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13-14 Aungier St, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Situated in Dublin Ireland, Dublin Business School is known for providing education in the fields of business and law along with various other subjects such as psychology, social science, arts, media, and humanities by incorporating innovation in education imparting methods and learning. It is with the help of various societies and clubs that nurturing of professional and standard skills of the students is being promoted.

DBS is the third-level educational institution in the country and has gained the recognition in the year 1996 for being an Associate College of Henley. Various courses for tax are also being taught here since 1997.


The campus of the college expands to six locations and also has the sports facilities which ensure that the interest and welfare of the students is taken care of. The six locations are as follows:

·         Balfe Street

·         Aungier Street

·         South Great George's Street

·         Dame Street

 As for the sports facilities, there are events to play the games like basketball, rugby, golf and other sports. Student welfare services are also available for the students to sought out the issues related to:

·         Travel

·         Finances

·         Workvisa applications

·         Accommodations and other study issues

Radio services are also available to keep at bay the boredom.


Education is being imparted for the undergraduate courses on a full-time and part-time basis, postgraduate. It is through the usage of innovation that the learning is being promoted and there are many programs for the professional and executive education as well. The following departments are there in the university which is as follows:

·         Social science

·         School of Business and Law   

·         School of Arts

·         Psychology

·         Professional School

·         Journalism                

·         IT

·         Business and management

·         Accounting and finance

Many departments of DBS are being accorded with the recognition from the world class institutions and professional bodies which have raised the standards of teaching in the college.

Teaching Standards

Teaching norms of the institution are quite high-level and there are many options provided to those seeking the education for the evening degrees. The placements in the colleges are quite satisfactory and due care is also being given to promote the pursuance of the courses related to the professional diplomas.

The standards of teaching and the quality of education inculcated here are based upon the learning opportunities which are innovative and interesting. Students work in unison with the norms being followed in the industry so that they are well aware of the interest they have.


In the year 1998, the institution is being approved for inclusion on the CAO listing and since then it has been proving its worth in various subject streams. In the year 1995, the college acquired the accredited status of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

Following courses are being taught in the college:

·         Accounting and Finance

·         Banking and Finance 

·         Business Administration

·         Business Management

·         Counseling & Psychotherapy 

·         Film Studies

·         Film, Literature & Drama

·         Financial Services

·         Human Resources

·         Humanities

·         Information Systems

·         Investment

·         Journalism

·         Language

·         Marketing

·         Media & Culture Studies 

·         Professional Accountancy (ACCA) 

·         Psychology

·         Risk and financial analysis

·         Taxation

Student Facilities

Apart from the world class educational facilities, the provisions for the student services are also quite up-to-the mark. There is a separated student services department for the same and many facilities are being offered to the students for facilitating the growth of by providing them a congenial atmosphere for personal and academic development through:

• establishing a communication channel between staff and students

• With the help of the student forums, input is being given in the matters related to academics and administration 

• Passing of information to the students is ensured

• Due emphasis is being placed upon the development and empowerment of the students 


At DBS, you will be offered many facilities for the overall development and growth of the company. This includes the facilities for accommodation as well that is in the town area of Dublin, primarily, this area has got the home-stay accommodation option which has got all the comfort that is essential in student life.

 The single bedroom or shared bedroom, both are available and the students can choose to stay with the family on a shared basis or as a non-sharing room. As for the meals, you can pick them on the basis of full day or half day.

Noted Alumni

DBS has many alumni who have been very significant in their concerned fields. The following names have been indeed the ones that are quite famed for the contributions that they have made:

·         Paul Connolly who composed the Anthem for 2010 FIFA World Cup

·         Ray Shah who is being famous as Q102 radio presenter


The scholarship schemes being offered in the university remains the most inclusive ones as there are many expenses of the students which are being taken care of. The following programs are there for the scholarships:

·         Partial scholarship is meant exclusively for the students who are entering the level 8 and 9 programs

·         International Student Referral Scheme 

Successful candidates are required to pay up for the acceptance fees and within the duration of 30 days, the college offers several pay-offs for the level of program that you have reached. The level may be 8 for which euro 500 is paid off by the college and for level 9 its euro 1000.

Courses Offered

Higher Diploma in Business - HRM

Bachelors | Full Time (1 Year)


BA (Hons) in Social Science

Bachelors | Full Time (3 Years)


Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology (PSI Accredited)

Bachelors | Full Time (2 Years)


BA (Hons) in Business - Management

Bachelors | Full Time (3 Years)


Bachelor of Laws (Hons)LL.B

Bachelors | Full Time (3 Years)


BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance and Part III ACCA

Bachelors | Full Time (4 Years)

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