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Why Study in UK ?

The United Kingdom is a leader in training students. The country has several universities in many areas of education such as arts, design, engineering, law, medicine, psychology, neurosciences and so on. To top it all, UK is responsible for 8% of scientific publications in top-tiered journals! Thus, education in the UK could be significantly responsible for job success. Everyone wants to flock to the country as the UK education system grants the freedom to combine courses from different areas or fields of study. Other than this, there are plenty of advantages associated with studying in the UK such as a number of well reputed universities, attractive student lifestyle and campus life. Students like to team up and take short breaks to other well-connected parts of Europe. There are budget airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet which enable students to go on weekend trips to holiday destinations like France or Spain at affordable rates.

  • High-Quality Education: UK institutions maintain high academic standards that offer value for money spent on tuition. 
  • Top Ranking Universities: Almost 11 UK Universities are ranked in the top 100 world universities.
  • Modern Learning Environment: Teaching and assessment methods encourage the students to be independent and master the subject. 
  • Work Placements: Students have the option of taking up a work placement as part of their programs. 
  • International Recognition: Potential employers look up to candidates trained by the UK education system. 
  • Value for Money: UK education works out to be cheaper as compared to other alternatives. 
  • Importance is given to extra-curricular activities: You could learn a new sport or a new musical instrument and develop new hobbies in the UK.
  • Get discounts on services: Your University ID Card can help you get discounts on a variety of services or products.
  • Oldest Institutions: The UK is home to some of the oldest universities in Europe.

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Great British Life and Value of the Dollar
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Almost 11 UK Universities are ranked in the top 100 world universities
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