complete independence and peace. There is no ban on study or employment; there are many Indian restaurants in Windsor also communities to stay connected and linked all the time. While living in Windsor one can very well seek membership in India Canada Association. India Canada Association is one of the best associations where Indian and Canadian culture merges.


Pubs in Windsor offers remarkable relaxing experience where along with enjoying the nightlife one can revive worn out soul. Walkerville Tavern, Springdale Pizza Depot, The Dugout, Brew Microbrewery, Rockhead Pub, Jake’s Eastside Pub & Grub and more help students to experience some happy hours. It’s really impossible to miss the thrill and surprise that these pubs offer. The soothing ambiance, myriad of beverages, unexpected surprises would certainly be thrilling for all.