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Why Study in Germany ?

Germany is an attractive and picturesque country that welcomes thousands of international students each year. Finance is one of the main factors that influence the decision of an international student wishing to study abroad. One of the key features of Germany, that attracts students across the world, is that German Universities have no or absolutely low tuition fees. Furthermore, Germany is close to most of the European countries. Hence, students could easily board a flight on a domestic (budget) an airline or board Seat 61 (the convenient train) and explore different places during the weekends. Besides, studying in Germany gives you the opportunity to study the German language which is highly recognized across the world. Irrespective of whether you wish to master the language or not, it would be a good idea to learn a few phrases in German to help you connect better with the local people during your stay in Germany.

  • World class faculty: German Universities offer students innovative courses like science & technology, music, applied arts, etc. which are taught by top-quality faculty with varied backgrounds.
  • Innovative and diverse courses: German Universities offer students nearly 17,500 widely acclaimed degree programs.
  • Low or no tuition fees: Almost all German Public Universities do not charge tuition fees for the graduate programs. 
  • Learn in English: Although German is the first language in Germany; German Universities offer students various programs in English.
  • Affordable living: The good news is that living costs in Germany are minimal.
  • Multipurpose student ID card: Your student ID card could work as a discount coupon by giving you discounts on gallery tickets, concert tickets, etc. 
  • Wide range of scholarship opportunities: German Universities offer national as well as international students scholarships and placement assistance.
  • Safe yet diverse: International students can move around freely without any fear in this beautiful and diverse country. 

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World class faculty
Innovative and diverse courses
Low or no tuition fees 
Affordable living
Wide range of scholarship opportunities
Safe yet diverse
Rich cultural heritage

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